Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD): Letter to Reverend Jesse Jackson by Dr. Mohamud Abu-Zeid – A Rejoinder

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Mersie Ejigu (
June 18/2020

(See Dr. Abu-Zeid’s letter at:

Dear Dr. Abu-Zeid,

Mersie Ejigu

As you may recall, I represented IUCN-The World Conservation Union1 at the founding meeting of the World Water Council (WWC) in 1996, Marseilles, France and the First World Water Forum in Marrakech, Morocco a year later.

Permit me to extend my congratulations to you for ably chairing the WWC and your appointment as Honorary President for Life ofthe Council. You also ably chaired key sessions of the First World Water Forum, which was convened under the theme “Vision for Water, Life and the Environment” and brought together some 500 participants (scientists, educators, policy makers, practitioners, leaders of international organizations and civil society) from wide ranging disciplines to promote understanding about water, the imperatives of water conservation, equitable and sustainable use and chart a way forward. I presented a paper titled: Freshwater and Biodiversity, published in Water, World’s Common Heritage, Proceedings of the First World Forum. Indeed, the scientific thoughts and evidence driven approaches the WWC laid out, at the time, have lived with me and inspired me to write this rejoinder and be a founder of the Ethiopian Water Advisory Council (EWAC).

—–


Egypt’s Reply to Reverend Jesse Jackson

Remark /Concern on June 05, 2020 misleading letter of Arab Water Council to the Reverend Jesse L. Jackson regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)


Re: Request to Issue a CBC Resolution Against Egypt’s Letter To the UN Security Council About the Nile River

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  1. This is another compelling piece of writing exposing the unfairness and treachery of Egypt’s government to sabotage the construction of the GERD. Ethiopia has the right to use her rivers in any way she wants without adversely affecting the downstream countries. No amount of noise should stop her from filling the dam. The Egyptians dragged the negotiation for nine years so that Ethiopia’s dam project never materializes. If Ethiopia waits until agreement is reached, if at all, it will be years away before it is filled and put to use.

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