Institute of Peace or War to resume in Ethiopia?

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In the age of mass-deception, willfully ignorant political elites masquerading as intellectual are setting the war-peace and development-underdevelopment agenda of Africa

Teshome Debalke
February 25, 2020

The United State Institute of Peace (USIP) held a staged Forum titled — A Changing Ethiopia: Understanding Medmer — the Ethiopian Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed’s initiative to unite Ethiopians divided by the Former ruling elites of the Tigray People Liberation Front better known as Woyane regime since they ousted the Marxist military Derg regime in 1991.

The Forum hosted by the Senior Advisor for African Program Aly Verjee in Washington DC started with the long-time Former Director of the Addis Ababa and Ethiopian investment agencies and the present Ethiopian Ambassador to US Fistum Arga Geberekidan stumbling the to read the script he didn’t write followed by Etana Dinka, a Visiting African History professor and a Mellon Postdoctoral fellow at Oberlin College of Ohio and publisher of a book, as the host introduced him without elaborate much who he may be affiliated with; a typical forum with little information how and why panelists are picked.

But, the Assistant Professor of African history biography on Oberlin College’s website that provides his education background at Addis Ababa University and Harmaya University  and his teaching experience at Adama University and Robe Collage of Teacher Education under Ethnic Apartheid regime of Ethiopia before he went off to  the School of Oriental and African History at the University of London where colonial Briton history of Africa he studied to rewrite Ethiopian history via apartheid Oromia.

As expected, he insisted PM Abiy resign on the ground he is reinstituting the Ethiopian Empire in concert to colonial powers led by Briton that invented ethnic apartheid in Africa as early as 16th century.

In previous article titled “Too many peace institutes too little peace in Ethiopia we showed how willfully ignorant elites make mockery of peace by drumming up ethnic conflicts and showing up as peacemakers.  A notable example is Professor Ephraim Isaac, a highly decorated linguist at Harvard University and the Founder of Afro-American studies and the cofounder of the Former “Ad hoc Peace Committee for Peace and Reconciliation among all Ethiopians conflicting parties” and the present Board Chairman of the Ethiopian Peace and Development Center.

Granted there would never be peace in ethnic apartheid TPLF instigated until it is abolished, the exercise of futility in peacemaking while praising the Father of Ethnic Apartheid in Ethiopia is other than peacemaking.

Unfortunately, arsonists showing up as firefighters is the reality of African political history since European colonialists led by the British Empire invaded Africa after the 1884 Berlin Conference.   Therefore, it should not surprise anyone who is behind it.

It is not clear what Etana Dinka learned at the University of London School of Oriental and African History about the British, the French and Italian colonialists surrounding Ethiopia came for a safari or invasion and occupation. Nor, if he is aware of what colonial Briton ethnic apartheid policy did to Kenya next door is what TPLF did to Ethiopia and what the undistinguished African history professor demanding at Institute for Peace forum.  Otherwise, how could an ethnic apartheid peddling political hack gets scholarship offer at the University of London and fellowship at Mellon Postdoctoral fellow at Oberlin College of Ohio but for peddling apartheid in Africa the old colonial fashion way.

Incidentally, Oromia Region the willfully ignorant Professor of African History defending is the invention of Fascist Italy during its five-years occupation of Ethiopia that was reinstituted by TPLF 50-years later in 1991. That Fascist history that disseminated the regional kings of Jimma, Keffa, Wollega among others part of Ethiopia the ‘good’ professor skipped is no accident but to restore what TPLF did to restore Fascist Italy’s dream of divide and occupy strategy.

It seems Fascist defeat by Ethiopians irritates the privilege elites under occupation like Melse’s father as TPLF defeat irritates the privilege elites like the Professor. Otherwise, there is no explanation why they make up history especially as history Assistance Professor Dinka. It is also rather strange how the Senior Advisor for Africa Program at Institute for Peace failed to raise why the professor wants to restore Fascist Italy invented Oromia Region as African history professor.  Instead, he is splitting hair on Prime Minister’s Medmer initiative to undermine his effort to unite Ethiopians.

To his credit, the Prime Minster ‘Senior Advisor’ Lencho Bati unlike his poor performance on Al Jazeera’s Up Front Program host Madi Hassen recently did a wonderful job to defend Medmer unlike the tone-deaf Ethiopian Ambassador Fesum Arega Gebrekidan and the global finance hack Senior Economic and Trade Advisor Mamo Mhertu who knew well the economics of TPLF apartheid positioned to rip the benefit of the reform.

For sure the PM is caught between imported ethnic apartheid virus TPLF spread over decades to the elites of Ethiopia and the little medicine or vaccination he had at hand to cure it or prevent it from spreading further.  The irony the global powers that enable TPLF are nowhere to find to lend hands to identify viruses let alone help irradiate it says where the virus came in the first place.

Ethiopian should expect more of the same elites and institutions to defend apartheid that benefited them to undermine the PM reform to end it in the name of peace and development just like they did the South African Apartheid in the late 80s.

Peace Institute should also have the same standard for Africa to scrutinize its invited guests as it would at home. Anything less is beyond its mandate given to it by law.   The Senior African Program Advisor Aly Verjee credentials are robust enough to know better to ask relevant question on Ethiopian apartheid than pivot on  Medmer with all its shortcomings knowing what colonial power instituting ethnic apartheid did to Africa and elsewhere.  Willfully ignoring that reality can only be possible due to intellectual corruption to seek money or fame on the expenses of the people affected.


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One Response to Institute of Peace or War to resume in Ethiopia?

  1. “Yetim fichew hoden mulaw” blew Hager sititefa Zim malet ensisanet neww!!!
    War is never a solution for anyone

    In this context especially for Ethiopia war or anyother act of aggression will backfire tremendously.

    With the help of the international community including the Arabs the Egyptians can rebuild Aswan dam ten times over and over again repeatedly , Egypt can rebuild any other infrastructural loss Egypt might suffer from war with Ethiopia while not feeling the cost, on the other hand if Ethiopia bombs the Aswan Dam of Egypt , Ethiopia very much so will end up getting internationaly sanctioned as Eritrea was sanctioned until very recently, due to the fact that the recklessly stubborn QALABAY EPRDF PP ruined Ethiopians reputation in the world stage since the 1990’s by trying to cheat their way through all arenas.

    The African Union sides with Somalia ( WHO SUFFERED WAR CRIMES FOR THE LONGEST BY EPRDF MILITARY WHICH ABIY AHMED WAS PART OF ) , with Ethiopians ( who suffered countless crimes against humanities ) and with ERITREA (igniting the Ethio Eritrean war with unsubstantiated Mekele Tigray school bombing story and with ALGIERS AGREEMENT NOT RESPECTED ) .

    The reckless EPRDF PP administration is who caused all these unnecessary quarrels conflicts. EPRDF PP needs to get removed from power by any means ASAP for the good of not only Ethiopia but also for the good of all living things .

    Basing the national economy on globalization hands out instead of local production of farm products had made Ethiopia so fragile might not be able to survive sanctions as Eritrea did. The youth is being fed Prosperity industrialization all the time.

    Former Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn did put all of Ethiopia’s egg in one basket called industrialization , by shutting down the very little farm development initiative Meles Zenawi started, by Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn betting it all on industrialization GERD.

    THE QALABAY RECKLESS EPRDF PP elites juntas of the IHAPA Meison “student” generation SHOULD DO EVERYBODY A FAVOR AND RESIGN ASAP , otherwise it is loose loose loose… deal for Ethiopia especially for the Oromo Ethiopians who are being draged into this mess they didn’t even support as the feudal bourgeoisie Amaras have continued supporting at the fundraisers !!

    Mengistu Hailemariam
    March 6, 2020 at 6:49 pm

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