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Tecola W Hagos (4 July 2020)

I took my Power in my Hand—
And went against the World—
‘Twas not so much as David—had—
But I—was twice as bold—

I aimed by Pebble—but Myself
Was all the one that fell—
Was it Goliath—was too large—
Or was myself—too small?

Emily Dickinson

Hachalu Hundessa, God Bless!

The death of a young man at the prime of his life is always tragic. I did not know who Hachalu Hundessa  was, I have not listened to his songs either; thus, I searched the internet and also asked friends about him when I heard about his murder. What I learned about Hachalu Hundessa was  a figure much larger than life, heroic and very talented artist. I was deeply moved also by the fact that he was a father of three very young children and that he was very careful with them in order to protect them from the COVID-19 virus because he was concerned that he might contaminate them due to his work that requires him to meet numerous people. It really sunk deep into my heart how a great parent he was.  The way he was murdered was no doubt a cold-blooded murder for political goals. I could not comprehend how anybody would sacrifice/murder a great talent, a parent, a human being for any political end?

Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba launched a sacrilegious highjacking by force the body of Hachalu Hundessa in order to use Hachalu’s death and burial for political purpose and, in the process, murdered a security officer, hurting several individuals. And in disregard to the wishes of the family, removed the body of the Deceased, which  in itself constitutes serious crimes. Abiy Ahmed tolerated the daily insults and agitation of Jawar, Bekele, OMN editorials exaggerated lopsided reporting of incidents to inflame ethnic conflicts, which did happen causing the death of and bodily harm to thousands of innocent victims in Oromo Kilil, Addis Ababa, Dire Dawa et cetera. Abiy Ahmed should not let such criminals out of detention and the judicial process no matter what. Do let it be known to all community leaders, Geda elders, religious leaders et cetera not to interfere in the judicial process. Stay the course. Your political future life is at stake if you make any retreat or concessions.


Bring home Stranded Ethiopians

The newly appointed Counsel General Temesgen  for the Beirut Ethiopian Mission seems to be another clumsy bureaucrat who does not seem to understand his role in that mission. From what I have heard from reliable sources that he is conducting his own mini investigations about Ethiopian Migrants, who were seeking some help from his office, about their activities in Beirut. It is none of his business looking into such migrants’ private business dealings or terms of employment et cetera  unless the migrants themselves want to have it recorded. He seems to be using some discretionary decisions on whether to aid or not. What we have is an emergency situation. Ethiopians must be moved out, provided shelter, and proper documentation based on existing records or by affidavits of a witness or two. There is absolutely no room for any discretionary decision under such stressful situation. Minster Gedu, please, get someone else who can be helpful to those Ethiopians in need. If there is any question dealing with identity et cetera, can be dealt with once back home in Ethiopia.


አይዞህ PM Abiy Ahmed, if you lead, we follow

I listened often to patriotic great Ethiopians, such as Core Dawit, Yemane Neguse of Fenkil, a certain Mesfin, a firebrand political commentator, and they each gave me deep perspective of the on-going crises due to the murder of Hachalu—the work of Egypt, TPLF, and Jawar Mohammed and associates. I learned that Hachalu was very much weary of the Jawar and Bekele gang.  Mesfin presented touching statements given by Hachalu’s Brother and other Family members.  I also learned the cruel fact that Hachalu was just a sixteen-year-old kid when he was imprisoned for five years by the then EPRDF Government of Ethiopia.

PM Abiy Ahmed, foremost let me say አይዞህ again, I am with you and I believe most patriotic Ethiopians are too. I have been a very harsh critique of your secretiveness and not informing us about the negotiation on the GERD on a timely fashion, in my last commentary. I regret about some of the language I used. However, the steps you have taken in arresting the terrorists Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba, and closing their mouthpiece OMN is absolutely legitimate and necessary to preserve law and order in Ethiopia. You must take seriously the activities of so-called journalists and other terrorists that created all the riot and later murdered and destroyed properties of identifiable ethnic groups. You must focus on all who are still instigating with fighting words ethnic conflicts such as Ezkiel Gabissa. PM Abiy, when you stand against evil destructive forces, I am standing in support of you.

The situation in Ethiopia seems to me quite tense, and very optically alarming because of numerous demonstrations, assault and death, and vocal diatribe. There is no doubt that PM Abiy Ahmed is faced with numerous problems and existential challenges even by his own ethnic groups. However, it is also a fact that PM Abiy does have very supportive ethnic groups very supportive of his political program and vision. He is faced with both external and local challenges that he must win against. There is no room for retreat or time for regrouping in order to lead Ethiopia out of the current crises. Sadly, some of the current crises were brought about due to his own magnanimous but miscalculated stretching of his hands in friendship to some terrorist political organizations and individuals who were unable to shade their terrorist outfits and blend in with the rest of the Ethiopian citizens in peace. Furthermore, unforced error such as accepting United States in the negotiation setup which added to such tension that was finally dropped. Such impulsive dependence on the goodwill of others must never be repeated.


Dealing with the TPLF Leaders

The Leadership of the TPLF seems to have serious internal divisions often antagonistic and destructive. That form of conflict is to be expected due to the seriousness of the issues underlying such conflicts. The current situation in Tigrai is a case of citizens held hostages by a ruthless group of individuals who are used to inflicting great pain and suffering on innocent citizens for over forty years, the last thirty being organized as Government bodies—Kilil and Federal. They have huge monetary reserve, weapon, and the structure to maintain a sustained resistance against the Ethiopian Federal Government. However, their real weakness is the fact that they are hated by the huge majority of Tigrians.

It is important to look beyond the crises of the internal conflicts in Amahra Kilil, Oromo Kilil, and in particular in Tigrai Kilil. The political developments in Ethiopia are double edged swords. On one hand those development swords cut against oppressive political and cultural systems, but those same actions also cut against our communal and national unity and promote ethnic conflicts. Behind all such conflicts within Kilils, in the main, is due to the poorly digested idea of federation based on ethnic divisions that was forced on the people of Ethiopia by Meles Zenawi and his collaborators in the form of the EPRDF—the aggregation of several political organizations constructed on the basis of ethnicity/language.


Egypt, Arabs, and TPLF

I believe it is the same group of people who murdered Eng Semegnew Bekele  who also murdered Artist Hachalu Hundessa. Egypt knows that its military will not achieve a lasting victory if it attacks Ethiopia by destroying the GERD. The  counter offensive will be disastrous both to Egypt and Sudan. Ethiopia is capable of hitting the Aswan Dam and any of the Dams in Sudan. Not only that Ethiopia can maintain state of war against Egypt and Sudan for a prolonged time. Its citizens are very much a warrior class undefeated for long even if temporarily beaten at some battles. Thus, Egypt’s tactics is to create internal conflicts within Ethiopia by creating divisions or helping them to fight the central government of Ethiopia. Thus, the Ethiopian government must first of all control the conflict within, but such house-cleansing must be undertaken with tact and careful planning. We have clear historical evidence that Egypt is involved in instigating ethnic conflicts in many areas and regions in several Kilil regions even during the fifty years period of the last  Imperial Regime. Egypt never ceased its sabotage of the development efforts of Ethiopia, and also its singular effort to destabilize Ethiopia for over a century. It did succeed in the division of Eritrea from Ethiopia.

The secession of Eritrea from Ethiopia gave Egypt the incentive to follow that policy of breaking up Ethiopia to oblivion. All that effort is due to Egypt’s insecurity due to the fact that it is totally dependent on the cheaply accessible waters of the Blue Nile at the expense of Ethiopia rather than developing its own natural resource of subterranean ocean of fresh water throughout Egypt. The Federal Government of Ethiopia must never doubt the long hand of Egypt that never tire throughout the last two centuries to control the source of the Nile River, mainly the highlands of Blue Nile Basin of Ethiopia. There are indications that suggest the activities of the TPLF Leadership as well as those of Oromo  based political opposition parties such as the OFC seem to promote the policy of Egypt.

The TPLF leadership has created close working relationship with some of the opposition leaders, such as Bekele Gerba and Jawar Mohammed. The prudent step is first to neutralize the destructive opposition leadership based in Addis Ababa before confronting the Leadership of TPLF. In fact, the Ethiopian Federal Government must not issue any type of statement directly condemning the TPLF, but simply describe the dangerous situation confronting  Ethiopia due to Egypt working with unpatriotic Ethiopians within Ethiopia. At the same time, the Government should infiltrate local population near the areas adjacent to Gondar and Wollo areas and Tigrian held regions.

Egypt’s main strategy is to create conflict between the Federal Leadership and the Kilil Leadership.  In order to achieve that strategy, Egypt would ferment conflicts between individuals from different ethnic groups within specific Kilils, such as the Oromo Kilil, the Somali Kilil, the Amhara Kilil, and especially in Addis Ababa. One effective method for the Federal Government is to bring close to its leadership all religious leaders within Ethiopia. It is important to get the Ethiopian orthodox church and the Ethiopian Muslims  leaders. The religious leaders in cooperation with community leaders are extremely effective in harmonizing all communities in the regions where people of different ethnic background live. Both Christians and Muslims do have strong community structures; thus, it is natural for members of such communities to look up to such religious leadership.


There are numerous problems facing Ethiopia. We must solve these problems, but we must also develop a system to prioritize most pressing issues first. Our national interest is paramount. Thus, the current Ethiopian Government must follow a policy of inclusion of all the Leadership of the Kilils. There should be less confrontational relationship with Kilil leaderships. The escalation of the provocative Press releases of the Tigrai Kilil Administration should be handled with care not to alienate the People of Tigrai Kilil. It is advisable to start projects in Addis Ababa, Dessie, Gondar et cetera to promote close ties with Tigrians living in those areas.  Once there is relative harmony within Ethiopia, and a consensual national policy dealing with the threat of Egypt is in place, the defense of the GERD is relatively easy.

Even though Gedu Andargachew has projected clear and strong position promoting Ethiopia’s  national interest and the filling of GERD these days, there is still serious weakness in the organization and leadership of the Foreign Affairs Ministry especially in foreign Ethiopian Missions. The reorganization of the Ministry and the appointments of qualified new Ambassadors and Diplomats is absolutely necessary. The fact that AU is headquartered in Addis Ababa, and the fact that very many international organizations have branch offices in Ethiopia is an enviable access to such World representations at our doorsteps, for influence and information.

It is conceivable that some of the security officials and high military commanders of the TPLF special forces are working with Egypt’s high security officials. If that is true, it must be countered with deadly force against such individuals from TPLF. However, it must be done quietly and silently. It will be too unwise to go after the TPLF leadership or organization as a whole underscoring such circumstances. The Tigrian population must be informed that the Federal Government has to take action against the corrupt belligerent Leadership of TPLF to enforce law and order and the human and democratic rights of individual Tigrians whose rights is derived from God, history, culture, and the Constitution. It is in such wider context that we must approach the belligerent position of the Leadership of TPLF and the Administrative Leaders of the Tigrai Kilil. The Federal Government must start recruiting and training security personnel in Amhara Kilil, Afar Kilil, Gambela Kilil, Somali Kilil and in Addis Ababa.



Tecola W Hagos

4 July 2020


  1. Good article but it leaves out the core and root of the problem. Which in my opinion is the APARTHEID constitution. If he is a true Ethiopian leader and not an Oromo first (whatever that means) his first action should be to remove Article 39 of the constitution as that endangers and threatens the togetherness of the country. Take action against OLF, Jawar, TPLF how about Lemma Megersa, and others within his circle that are dangerous to the country. Plus I am not so sure about አይዞህ he is a leader and needed to take action 1.5 years ago. Now because it’s Hachaulu and they came directly after Abiy he wants to be a big boy. Naaaah How about the millions of Gedeo, how about Burayo, How about the countless Amhara, Gurage, Game etc… (non Oromos) who were being murdered every single day and driven from their homes in Oromia. Naaaahh don’t wear your uniform and put on your make up now. And on top of that he arrests Eskinder, Sintayew and starts to investigate ASRAT media these that have nothing to do with what happened. He is still as indecisive and sneaky and Oromuma (maybe softer now) as he was 2 years ago. The sad part is instead of giving him appropriate advice and telling him good when he does good and bad when he makes a questionable decision Folks pump up his ego more by saying DO IT DO IT DO IT.

  2. Dear Sir,
    I am glad you have come to your senses. I guess we all loose our minds sometimes. We must, as you say, safeguard our country. The only conciveable way we will loose our country is by the agency of our foolishness and greed, otherwise no power no matter how large will make us subservient to malignant wishes.
    Our PM has a patient disposition which emboldens the meanest political actors to plan truly evil acts. We must encourage him to take actions upon such while praising him for being a man of peace.

    Wishing you the best!

  3. The showy and superficial Abiy Ahmed`s stand is still unclear to me. Instead of making sure that criminals face justice, he is trying his best to weaken pro-Ethiopian forces. Instead of arresting ethno fascist oromos in the name of kero who were killing non-oromo Ethiopians in a barbaric way and destroying properties of non-oromo Ethiopians, he is arresting the great Eskinder Nega to hide the crimes of the narrow-minded and barbaric Takele goma.

    Instead of arresting oromo fascists who killed Addis Ababans, destroyed properties of resident`s of Addis and instigated ethnic cleansing in Addis, he is trying to weaken and jail people who tried to defend themselves against these barbaric hooligans.
    While barbaric Joooo-war and Gerba are treated as if they are at five star hotel and being transported from prison to court in a SUV, the great Eskinder Nega is jailed in a dark room, did not receive any kind of food for more than 24 h, and got humilated and tortured by barbaric oromo militias invading Addis.
    With the objective of getting the support of his anti-Amhara oromo base, he is closing the pro-Ethiopain Asrat Media and jailing hundreds of pro-Ethiopia activists.
    Still, the superficial and pretentious Ahmed said nothing about the death of more than 100 non-oromo Ethiopians killed by fascist oromo nomads with the name of kero.

    Justice to the greats Eskinder nega and Sentayehu Checkol!!!!
    Justice to the more than 200 non-oromo Ethiopians killed by fascist oromos in Ocober 2019 and this week!!!!

  4. አቶ ተኮላ Tecola W Hagos,

    ከቢሮ መቀመጫዬ ብድግ ብዬ አንገቴን ወደኮፒውተሬ ዠቅ አርጌ እጅ ነስቺያለው! This is what I call a truly educated Ethiopian with a smart brain and a good heart, which is the best combination of attractiveness. Someone who quickly discovers something is wrong, learns and grows from it, correct course, amends the past, keep his friends and moves on to a brand new day with his reputation fully intact. At the end of the day, in a communal society like ours it’s all about the tone, manners and how we treat each other that speaks louder about us as a society than the the type of degrees we hold, our bank account, Facebook followers or how important we think we are people can clearly see through the hypocrisy and credibility gab. So thank you sir. You said: “I regret about some of the language I used.” WOW, NEVER THOUGHT OUR ELDERS WERE CAPABLE OF THESE WORDS. We have a saying in Affaan Oromo that “Dubbiin dubbii fida” (A vicious word gives rise to another vicious word). “Nama gurraan du’erra nama lubbuun du’e wayya” (A person who lost his life is better than a person whose name is spoiled). Namin ulfina hinbenne ulfina hinfedhu (A person who doesn’t know the value of respect doesn’t need respect)
    Of beektuun sooda lagatti (A boastful person abstains from salt). “Odeessaan oduu yakka dhuufuun hirriba yakka.” (A talkative person distorts information as fart disrupts sleep).


    ኢትዬጲያ ትቅደም!

    Long Live Ethiopia!

  5. Dr Tekola,

    How can we trust your opinion when you bring schizophrenic and contradictory ideas in one week. You ordered him to step down last week but you are telling him to stay firm this week. We are tired of schizophrenic PhDs like you who go with the wind. Shame !

  6. Thanks Mitmita I appreciate your comments. and your endorsement of my primary suggestions. You have enviable abilities being fluent I A magic, English, and your Mother tongue Afaan Oromo. I regret that I do not know Afaan Oromo that is one of the two languages in the world I love to hear being spoken, and the other I is Japanese language. J love human effort in his/her effort to reach higher state of life. Right now, we are coming to a fork in our journey. Which road must we take? If we make poor choices, it will cost us longer time, more sacrifices, more pain and suffering, more unecessay loss of life, and the fact that we might lose our faith and hope. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for your precious and exquisite complements of my commentary. God Bless. Keep. Safe All. Tecola

  7. Proff Tecola

    It looks like you like comments that tells you what a handsome guy you are like immature teenagers. What a professor.? You should have known that you learn more from your critics more than those who give you back massage like the mitimita girls.

  8. Bekele, you took time to read my article and the comments by readers. I thank you and all others who had done that. Keep reading my comments even if you do not like my personality. I may be vulgar or uncouth, but my ideas are not. Keep safe all. Tecola

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