Interview with Prince Dr Asfa-Wossen Asserate – Part 1

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Interview with Prince Dr Asfa-Wossen Asserate – Part 1



    The problem is king Menilike and King Haileselassie were not legitimate king by blood but deception, there is no single evidence of blood link them to the original Ethiopias Kings, true kings of Ethiopia linked by blood came from north (Gonder and Tigray), anything that is not link to this blood line does not have no authentic kingdom link.

  2. Quality of life can not be bought by money. Noone knows the truth about the corrolation between economic growth and quality of life . World Bank just announced recently Ethiopia will become middle income country in 10 years a dream coming true . Many Ethiopian economists are betting against World Bank’s prediction. Others ask “whether Ethiopia turns Middle income or high income if Ethiopia doesn’t have peace , equality , democracy , freedom , human dignity , justice , food security and so on what good is income? ” The critics quote the double digit economic growth Ethiopia recorded for decades not even ensuring food security as a proof for their argument that Ethiopians are worse situation than ever .

    They also ask “If few elites benefit of the country’s income with the majority continues getting poorer and poorer what good is double or triple digit economic growth?”

    The former Prime Minster of Ethiopia Meles Zenawi kept saying year after year in many occasions ” Poverty is our only problem” which is a big lie. Ethiopia got many more underlying problems that need to be addressed right now before it is too late. The prince should actively engage so we save Ethiopia from the worst disaster the people are forced to drown in.

  3. I listen the interview Dr asfa _wosse with
    sbs it is lovely, brave,intelegence good news
    For ower contry Ethiopia
    Every thing happen already…
    The kings of kings i hope not he is
    The last he will be back and ETHIPIA
    Rise again traditional rule that”s what
    We need
    Thank you sisay jemere

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