The corona virus is a very serious challenge to Ethiopians as it is to millions of Africans

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This is essential reading for all. The corona virus is a very serious challenge to Ethiopians as it is to millions of Africans. This piece written by experts,  while frightening,  should make us more determined to fight the pandemics with more resolve and UNITED. The virus does  not belong to any ethnic group or political party. No body is spared. No killil boundary or killil policies could prevent it from being transmitted from one human being  to another. This is not the time for politics. This is not the time for election. Election will be done under better political and healthier atmosphere.
We have lived in this corner of the world together and we are still here because together and UNITED  we defeated all those that came to destroy us.  Once again we have another existential challenge. We will perish or we will survive together. Let us choose to survive and come out victorious once again  If this cannot unite us nothing will. Let us summarize the context of this study in the Ethiopian context in Amharic and Afan Oromo and teach our people to fight this pandemic together and tell our people that WE CAN if we are UNITED.

Let this be a reminder to all, that there are issues much bigger much larger much more powerful and  complex than our very cosmetic  differences. Such instances should remind politicians how petty their power and their manipulation is before such insurmountable natural phenomenon. The best treatment for Corona in Ethiopia is to stand together…..Read More ——



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4 Responses to The corona virus is a very serious challenge to Ethiopians as it is to millions of Africans

  1. It’s wonderful you provided significant information about COVID-19 and how to contain the virus through out Ethiopia. In order to contain the virus, we must be united as one people and community to stop from spreading this dangerous contagion from one person to another. This requires a well organized cooperation among communities throughout the country. This virus could only stopped by strong government action like that of China and people’s cooperation as one community. I have some reservations about some of our government’s policies deficiencies in implementing tough and strong measures to contain the virus. Particularly, the government’s failure to stop regular flights from seriously affected countries such as China and Italy would have significant implication to the country’s well being as a whole. I’m informed a lot of Chinese individuals who were barred from flying through Russia from Italy were able to come to Addis Ababa and then fly to China. I don’t think this is a wise decision and policy by our Government. Instead of focusing in the short term benefit the Government should act in the long term interest of the country and its people. It’s the Government’s responsibility not the airlines to make a decision in this kind of very important concerning issues. The other important issues are as the Government and other individuals highlighted repeatedly washing hands regularly could limit the spread of the virus significantly. Beyond this, we have to limit our close interactions with other people like stopping to have A handshake, hugging, kissing friends regularly. we should also make an effort to make a distance with others when we interact.

    March 18, 2020 at 9:05 pm

    • Girma

      Diasporas need to practice opening their residences to all the poor unfortunate Ethiopians here in the diaspora who need a place . Before we diasporas consider trying to help the needy in Ethiopia we diasporas have to lead by example showing to the others back in Ethiopia how to let anyone especially those numerous University age or older young Ethiopians who desperately need to feel welcomed in other Ethiopians residences, due to the many displacements and anomysities they experienced in such a young age throughout their lifetimes .

      The old-fashioned way of diasporas watching those other young diasporas the less fortunates on the sidewalks from the residence buildings windows while not opening the doors for the young needy diasporas needs to stop in this modern time we are living in. Let’s stop being hypocrite and show Ethiopians in Ethiopia what we preach by opening the doors to the needy homeless Ethiopians diasporas . Our hospitality mission should be towards our own people, letting any Ethiopian we encounter into our residence is something we should practice doing in this day and age, especially those of us who claim we are all Ethiopians who are willing to fight for each other against our common enemies need to let any Ethiopian into our homes anytime. We need to stop giving Ethiopians labels and excluding them from our homes.

      March 19, 2020 at 6:43 pm

      • ” The corona virus is a very serious challenge to Ethiopians as it is to millions of Africans. ”

        It is sad to see how things developed in the cities of California , USA .

        Few Homeless Off California’s Streets As Virus Spreads
        1 hour ago

        Nebiat Tesfazgi
        March 22, 2020 at 10:16 pm

  2. ሐሌሉያ ሆስፒታል የኮሮና ቫይረስ ምልክት ያሳዩ 6 ተጠርጣሪዎችን ለመንግስት አሳልፎ ሰጠ::


    Haleluya Melaku
    March 19, 2020 at 6:02 am

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