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By Tecola W Hagos, 6 March 2020



Tecola W Hagos

Let me start by reminding the people of the United States that the leader of the terrorist group that blew up the New York Twin Towers and the Pentagon and murdered thousands of

American Citizens was the Egyptian Mohamed Atta.  The following terrorist Saudis and Emirates were also the causes of that destruction: Abdulaziz al-Omari (Saudi Arabian), Wail al-Shehri (Saudi Arabian), Waleed al-Shehri (Saudi Arabian), Satam al-Suqami (Saudi Arabian) and Marwan al-Shehhi (United Arab Emirates), Fayez Banihammad (United Arab Emirates), Mohand al-Shehri (Saudi Arabian), Hamza al-Ghamdi (Saudi Arabian), Ahmed al-Ghamdi (Saudi Arabian). The Second Commander next to Bin Laden of the terrorist group called Al Qaida is an Egyptian terrorist called Ayman Mohammed Rabie al-Zawahiri. By contrast, Ethiopia supported America in the Korean War by sending its warriors to fight under America’s Military Command and political Leadership. Why in God’s blessed world is Donald Trump (hereafter “Trump” for brevity) supporting Egypt, the home country of deadly terrorists, against and over Ethiopia?


In my opinion, in case of the dispute between Egypt and Ethiopia, Trump chose the wrong side of history in supporting Egypt, for some personal gain and not in the best interest of the  United States of America [hereafter ‘America’ for brevity]  long-term or short-term foreign policy. Most commentators have written that Trump’s motive in sacrificing Ethiopia in favor of Egypt is to  win the Nobel for Peace by brokering  lasting peace agreement between Palestinians and Israelis. I hold the Nobel is a secondary point of interest for Trump and Family. Trump’s interest and focus is access to the immense Sovereign wealth of Saudi Arabia and the wealth of the other Gulf Countries. When Jared Kushner, the senior White House Advisor and Son-in-law of Trump, run into a problem paying the mortgage on his Family owned 1.8 Billion dollar 666 Fifth Avenue skyscraper, it is Arab fund that he sought foremost. Finally, Brookfield bailed him out of an embarrassing situation by leasing that property for 99 years. Furthermore, the entanglement of Kushner with the Saudi  Crown Prince Mohammad Salman is a troubling situation. It was reported sometimes back that Mohammad Salman had said that Jared Kushner is in his pocket.


I could easily draw a parallel narrative between Trump’s recent manipulative involvement as a sort of conjuror/joker impartial broker in the negotiation between Egypt and Ethiopia (with Sudan, a favorably disposed participant) and the impeachment record of Trump’s abuse of power charge. The Trump impeachment charge is about abuse of power of holding back military aid to Ukraine, allegedly trying to force Ukraine Leader to conduct some kind of investigation against presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son, for Trump’s own political personal advantages. It was obvious over the years that Egypt has sought the entanglement of America in its unattainable childish dream to conquer and subjugate Ethiopia and control the Tikur Abay (Blue Nile Basin) with Lake Tana.


There are several historical events that  we Ethiopians should be aware of, especially the many tragic facts of involvement of past American Presidents, such as Civil-War-era Johnson (mercenaries), Truman (Kagnew), Eisenhour (Point Four), Nixon (coup d’état), Carter (withholding weapons), Clinton (secession), Bush (commission), and now Trump (GERD),  in Ethiopian internal affairs. They have tried without success to subjugate us  and destroy our pride and sovereignty. But they have inflicted on us in the guise of friendship and handouts tremendous moral decay and economic setbacks. Look at the Chinese who have financed and constructed in less than a couple of decades tremendous infrastructure allover Ethiopia that American Presidents did not do a fraction as much in their one-hundred years so called friendly relationship with Ethiopia. America’s Presidential ultimate betrayal is now personified in Donald Trump who is trying to force Ethiopia into signing a revitalized colonial period treaty that Ethiopia is fighting off by building the GERD with its own money and within its sovereign territory harnessing the vital force of its own mighty Tikur Abiay (Blue Nile River).


The Objective and the Whys of the GERD

Egypt falsely is casting the dispute about the filling of the GERD as a national security issue. The fact is totally far from such warmongering but deals with down to earth economic issues of equitable use of a river’s natural resource that originate in Ethiopia with almost one hundred percent water-asset thereof and traverses both Sudan and Egypt. Ethiopia is building the GERD in order to generate electric power, i.e. hydropower generated by gravitation cascading water turning turbans to produce electric power. The water of the Blue Nile will simply flow into its traditional water course and join the White Nile at Khartoum without significant loss of water. There is no farming and/or irrigation project that will reduce the flow of the river significantly. In fact it saves loss of significant amount of water loss by evaporation in the lake formed by the GERD. The Dam could be easily filled in three to seven years without causing harm to Sudan or Egypt. It will act as a great control system from the recurring flooding of the Nile River low land areas in both Sudan and Egypt. The benefit for all Riparian states is immense.


Egypt’s Rabid Behavior

Egypt has been for  the last couple of centuries a horrible neighbor to Ethiopia. Egypt  throughout its history after its semi-independence was asserted in 1805 by the  Ottoman ruler Mohammad Ali Pasha of Albanian/Greek origin, it launched its military aggression against Ethiopia without any provocation on the Ethiopian side. Modern Egypt is a byproduct of the Ottoman masters, who employing Mameluke non-Arab mostly Slavic slave soldiers, dominated the leadership of Egyptian military and government to this day. The current power structure of Egypt has no connection whatsoever with the original people of  Pharonic Kemet.  Ethiopians have always been generous to Egyptians through out the thousand years connections. The foreign Slavic origin of the Khedives and most current military commanders such as el-Sisi have inherited such a legacy that they taunt as something to be proud of. Don’t forget the facts that for centuries Egypt was ruled by Alexander’s General forming the Ptolemaic Dynasty that included Cleopatra, after that the Egyptians were ruled by the Romans, followed by the Ottomans. The French too subjugated Egypt during the Napoleonic wars.  In the 19th Century they became a British Protectorate. Such is the legacy of Egypt that is now using the idiotic Trump and the greedy Kushner to challenge Ethiopia to forego its God given Sovereignty over its own resources.


The few Egyptians I met in College were erratic with serious identity problems. I found them to be racist and emotionally immature like most Arabs I have met. I believe that Engineer Simegnew Bekele was murdered by Egyptian agents. The ridiculous report of the Ethiopian Federal Police that Engineer Simegnew Bekele committed suicide should be discarded and a new investigation must be conducted in collaboration with internationally recognized experts on such types of violence.  I believe several current TPLF Leaders, in an effort to hide their looting of billions of dollar value from Ethiopia, the OLF in toto, and Jawar Mohammed are in the service of Egypt/Arabs and are fully engaged in the Egyptian grand project of causing instability, violence, and ethnic cleansing on a massive scale in Oromo, Somali, Amhara, and Gambela Kilils.


 Support PM Abiy Ahmed is an Imperative

There is no room for political games now, especially during a time that Ethiopia is being attacked by both the United States and Egypt. All Ethiopians irrespective of their political differences with the current Ethiopian Government must rally around our leader PM Abiy Ahmed. We must ensure that election takes place as scheduled. It is a fact that I had highly criticized PM Abiy Ahmed’s too frequent international activities flying off to Arab, European, and Asian countries during a time of instability, violence, and ethnic cleansing taking place on a massive scale in Oromo, Somali, Amhara, Gambela et cetera Kilils, inappropriate and wasteful of hard currency.   However, at times I have pointed out about a number of activities of Abiy Ahmed as patriotic and admirable. Now, that Abiy Ahmed is making bold decisions in protecting Ethiopia’s Sovereignty and dignity in read to American and Egyptian arrogance, I am committed to support him in his patriotic stand against injustice and bullies. I want him to know that I am proud of him beyond measure. God always protects a hero, and never backdown.


I urge Abiy Ahmed to disclose all communications and draft agreements, letters of understanding to the Ethiopian public on time without delay. A well-informed public is the best defender of the interest of Ethiopia. I urge Abiy Ahmed to make sure that his disagreement with TPLF, OLF, and/or Jawar Mohammad is fully disclosed to Oromos and Tigrai people et cetera. He must heal the caustic relationships between the leaderships of Amhara and Tigrai Kilils. I urge Abiy Ahmed to include the great Ethiopian Somali Kilil leader, Mustafa Omer, to prominence. Provide him with additional funding and military hardware.


Trump Reincarnated Andrew Johnson

In particular, Trump reminds me of another American President Andrew Johnson, who was elected as Vice President of Abraham Lincoln and succeeded to the Presidency after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865. Just like Trump,  Johnson was impeached by the House of Representatives in 1868 on eleven charges one of which seems to me similar to that charge of abuse of power Trump was impeached for.  Andrew Johnson was a blatantly racist degenerate poorly educated rustic unelected one-term president who championed Egypt against Ethiopia for no cause involving America.  Herein below I quoted from Miller Center studies as reported by Ethiopedia a parallel history illustrative of what Trump is trying to do following in the footsteps of Andrew Johnson who approved former Civil War General Sherman to recruit American mercenaries to lead Egyptian military to attack Ethiopia and occupy the Blue Nile basin and Lake Tana.


Andrew Johnson is described by the Miller Center as “the worst possible person to have been President at the end of the Civil War. His Secretary of State instigated and gave the green light to the Confederate General Sherman to recruit and ship the secret mercenaries to Egypt to kill the Ethiopians and capture the Nile Basin and Maritime lands of Ethiopia. Sherman was also commander-in-chief of the United States between 1865-1883 and his recruiting of confederate armies against Ethiopia took place at this time. [Dispatched] mercenaries to Egypt to kill the Ethiopians and capture the Nile Basin and Maritime lands of Ethiopia. In the end however almighty Ethiopia prevailed.” The Egyptian misadventure took place during the Reign of Emperor Yohannes IV and under the command of his illustrious Ras Alula Aba Nega at 1. Gundet, 16 November 1875 and 2. Gura , 8-9 March 1876 whereby the Civil War Generals leading the Egyptian Army along with their Egyptian counterparts including the Khedive’s son were totally destroyed and humiliated by Ethiopian Black Warriors who never been defeated by anybody.

Statements by Treasury Secretary Mnuchin

In my long adult life as a student of international law and as a devoted professional of international treaties,  agreements, letters of intent, or drafts, I have never read such a deceitful, dishonest, and amateurish piece of writing by an official of any government in the world  that compares to the statement issued by the U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin. To begin with, first, Mnuchin’s demand that Ethiopia sign the draft “agreement” is insulting and beyond any diplomatic decorum. No Government will sign a document  drafted even by its own appointed experts let alone by a third party without first reading such document to make sure the draft agreement reflects the interests of the parties accurately. Ethiopia has every legal and Sovereign right and power to walk away from any negotiation without signing any document. Period.  The Second deceitful statement by the Secretary is the fact that he never addressed the document solely prepared by his employees as a draft. He wrote all over in his official statements referring to the draft document as “agreement”, with equivocation in meaning, even though there is only a draft “agreement”. Elementary lesson for Mnuchin and his deceitful experts is that an “agreement” happens in formal treaties or contracts after proper signing of the document. The signing of a draft agreement occurs after a document is read, reviewed, and corrections or additions made as needed. If there is cause for proper public consultations that too will be observed. No treaty or agreement of such magnitude can be rushed with set cut-off time to satisfy the time schedule of a third party in this case that of Donald Trump.


The responses of Gedu Andargachew and Seleshi Bekele effectively neutered both Egyptian and American Leaders’ effort to have Ethiopia sign a truly hotchpotch document. Both  Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and Trump, as well as Mnuchin, sound shallow, thuggish, and criminal conspirators in many of their public statements, It is an insult to try to force a sovereign and ancient country like Ethiopia to sign up a document with such urgency. What is all this urgency for by the American Government? It is really none of America’s business how slowly or when Ethiopia fills the Dam. In fact, I urge the Ethiopian Government to cut off America from the ongoing negotiation between the three primary riparian countries.

Recommendations for the Ethiopia of Abiy Ahmed

Step 1: Withdraw from the Washington Negotiation immediately. Make public all drafts, communications,  from the American, Egyptian and Sudanese Governments  concerning the GERD and the Blue Nile basin. Reinforce the Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA) (2010) by inviting all Nile Basin States for a new Conference.


America will meddle in Ethiopia’s Blue Nile basin issues endlessly if given an opening like the recent Trump’s effort to “moderate” talks/negotiations to reach an agreement on the filling of the GERD that showed the true face of American government ill intent toward Ethiopia. It is utterly sophomoric for anyone to assume that America to be an impartial moderator, considering the amount of leverage the Arab world has on America in billions of dollar assets,  and trade value, and all forms of economic interests. By contrast, Ethiopia is involved in limited trade and business interactions with America. Even the balance of trade is in favor of America.


Step 2: Although I have no doubt about the patriotism of Minister Degu Andargachew, I do not think he is the right person to be the Minister for Foreign Affairs. I suggest either to appoint a special envoy for the Blue Nile/GERD dispute with Egypt or replace Degu Andargachew, for he does not have the right education, he does not command the necessary fluent English language ability, and he has no commanding presence and charisma to lead a Foreign Ministry or a delegation to negotiate any major treaty. Make sure to appoint either man or Woman who have physical presence. There is no personal animosity from my side toward Degu, he is simply not the right person for the job.  He could be excellent Deputy Prime Minister. The current Minister for Water, Energy and Irrigation, Sileshi Bekele has an ideal physical presence, but must improve his English language skill with a professional trainer.


Step 3: Liquidate all subversive agents (foreigners or Ethiopians) promoting Egypt and the members of the Arab League  within Ethiopia.  Ethiopia must organize and reinforce existing counter-spy structures. Do not be shy about violence against subversive agents in the service of Egypt and its supporters within Ethiopia. 


Step 4: Declare National military recruitment and create New Military Command for the Defense of GERD. Recruit a million young volunteers who will train as guerilla fighters.


Step 5: Form a Strategy Commission made up of Elders, Scholars, Community leaders, Young Ethiopian Association Leaders to assist in dealing with Egyptian Treat.


Step 6. Form Ethiopian Mothers and Children Associations. The Association will supplement all existing social services.


Step 7. Form Patriotic Youth Vanguard Associations. and create a Ministry of Ethiopian Youth in order to monitor, finance, guide, and direct the patriotism of all young Ethiopians.


Step 8: Establish in every village,  town, and city a monthly held communal Lunch either on Saturday or Sunday to promote the defense of Ethiopia against Egyptian and American treats.


Step 9: Improve and expand agricultural production. Improve cattle, and other farm animals husbandry.  


Step 10: Expand and improve health services. Increase the number of clinics and hospitals. Lobby all technologically advanced nations for support in health care for rural Ethiopia, mostly for pharmaceutical products/medicine.  


In conclusion

I would like to quote the former Minister of Water, Energy and Irrigation, Alemayehu Tegenu, whom I admire immensely: “Ethiopia will never ask the consent of any country to undertake development projects. Ethiopia is an independent country and will never request the consent of any country. Ethiopia will undertake its development projects in a way that does not cause any significant harm to any country. Moreover, Ethiopia undertakes its development projects based on principles. It takes into consideration the benefits of the countries from the development projects as well as friendship and healthy relations with the countries.”  [Alemayehu Tegenu, Minister of Water, Energy and Irrigation Minister of Water, Energy and Irrigation, interview, ‘Newstime Africa’, March 2, 2015] Alemayehu has captured the right attitude and spirit that all Ethiopian Officials should take to heart.


PM Abiy Ahmed should never again allow America to get involved in any capacity in the Blue Nile GERD issues with Egypt. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, or Minister of Water, Energy and Irrigation, inform the Governments of the United States, Egypt, and Sudan that the Ethiopian Government has no reason to continue the Washington Negotiation under open threat and one-sidedness of the United States.  Once such cutting off letter is delivered to all Officials of the Ethiopian Government must speak in one voice and must not respond to calls or any form of personal contacts by such officials of the United States.


Egypt had lost every battle it ever fought in the last two hundred years. Its military is just puffed up paper-tiger, and no Ethiopian Government official should be worried about military attacks by Egyptians. They probably would use idiotic mercenaries from neighboring  countries. Ethiopia’s response must always be fast and devastatingly violent. If Egypt tries to bomb the GERD directly or through third parties, Ethiopia should retaliate by hitting the Aswan Dam. If Egypt attempts to place military stations, its soldiers in any of the neighboring countries in South Sudan, Djibouti, North Sudan, or any part of Somalia Ethiopia should attack and destroy such outposts of Egypt. Considering the current constructive and extremely important reconciliation between Abiy’s Ethiopian Government and the Eritrean Government, and if Eritrea foolishly allows Egypt such beachhead, Ethiopia should attack such formations on Eritrean soil, Ethiopia ought to attack and neutralize such treat without delay. Of course, the main issue is where would Ethiopia get the military resources to launch such defensive attacks? The short answer is its own existing resources and by mobilizing millions of its young people. The temptation to connect with Iran must be avoided, rather connections with South Africa,  South Korea, France, Germany, Ukraine, Spain, Italy must be enhanced and courted with proper incentives.  Italy’s major Construction Company is the Contractor building the GERD. Mexico, and several South American countries are great supporters of Ethiopia. Such relationship must be enhanced and pursued vigorously.


I am very much aware of how people in the world thinks about Ethiopia or Ethiopians and our culture. The perception of other nations of Ethiopia is simply secondary and not be a decisive factor that would make me hide the truth, especially a type of truth helpful to build a healthy society based on justice and equality for all. I am not in any way bashful to state openly and bluntly that of all the histories of nations, communities, and societies I have studied, none has impressed me so positively as that of the history of the people of Ethiopia. I find in Ethiopians great nobility of spirit, great moral principles, and tremendous strength of character and surviving with great dignity against tremendous man-made and natural disastrous situation of recurring famine, civil war, inept leaders, et cetera.


I cannot see how a people from the West, or the East could give us any moral lesson when their history is drenched to its core with the blood of hundreds of millions of innocent victims. What is important to me, more than technological and industrial development, is the moral and ethical content of a society. Development without the corollary moral and ethical development leads to social disaster as evidenced in the death and destruction of the Second World War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf Wars et cetera. We need to focus on a single monumental treat to our independence and Sovereignty paused by Egypt and the America of Donald Trump. Long live Ethiopia, the land of Firsts.


Tecola W Hagos

6 March 2020


  1. You see, that old country, that gem of the colored which produced us all has been the envy for those inspired by it and those who are jealous of it. Leaders of Egypt(not the people) cannot stand just the sight of it. Egypt’s leaders have this long running dream of being the alpha male of the entire continent, a continent of close to 1.5 billion people. But our old country has been there saying ‘Not today and not forever’. Mind you these leaders are individuals who think they are not Africans in private but lily whites. They take us as a bunch of dumb and clueless ‘abd’s, niggers). If you read some of their own newspapers you will come across reports of assaults by their eyal-al-souqs hurling racial slurs at refugees of African origin. They call them ‘abd’s, niggers! Go home!’ As a Muslim they tell me ‘Neehna Muslimin(We are one Muslims) when they are in my hood but when I am among them they will take delight in calling me ‘al abd/a nigger’ or when they are not in a foul mood they will just call me ‘Khdaam/a servile nigger’. What incenses el-Sisi is the old country has refused to take orders from him. For him, he could not and will never understand why all these abd’s/niggers are not bowing to him and heed his orders at once. He expects us to do jumping jack whenever he whistles ‘Ya Bilaadi’ and scream ‘Praise The Lord’ from the top of our lungs whenever he sneezes!!! That ain’t gonna happen!!! The old country in its usual civil manners has assured and told him that the dam will never and ever harm our dear brothers and sisters in both Egypt and Sudan and el-Sisi knows that as a matter of fact. His problem is these ‘abd’s niggers are not stooping low and obey his orders. Who in the right mind our people known for their legendary generosity suddenly decided to build a dam just to harm their neighbors? Anyone who thinks that way must be a person with a sick mind. But kudos to Sudan!!! Djibouti and Somalia are trying to be diplomatic and they should be but they will never give el-Sisi the green light to send his fighter jets and kill black folks like them. Those who will be victimized will also include Somalis and Afars. What el-Sisi is doing like someone who is not even your immediate neighbor coming to your house ordering you to stop cooking inside your house and in your own kitchen to stop cooking because he does not like the smell of onions. How is that? How does that work? Ain’t gonna fly bud!!!!

  2. I am sharing a link Sol sent to me today.
    Also Ethiopian Americans should make sure to vote. Font miss the chance.

  3. To Tecola Hagos, Clear Lakes& Alike:

    In the future can you please tone it down a little bit , please consider that you are Ethiopian diasporas same as many other millions of Ethiopian diasporas trying to live around the world.

    Not too long ago , 99% of the Eritrean diasporas residing in Ethiopia were accused of supporting the Eritrean government at the expense of Ethiopia where those Eritreans were residing in at the time their neighbor country Ethiopia.

    Millions of diaspora Eritreans were put on a bus deported to the Ethio-Eritrean border , with their bank accounts in Ethiopia and other properties confiscated by the Ethiopian government, the deportees crime being supporting the Eritrean government instead of their host country the Ethiopian government.

    Now a little over two decades forward Ethiopian diasporas residing in Israel , Egypt , Arab nations , USA …. are supporting the Ethiopian governments position regarding the GERD at the expense of their host nations.Would this diasporas be subjected to mistreatemennt and end up getting deported with their assets confiscated ? That’s a BIG YES depending on which country.


    Better to be safe than to be sorry.

  4. If it was according to my wishes all envoys should make their working protocol to speak in the national language of the country. The old country is old enough to show its pride in her tongue just like the Japanese, South Koreans and others like them. They can use a translator to get their message across in English, French, German, Japanese or whatever. Again, that country is so glorious it should pride in its language.

    I am not sure about the term ‘liquidate’ used in the article. Is that culling or jailing? Just wondering.

  5. Ittu Aba Farda; Ignorance or the usual empty ‘zeraf! zeraf!’ or both? Egypt is home to the pyramids and boasts 7000 years of history. How can it be “jealous” of this war-torn, wretched country of famine-stricken ignorant people?? Yes, ignorance makes bloated with non-existent pride!

  6. Prof Tecola,

    Well articulated. You do show your objectivity and your paramount concern, that is Ethiopia. You criticized Abiy when he should be and you voice support when it is required for the greater good. Appreciated. I disdain intellectuals who out of sheer hate were ridiculing the GERD because it started by Meles. Now Abiy is at the helm, the GERD is good for them. The steps you suggested Abiy and his government should consider are reasonable. I do hope he will adopt them. The problem is Ethiopia is run by absolutely inept people. It is not politically correct to say as such but it is a true fact.

  7. Greetings Brother Zekarias:
    Good to hear from you. I thank you for your valuable comment and support of my suggestions in this article. As you well know, I supported the GERD from its inception and its building process at the same time I criticized Meles Zenawi (the initiator of such far reaching and truly ‘grand’ national project) very strongly on other important issues, such as the ethnic based Kilil structure, violations of basic political and human rights et cetera. You are absolutely right when you stated that people that criticized the GERD during Meles Zenawi’s tenure are now champions of the GERD because the leadership is made up of a different ethnic makeup. Prominent individuals both in the academic world and in the political arena who were very caustic and very loud critics of the GERD are now singing in defense of the GERD. I find some of their concerns was legitimate, after all they were witnessing massive corruption going on withe the leaders who were running the project. Should we be cross with such individuals? Not at all. Instead we should welcome their patriotism with open arms and solidify our support of PM Abiy Ahmed and show unity with our Leaders to show the World that great patriotic spirit of independence and freedom of our ancient ancestral Ethiopia is still alive and strong. Thanks again. God Bless Ethiopia and all Ethiopians. Tecola.

  8. The Nile (Ethiopian ABAy) is ethiopian natural resource just like the oil these arab nations Have. Just like Ethiopia does Not have any Say regarding their natural resourses, these arabic league countries including egypt must just stay out of the Ethiopians people project – GERD.

    EthiopianS are proud People that has never been colonized. EthiopiaNs Have built the GERD and the Ethiopians will decide When and How to fill It. Not Egypt, not US or Any other country.

    The Current Ethiopian government or Any other That Will Come After it for that matter is going to make sure and protect Ethiopias Severegn Interest on Any matter as well as regarding the Nile.

    The Ethiopians in the diaspora (western countries and the americas etc ) Are closely Watching the talks to make sure that Ethiopias interests are Always protected and fullt met!

    Egypt should not Waste her time arguing on the Nile, the solution is Simple: either Pay for every Oz of the Nile water She needs or use technology to create her own water source for her peoples.

    Ethiopia has said enough is enough.

  9. i think u are rather ignorant of the EGYPT civilization. The 7000 year pyramid or whatever civilization does not belong to the current egyptiann. just read some history.

  10. Does the “3000 year Aethiopian History” belong to the Habeshi?? Read genuine history rather than reciting teret-teret.

  11. Do you know what international law says about international rivers? The water belongs to all riparian countries, not the one upstream!

  12. It should not be for nations to bully fellow nations over resources located in those countries being bullied. And yet the west seem to always want to do that with impunity.

  13. Egypt Did not support The UN Wattercourses convention from 1997.

    Therefore Egypt Can not fall back on This international LAW today.

    More over I Will let experts answer your question: ”Egypt cannot get help through international water law as Egypt herself did not acknowledge these principles historically,” said Muhammad Mizanur Rahaman, a professor of international water law at Asia Pacific University in Bangladesh.

    End of story!

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