Haachalu Hundessa: Eulogy for a Courageous Artiste Who Sang Truth to Power

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By Alemayehu G. Mariam

Let there be no mistake.

Artiste Haachalu Hundessa was murdered in a terrorist attack on June 29, 2020!

Haachalu was ambushed under cover of darkness by cowardly hired guns.

But who pulled the trigger finger of the hired guns?

None other than leaders of a terrorist organization listed in the Global Terrorism Database and their foreign partners in crime.

None other than leaders of a terrorist organization that terrorized Ethiopia for over a quarter of a century.

None other than leaders of a terrorist organization that announced on June 29, 2020, “Expect an agenda tomorrow that will change the agenda of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam! You wanna bet!”

In 2011, I defended the sleazeball who announced the “agenda” to murder Haachalu with diabolical relish.

That sleazeball did not make the shockingly bold announcement on his own initiative. He was instructed and directed by his big bosses because they were so absolutely sure of the outcome.

Today this man is the single most important spoke in the wheel of conspiracy to murder Haachalu Hundessa.

Let us connect the dots in the facts.

There is no question this man bragging on social media about an earthshaking new agenda had advance and inside knowledge of the conspiracy to murder Haachalu, and likely was part of the planning and actively aided and abetted in the murder.

This man bragged on social media that we shall soon witness “agenda” that will eclipse, sideline and divert attention from the pressing issues of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

How could this man be so confident to arrogantly challenge anyone in cyberland to a wager, a bet, that there will be an “agenda” soon that will eclipse the pressing issues of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam unless he had first hand knowledge?!

Why would this man mention the GERD as a specific “agenda” in connection with a new “agenda” that he was promising will eclipse the GERD’s?

It is obvious the “agenda” to murder Haachalu was a conspiracy hatched by domestic and foreign Forces of Evil.

These domestic and foreign Forces of Evil believed the murder of Haachalu would create so much chaos in the country, they would be able to achieve their respective objectives: 1) The Foreign Forces of Evil  believed the chaos in the aftermath of Haachalu’s murder would prevent the filling of the GERD. 2) The domestic Forces believed they could easily steal their way back to power in the ensuing chaos and anarchy. 

It is obvious to any criminal investigator that the murder of Haachalu was a joint criminal enterprise undertaken by domestic and foreign elements.

Minimally, this man who had the gall and audacity to place a bet on social media and bragged about an “agenda” that will eclipse and sideline the most urgent issues of the GERD should be considered, if not a prime suspect, certainly a person of interest and likely a material witness in the criminal investigation of Haachalu’s murder. 

But the fingerprints of the terrorist masterminds who planned, coordinated and financed the murder of need no dusting to lift.

Their fingerprints, palm prints and footprints are plain to the naked eye.

They are the same Forces of Evil who have been scheming and planning to plunge Ethiopia into civil war for the past two years.

In June 2018, the same Forces of Evil attempted to take the life of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

In June 2019, the same Forces of Evil took the lives of Ethiopia’s best and brightest: General Saere Mekonnen, Dr. Ambachew Mekonnen and others.

In June 2020, the same Forces of Evil silenced the musical voice of a generation, the conscience of a peaceful revolution that ushered democracy in Ethiopia.

The same Forces of Evil have instigated the burning of numerous churches and mosques to trigger sectarian warfare over the past two years.

The same Forces of evil have fomented ethnic conflict causing displacement of millions of Ethiopians.

The same Forces of Evil have trafficked in contraband weapons to arm their henchmen.

The same Forces of Evil have done much to damage the economy of the country.

The same Forces of Evil spend sleepless nights and wake up in cold sweat asking themselves, “How the hell did we get thrown out of power without a single shot being fired?”

For the past two years, these Forces of Evil have been hell bent on REVENGE!

The Forces of Evil believe their only pathway to return to power is to exact revenge by plunging Ethiopia in an ethnic conflagration, a civil war pitting Oromos against Amharas.

The Forces of Evil believe the ONLY way they can accomplish their objective of triggering an ethnic war in Ethiopia is by destroying “Oromo-Amhara alliance”.

The so-called Oromo-Amhara alliance, created in the fear-ridden imagination of the leaders of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front, is based on the idea that Oromos are “narrow nationalists” and Amharas “chauvinists.” The two should never, never be allowed to work together or come to a common understanding.  If they should come together, that would be a new grand chapter in Ethiopia’s history and their end. For a quarter of a century, the raison d’etre (the reason for their existence) of the Forces of Evil was to maintain mortal enmity between Oromos and Amharas.

By murdering Haachalu, the Forces of Evil believed they could finally achieve their objective from their hideouts.

exposed the diabolical strategy of the Forces of Evil in September 2016 with absolute clarity:

The not-so-hidden T-TPLF message in the T-TPLF genocide disinformation campaign is that Oromos and Amharas are natural and historical enemies, and cannot possibly create genuine attraction or unity. It is a campaign aimed at convincing Amharas and Oromos that they are like oil and water. Indeed, if I recall correctly, Getachew Reda, T-TPLF chief communications jockey said, “Amhara and Oromo are like “chid” (the chaff from Ethiopia’s staple food teff)  and fire (the equivalent of fire and highly combustible pampas grass).  They can never come together as one.

Haachalu Hundessa’s murder in a terrorist attack was supposed to be the matchstick to set the Oromo-Amhara “chid” on fire.

The Forces of Evil should heed the wisdom of the old saying, “Those who play with fire often get burned.”

Oromo and Amhara peoples have lived in peace and harmony for thousands of years.

Many have tried to separate and create enmity between them. They have succeeded for a time. But in the end, Oromos and Amharas, as well as all other Ethiopians,  have always come together because they realized they are the children of the same Mother Ethiopia.

The Forces of Evil should know the days of divide, conquer and rule are over.

The Forces of Evil should heed my prophesy from 2013, “Those who trouble the Ethiopia House shall inherit the wind.”

Haachalu Hundessa: The artiste who SANG TRUTH TO POWER

Haachalu was a force for good. For justice. For democracy. For freedom. For all young Ethiopians.

Let us all celebrate the life of a young man of courage, defiance, audacity and sincerity.

I admire Haachalu for speaking his mind. He spoke truth to the Forces of Evil. The Forces of Evil could not handle Haachalu’s truth.

I appreciate Haachalu’s love of the people. The poor people. The dispossessed. The powerless and voiceless. He soothed them with his powerful songs which resonated the truth of their abject condition.

I am inspired by Haachalu’s lyrics which probed the conscience.

I am moved by his melodies. I dance to the rhythmic, sweet and harmonious melodies.

Above all, Haachalu embodied the hopes, aspirations, fears and frustrations of all Ethiopian youth.

He was not only for Oromo youth.

After all, what do Oromo youth seek that other youth in Ethiopia do not seek?

Ethiopia’s young generation wants freedom, democracy, equality, justice, opportunity and respect for their human rights.

To me, Haachalu Hundessa represents the very best of Ethiopia’s youth.

His music is fundamentally about humanity, and I dare say about man’s inhumanity to man.

When those with power remove the powerless from their land so they can line their pockets and dispossessed become beggars, that is man’s inhumanity to man.

Haachalu fought back with his songs of love and defiance.

Haachalu Hundessa lived a life of courage.

He stood up when most turned a deaf ear and blind eyes to the suffering of the poor and disposed.

He spoke up, sang up, loud and clear for the voiceless where others chose to remain silent.

But Haachalu died at the hands of cowards.

The cowards who pulled the trigger on Haachalu hoped his death will trigger a civil war, an inter-ethnic and intra-ethnic war in Ethiopia.

In Julius Caesar Shakespeare wrote, “A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once.”

Our valiant Haacahlu Hundessa tasted death but once. The cowards who took his life shall die a thousand times.

In life as in death, Haachalu shall inspire this and coming generations to stand for justice, to work for equality, to defend freedom and to strive for the unity of all Ethiopians to build a just and humane society.

I will not say farewell to Haachalu.

I will say, “Let the Music Play On”. Let Haachalu’s music play on!

Let Haachalu’s music play on
Just until I feel this misery is gone
Movin, kickin, grooving
Keep Haachalu’s music strong
On and on and on and on and on and on…..


  1. The evils terrorist who hide in Mekele, and puppet Juawr Mohamed do not want a prosperous united Ethiopia, it obvious they will do everything to return to power. The killing of Haachalu has been planned by TPLF and executed by Juwar Mohamed the so called OROMO evil narcissist activist.

    Juwar do not represent the good peace loving OROMO peoples. OROMO and Ahamara pepole always stand together for Ethiopia and lived together for centuries with harmony, their alliance would flourish and continue to live together.

    Dear Ethiopians this is the time that we all stand together and challenge our enemies TPLF and terrorist Juwar Mohamed and his narrow minded nationalist.

    Dear young generation please do not be fulled by activist and destroy your own properties this is not a civilized way to protest, you should avoid being emotional.

    At the end, Oromos and Amharas, as well as all other Ethiopians, should come together for a better Ethiopia for all.

  2. I grieve for the more than 80 innocent lives lost and their beloved ones. Also to those maimed in cold blood by the mindless Keros. My own relatives were terrorized in different parts of the country. How long is this to be tolerated? And what is the solution? Yes, our fates intertwined and have to live together, but not in fear as it is now. There must be respect to each other among all Ethiopians–not one group terrorizing others.
    I believe Ethiopian youth must form groups to defend themselves from the so-called Kero murderers. Force must be with force, That is the only way respect can be guaranteed.

  3. Stuff your crocodile tears! Habesha fanatics with pathological hate for the Oromo like you killed him. እርም ነው ከእንግዲህ ከናንተ ጋር!

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