Inadvertently, the Intellectual Prostitutes Are Promoting Amara Genocides!

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By Belayneh Abate

Like many other countries, Ethiopia has been inundated with intellectual prostitutes for the last half a century. These intellectual prostitutes are promoting the leaders of the Ethiopian Peoples Democratic Front (EPRDF) even at this juncture, when the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Amara is escalated to genocide throughout the country.

As we know, the Amara genocide perpetuators are hosted by EPRDF, a criminal organization that has been massacring, torturing and displacing Amaras for more than three decades. The intellectual prostitutes are acting as if they do not know the unholy EPRDF leaders “baptized” the genocide commanders and their mencha-soldiers.

It is historical fact and general knowledge that EPRDF was established to implement a jungle manifesto that falsely labelled Amaras as oppressors. Since this jungle manifesto became a “constitution”, EPRDF has killed more Amaras than the Hutus killed Tutsis during the Rwanda genocide.

In Rwanda, ethnic Hutus killed not only their neighbor Tutsis but also their Tutsi wives.[1] We have watched similar tendencies in Harergie, Bale, and Arusi provinces of Ethiopia this past week. Despite these dangers, many prostitute intellectuals are trying to shrug off the danger and cover up the Amara genocide with religious blankets.

Instead of naming it Amara genocide, they are calling it a religious conflict although the barbaric killers were chanting the EPRDF’s code for Amara- “get out nefitegna”.  To make the danger worse, the prostitutes are turning every stone to exonerate Abiy Ahmed, who is providing luxurious boarding and body guards for the perpetuators of the genocide. Even after Abiy (the phony prophet of addition) and Lemma (the fake pastor of addiction) said they will continue to work with the genocide commanders, the intellectual prostitutes are making the beds to sleep with these pastors of additions and addictions.

For the intellectual prostitutes of Ethiopia, sleeping with a criminal ruler is not new.  In 1991, when the Western and Arab backed Legesse Zenawi took power, many intellectual prostitutes bowed to his feet and served him like a jackass although he made the country land locked and cracked the country into ethnic lines and controlled the people like herds of cattle in barns.

Served by prostitute intellectuals, Zenawi’s EPRDF conducted ethnic cleansing of Amaras in Bedeno, Arbagugu, Arsi Negele, Adebabay Eyesus of Gondar and other places. [2-4] Legesse Zenawi slept with these intellectual prostitutes until he got enough of them and threw them like pieces of toilet paper. This fact heralds that even Satan despises intellectual prostitutes and hates to sleep with them forever.

Now, the same and similar intellectual prostitutes are engaged in the same type of prostitution with the political son of Legesse Zenawi. As anyone can imagine, the worst kind of prostitute is a prostitute that performs prostitution with the father and the son. The son, Abiy Ahmed, was a loyal spy and cadre of his father Legesse Zenawi. As it had been seen, Zenawi never promoted and appointed cadres, who do not exhibit strong hate for Amara or show deep love affairs to their stomachs. Despite these facts, the intellectual prostitutes fell in love with the Legesse’s son, who served as the director of his spy agency.

As most Ethiopians fully understand, the spy agency is responsible for the vanished 2.4 million Amaras, for the massacred thousands, for the tortured thousands, for the displaced millions and for the disappeared thousands. Zenawi rarely left his office to confine or kill people: It was his spies, who trapped millions through licking people’s ears and telephone wires.

Despite these historical facts, the intellectual prostitutes considered the spy as Mosses and worshiped him as a messenger of God merely because he mischievously said, “we are Ethiopians both in life and death”.  The intellectual prostitutes trusted the former spy more than the patriarchs and popes trust God.  Some consider him as their heart, others as their lungs. Some volunteered to serve as his propagandists and others as personal assistants. They nominated him for peace prize and danced with him for the prize. The anti-EPRDF party leaders dined with the criminal EPRDF leaders betraying and making their fighter comrades homeless.

The intellectual prostitutes forgot that their mosses participated in splitting Ethiopia into pieces, and in massacring and torturing of its citizens. The intellectual prostitutes forgot the victims of EPRDF including Asefa Maru, Asrat Woldeyes, Samuel Awoke, and many other martyrs in Wolkayit, Raya, Gondar, Gambella, Metekel, Ogaden, Bahirdar, Ambo, Debre-Brehan, Woldya, Debretabor, Bure, Dangla, Magete, Awasa and so on.

Abyote Ahmed will sleep with these intellectual prostitutes until he gets tired and throw them into trash cans as his father Legesse rightly did. In fact, he has already started since he has accomplished what his father achieved in 25 years just in one year. Like his father, the copy-cat Abyote, allowed his cousins to rob banks, he monopolized key government positions, the military, the police, the spy agency, the economy and the national medias.

Intellectual prostitutes always use forgiveness as excuse to justify their adulterous lives. Only devil knows who the hell these intellectual prostitutes are to forgive on the behalf of the dead souls. Even the beloved wife of Assefa Maru and his children do not have the supreme power to forgive on the behalf of martyr Asefa Maru. Even the children of the martyr professor Asrat do not have the highest power to forgive on the behalf of the giant martyr Asrat Woldeyes. Even the loving mother of Samuel Awoke, who raised a magnificent son of profound dignity, does not have the ultimate power to forgive on the behalf of a hero who lost his life at a very young age.

As “intellectuals”, these prostitutes know today’s generation is based on yesterday’ generation, and tomorrow’s is based on today’s generation. However, the intellectual prostitutes do not care about these binding chains and the dead souls as long as their prostitution adventure makes their infidel lives luxurious.

Amaras have been living in darkness for the last 50 years because intellectual prostitutes sided with their killers. Even at this critical time, when different forms of Amara genocides are intensifying, these intellectual prostitutes are preventing Amaras from organizing and defending themselves.

The Amaras shall understand that intellectual prostitutes are predisposing them to full blown genocides. The Amaras should realize that the intellectual prostitutes are thwarting them from standing united to defend themselves from the ongoing physical, economic, cultural, spiritual, educational and reproductive genocides.

Furthermore, the Amaras should understand that the worst intellectual prostitutes are the Amara- intellectual prostitutes because they are contributing for the demise of their own progenies. The Amaras should completely stop listening to the prostitutes and stand united to resist the ongoing multifactorial genocides. The Amaras should defy the intellectual prostitutes, who are inadvertently promoting Amara genocides!  Thank you.

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14 Responses to Inadvertently, the Intellectual Prostitutes Are Promoting Amara Genocides!

  1. Thank you! For this sobering analysis of the prostitutes that seem like they are growing by number, who are making it their life mission to roam around looking for innocent unsuspecting Amara to use as a bullet proof vest ( bilawa mekelakeya qorqoro ) , to attack , to discredit , to defame , to gossip about with negativity or to antagonize.

    When they are confronted they ask for forgiveness or send one of the wanna be
    prostitute trying to sugarcoat their actions but right away if they get the chance they repeat it. They act as if they don’t even know they are not supposed to repeat what they asked for forgiveness for.These are yetarik atelawoch .

    November 2, 2019 at 9:53 am

  2. Unfortunatelu, whatever the purported message has been, I didn’t finish the whole piece and the reasons being the offensive language and agrassive
    stance used by the author by calling some moderate segmen of citizens,probably Amhara themselves, who are striving hard to unite people for peaceful co-existance ” intellectual prostitutes”. This is extremism and inflammatory language its self in highest order. I read somewhere when an awful and internecine is impending in given society, extremist elements attack both their perceived enemies and members o their own groups with equal force for not beind violent or supportive enough and for calling compromise. Does that motion rings bell here? Absolutely. Also, underEPRDF, majority of Ethiopian groups suffered and not Amhara alone.Does that mean every groupb has to call for civili and mayhem,? I think not.

    plain view
    November 2, 2019 at 10:24 am

  3. This is a fake story fabricated by elites and liars like Taye Bogale and his ancestors back in 1500s centuries.

    There are many fake stories about EU , US and other countries to hide the massacre and abuse committed by elites and politicians. Do you people who came to kill us they are revered as heroes by their own people????

    You could even write gedil, hagiography or decare him as a saint . We have now many fake saints from abroad and inside.

    Priests want to set up a church for thier own and attract gullible people from every where . This how they make thier living by lying to us and create fake sacred books. I observed many things back home and here in US.

    I can give you so many evidences about this . I hope you will call me heretic or atheist , Or 666. I donot give a toss!
    I am thiest but I donot take these all fake denominations asrightful religious entities rather worldly ones;

    stop spreading fake stories. Libne dingil was cursed and evil man abusing his subjectsperiod

    November 2, 2019 at 3:02 pm

  4. I am sure plain view is one of the prostitutes. If you call the language office, what do you call the act the prostitutes (you) do?


    November 2, 2019 at 9:51 pm

  5. I share some of the opinions here.

    Using offensive terms will not help those who are hard at work to ease the tension prevailing in that country. In the middle of all this cruelty by vagabonds we also hear about those unsung level heads who tried to stop the carnage endangering their own lives in the process. Those ‘prostitutes’ did not get into this humiliating profession not because they like it but for a variety of reasons the country did not provide them with any other option. They are humans just like anyone of us. But those who instigated this savage act are those who should have known better. That country has been tense ready to pop at any time for the last few years. It was just like a severe weather ready to wreak havoc if all the ingredients come together. All it needed was for someone to make the wrong move. It was the ill conceived master plan and now it has to do with security detail. It has been cyclical feeding itself with more violence. Sometimes it seems to start stabilizing but then someone would start having fits rattling some feathers. These rattlers are just that, snakes of the third kind with personal agenda. So who is next and with what? May The Almighty Our Creator Save The Old Cound And It’s Glorious People!!!!

    Ittu Aba Farda
    November 3, 2019 at 1:18 am

  6. Plain Dark,
    Why are you hiding behind your dark mind set???

    November 3, 2019 at 12:49 pm

  7. Plain Dark

    Typical ethno vfanatic and fascist I see you have no solution except calling for more violence. Coming from the east, I’m the last one preaching about compromise eace and love.Further violence and confrontation will end up lode-lose situation. Go head and dial me back when you win.

    plain view
    November 3, 2019 at 8:34 pm

  8. Plain Dark

    Typical ethno vfanatic and fascist I see you have no solution except calling for more violence. Coming from the east, I’m the last one preaching about compromise peace and love.Further violence and confrontation it will end up alode-lose situation. Go head and dial me back when you win.

    plain view
    November 3, 2019 at 8:39 pm

  9. Whence this language? It is too dark, too hateful.

    November 5, 2019 at 8:37 am

  10. I am disappointed in the so called president of the Amhara Region, His Excellency, Demeke Mekonnen, Where is he ? what is he doing ? Amhara’s are under attack every where, in Addis Ababa & in the vast Oromia Region . However, Demeke didn’t say a word. I guess he has sided with the perpetrators. Supposedly, he should publicly condemn the ongoing Rwandan style genocide [ Interahamwe] campaign against the Amhara waged by the terrorist Jawar Mohamed.
    I don’t want to use a profane language, prostitution but Demeke is obviously a shrewd politician. Fellow Ethiopians, I lost confidence in our prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. He is charlatan OLF tribalist. Externally he looks nationalist, but internally he is the one who is nurturing the viper, tribalism. Ignore Abiy ! At this juncture what we all need to do is to launch a diplomatic campaign against Jawar Mohamed to bring him to Justice .I assure you that sooner than later, Jawar will be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court to the fullest extent of the law. All we need to do is to appeal to the US senators in every state. United States has a huge leverage to bring Jawar to Justice. Hence, let’s start the diplomatic campaign now ! Long live UNITED ETHIOPIA !

    Rufael Mulugeta
    November 5, 2019 at 9:14 am

  11. Fabricating false information will not be a means to bring sustainable peace and security for all the people of this miserable country, Ethiopia, with lots of problems since its formation at the end of 19th century. blame shifting will not be the appropriate remedy. Being ready to intellectually negotiate and use the give and take tactics, seems the only way out of this crises. The so called Amhara need to make their minds to accept what other people of the country used to complain about the rulers who claimed to be from the Amhara, though they were not alone for the genocides done in the country before the coming into power of the TPLF. The Amharas has to be ready to openly discuss with the Oromos, Sidama, Somali, Afar, Woliatta, Tigray people and others and confess the evil things done on these people by the political elites that claim to have come from the Amhara starting from the time of Minilik to Derg. Confessing all the evils done on the innocent people of the country by the Neftegna system is enough. They will not be asked for any other compensation of any kind. Truly accepting that the people of the country were mistreated by the neftegan system that prevailed in the country for the last 120 years (Minilik to Derg). Secondly, the TPLF has to also confess all the evils done on the people of the country including crimes done on Amharas. If we don’t come to our mind and negotiate on how we should live together in the future, we will end up in a genocide like that of Ruwanda. So every one of us commenting has to work hard to bring peace between the people of this country. Always blaming what we didn’t like to happen will not be a solution. Using nasty terminologies to label some intellectuals whose ideas we don’t support will rather be counterproductive. My advice for our Amhara elites who stick to blame shifting what has been done to others, has to be stopped and contribute to work towards exposing every sort of evil things done by all irrespective of ethnic backgrounds. However, if you continue blaming only certain individuals as the sources of the current conflict, we will be in a vicious circle of conflicts. So, thing before you speak or post some unnecessary, emotionally driving speeches. Waaqaa Bless You and the people of this country.

    Badhoo Dhugaa
    November 6, 2019 at 5:55 am

  12. In Ethiopia in most family gatherings if there is one person who is a University Professor and another uneducated but rich wealthy person, both trying to make their ideas heard at the gathering, the one that gets attention of the entire people at the gathering is the uneducated rich wealthy person with the University professor being told to shut up .

    This comes to show it is the rich wealthy regardless of their intellectual ability that are inadvertantly promoting Amara’s genocide. the intellectual are tired of being given no attention with all the attention going towards the rich and the wealthy .

    Ayana Robel
    November 7, 2019 at 7:38 pm

  13. Ayana Robel

    In most cases the rich wealthy in a family are pathological liers , gossip addicted snitches that sell out everyone even their own mother for their own personal fame/benefit. Most of these the rich and powerfull tend to be control freaks who turn against anyone that exercises freedom considered an enemy just because the person defy their control .

    November 14, 2019 at 2:52 am

  14. I don’t recognize you because you are a lunatic opposed to every thing you know.your words are un civil,vulgar and NOT worth the paper it took you to write on shame on you and your mom and dad who broought YOU to this world by talk shamelessly about every intellectual who you will never be able to serve as research assistant let alone RESANABELY argue against.

    February 2, 2020 at 11:54 am

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