Global Amhara Coalition (GAC) press release

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Global Amhara Coalition (GAC)
October 9, 2019

“We are called to speak for the weak, for the voiceless, for the victims of our nation and for those it calls enemy, for no document from human hands can make these humans any less our brothers and sisters.”
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Global Amhara Coalition (GAC) is compelled to issue this press statement in order to dispel false, hurtful and venomous attacks by persons and possible groups whose primary objective is to derail the formation of a strong and unified civil society umbrella organization that will defend the just and legitimate cause of the Amhara population.
We extend our genuine greetings to all who are beacons of the community, activists, members of religious and civic organizations, and political parties who genuinely are committed to working tirelessly towards bringing a strong and united Amhara people and a unified, all-inclusive, just, prosperous and democratic Ethiopia. Everyone’s commitments, contributions, and dedication for justice are appreciated and highly commended.

We express special thanks to the organizers who are working for a united front, including  Assrat TV, ADMAS, MORESH, the newly organized Global Amhara Coalition and other groups that are committed in facilitating and bringing all concerned Amhara groups and others together to make it possible to stand in unison for the sake of our country.

We should like to underscore the fact that a new civic organization, the Global Amhara Coalition (GAC) was established in consultation with some of the existing organizations with the sole intent to work in cooperation and consultation with others on a common Amhara platform that will ultimately mobilize, coordinate and strengthen the capacities and capabilities of the Amhara people in order to survive.

We find it tragic and unfortunate that the usual suspects and gossipers whose jobs are always to mislead and detract by using social media as a tool continue to spread vitriolic in the name and on behalf of the Amhara cause.  It is not uncommon for the mortal enemies of both the Amhara and Ethiopia to camouflage themselves and attack those who stand for principles and just causes and try to destroy emerging organizations that try to work with others for the greater or common good.

Their intent is simple. They focus on those organizations that they think have the potential to make a difference and target them so that, the struggle won’t survive. Destroying individual’s reputations, by spreading their poisonous false narratives and character assassination are the norm of the extremist propaganda machines that are encouraged and supported by the same forces that are determined to dismantle Ethiopia in general and the Amhara in particular. GAC is not immune to these attacks.

This same group, namely, the Anti-Amhara squad group made up and distribute stories that are patently false. We want the readers to know that the stories are make-believe, unfounded, baseless and are fabricated with the intent of presenting a false narrative to create doubt and suspicion. The bigger intent is to divide Amhara activists and organizations so that they remain weak and feeble.

Unlike the Anti Amaras false narratives, the members of GAC’s organizers are dignified and respected members of the community who have dedicated their lives to the cause. Unlike the Anti Amara, the GAC founding members have no personal aspirations whatsoever— for power, fame or personal financial gains.

Readers should be aware that GAC was targeted not only by outsiders but also by persons from within. The hit men’s job was to deliberately leak baseless propaganda and falsifying facts on the merits of the newly formed organization, GAC. It is akin to the cyber warfare that the TPLF conducts concerning the reform process in Ethiopia. Falsehoods, make-believe stories, character assassinations, defamation of character, etc. are normalized in current Ethiopian politics and culture. The innuendos spread by persons who operate with anonymity is a relic that entailed costs in human lives in Ethiopia.

We would like to alert readers and people of conscience that GAC is dismantling other organizations. Instead, it is focusing on facilitating and bringing different Amhara groups to work together. The idea of bringing all concerned Amhara groups to work together terrifies those anti-Amhara groups such as the TPLF, OLF and other similar groups who are filled with ill intentions in attacking the Amhara, as we speak.

⦁ The Global Amhara Coalition stands for one singular purpose, saving Amhara, which is the same as saving Ethiopia. So, why do agents smear patriotic Ethiopian intellectuals? You know the answer.
⦁  Global Amhara Coalition’s objectives are to create a strong and unified all-Amhara umbrella under the motto, “united we stand divided we fall”.  Global Amhara Coalition promotes its goals in coordination with other Amhara dedicated civic and professional groups whose aims and purposes are set on a common agenda in advancing Amhara interests.
⦁ Global Amhara Coalition focuses primarily on social, economic and political justices.
⦁ Global Amhara Coalition promotes human rights, democracy, and respect for the Rule of Law.
⦁  Global Amhara Coalition stands against anti unity forces and their disruptive activities.
⦁ Global Amhara Alliance focuses on constructive engagement through reconciliation with all stakeholders involved to bring an alternative transformative change based on inclusivity.
⦁ Global Amhara Coalition believes that the current EPRDF’s Constitution does not represent the Amhara or of most Ethiopians.
⦁  Global Amhara Coalition is willing to work with any organization that stands for Ethiopian unity.
⦁ Global Amhara Coalition believes in a sovereign and an independent Ethiopia where the Amhara people are allowed to live in any part of the country without any fear of displacement.
10. Global Amhara Alliance embraces the UN charter that states clearly that “Democracy is a universally recognized principle” and is” one of the core values of the United Nations. It provides an environment for the protection and effective realization of human rights. These values are embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and further developed in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which enshrines a host of political rights and civil liberties underpinning meaningful democracies.”

We urge each and everyone who believes in the durability of Ethiopia and the resiliency of the Amhara to reject the agents and plants of the TPLF, OLF, al Shabab, Al-Qaeda, and other fundamentalists.

The only way we can save the Amhara from extinction is to unite and to stand together. The only way we can defend Ethiopia is through inclusion and genuine democracy.
Together, we shall prevail.


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    they should be anger and frustrated by the glorious and fantastic speech delivered by Abo Shimeles.
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  4. Oh! The objective of GAC is to return back to the older ways of ruling the Ethiopian People under the Amhara political elites/expansionists that we experienced for the last 150 years. That didn’t work and if you are wise enough, you shouldn’t exclude OLF and other liberation fronts that has been struggling for the liberation of their people from the old styled Abyssinian rule/tyranny. It common for the Amhara elites to exclude political groups that stands for their own people irrespective of whether they also stand for the unity of Ethiopia or not. The problem of such chauvinists is that they want the Ethiopia that was build to safeguard the interest of the few Amhara political elites. Otherwise, there is no reason to exclude national liberation movements that has mass support from their respective people. But what these expansionists accustomed to is giving different false names to such groups representing their own people and then attach them as they cannot withstand and convince these groups to come to agreement on equal footing. These groups don’t appreciate being equal with others but superior to others irrespective of their talent and skill. I think this old fashioned will not make you succeed. Stop your old fashioned propaganda and try to truly negotiate to live in a peaceful country. to

  5. The little stinky galas,

    If you listen, leave the Great Egalitarian Amhara people alone. You do not have any right to comment on our issues as it is for Amharas by Amharas.

    We do not want you here as you are savage who put a symbol of penis on your head to indicate you are barbaric criminals (in your opinion, hero), hang innocent people upside down, slice the sexual organs of men and women even to this day (typical examples are the guji and arusi galas), selfish who say everything is ours “kegna politics”.

    As long as you continue to ridicule Amhara, we will call you by your great name GALA. For long, we were reluctant to do so for the sake of mother Ethiopia and tolerance, now it became too much and we feel that you have to get a dose of your own medicine.

    Galatoma, Gala

  6. Meseret; just for your little mind: the word Galla is derived from Galaan, the name of the small sub-clan of the Tulama Oromo. Before your grand parents got firearms (NafT) from the white men, the uttering of the very word ‘Galaan’ used to send panic through the village of your ancestors! This sub-sub branch of the Oromo alone kept marauding Habesha petty kings and their followers at bay till Europeans appeared on the Red Sea. So don’t spit this word at every opportunity without knowing its true meaning. Just for your info!

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