Like Félicien Kabuga of Rwanda, the Ethiopian Criminals Who Committed Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing and Tortures Shall Face Justice!

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Belayneh Abate

The New York times  reported that Félicien Kabuga is arrested, and he is facing justice for multiple charges of genocide he committed in Rwanda. [1] This heinous man changed his name and lived in France hiding for more than two and half decades. At the end, the spirit of hundreds of thousands of dead souls haunted him and brought him to justice. The spirit of the dead souls  will continue to haunt him even after his demise.

 While Félicien Kabuga is arrested in France, the brutal criminals who committed similar crimes in Ethiopia are living luxurious lives at the expense of their victims. As a result, the souls of their victims are crying for justice  like the victims of Félicien Kabuga have been crying for decades. No one shall forget the genocides and ethnic cleansing in Bedeno, Gura Ferda, Arba Gugu, Arusi Negele, Gambella, Ogaden, Wolkait, Raya, Metekel, Gondar, Bahir-Dar, Woldya, Debre-Birhan, Buryo, Legetafo and so on. No sane human should ignore the enhanced ethnic cleansing of Amaras all over Ethiopia as we speak. [2-14]

Standing on graves of dead souls, many hypocrite Ethiopians preach about phony reconciliation and forgiveness.  These hypocrite preachers are trying to uproot justice from the yolk of forgiveness. In realty, reconciliation and forgiveness never exist without justice. It appears that these hypocrite preachers salivate to live sunny and comfortable lives today at the expense of their martyrs slaughtered  yesterday.  The dreamers of comfortable lives emphatically  tell us to forget the past because the past is the past(ያለፈው አልፏል)!”. Considering themselves as merciful and forgivers on the behalf of the dead souls,  they condemn those who demand justice for the victims of genocide, ethnic cleansing, torture and arbitrary killings.

Preaching to forget the past is preaching to erase history. But no one can erase history. Preaching to forget the past is also teaching to forget today when we arrive at the beginning of tomorrow. The past was once today, and today will be the past at the dawn of tomorrow. With the same token,  tomorrow and after tomorrow will be the past some day. If times betray each other as we betray our martyrs, and today ignores yesterday,  tomorrow will follow the same suit and  ignore  today. As a result of this sequential time betrayal, time will never show  progress in its line of history.

Many consider progress as forgetting the past and jumping to the future. This jump to the future axiom is seriously infecting  the independent mass media with the speed of the corona virus. The independent media was supposed to stir up the consciousness of societies. About two years ago, the Ethiopian independent media was all about the people massacred, tortured, sterilized, disappeared, evicted and other atrocities committed on our people. Now, the independent media has almost stopped reporting  stories of atrocities committed in Ethiopia. In fact, most of the mass media reports and broadcasts  propaganda that promote the falsely born-again criminals that were partially or wholly responsible for these atrocities.  It is hard  to comprehend when you listen unstable tongues that  cursed the criminals yesterday twist themselves automatically and start praising the same criminals as  kudus and peace makers today.

Most of the Ethiopian  “independent media” is now serving the very criminals, who were directly involved in genocides, ethnic cleansings and tortures. Some of the editors of these hypocrite medias claim that they are standing behind these criminals for the peace and unity of the country. How can “journalists” promote peace by advocating miscarriage of justice and  standing behind criminals? What kind of unity and country are they building  by planting and watering weeds of criminals on the graves of the martyrs?

No country achieves peace by singing the songs of fake forgiveness and crowning criminals, but by following rule of law and making criminals accountable for their crimes. Calculating benefits like car dealers, many ignore the crimes committed in the past, and they make deals with criminals for the present.  Human trait does not dictate to separate the past from the present and the present from the future. If one forgets his brothers and sisters that scarified their lives for his sake and dines with their killers, he will not  find himself at the human section of Aristotle’s taxonomy shelf.

God has bestowed brain to humans with the responsibility to connect the past with the present, and the present with the future. If we fail to connect the past with present and stand with criminals that massacred our martyrs justifying our betrayal with axiom of opportunists  that reads “ያለፈው አልፏል”, a textbook of biology may place us even below the reptiles in the family of animal kingdoms.  Animals fail to  connect the past with the present because they lack the hardware and the software to link the events, not because they are intentionally selfish, greedy and opportunists like us.

Many cold-blood opportunists are moving like reptiles to cover up the crimes of genocide, ethnic cleaning and torture with dirty blankets of reconciliation and forgiveness. Defying the unholy deeds of these reptiles, the  souls of martyrs are crying for justice! We shall listen to the cry of dead souls and stop calculating advantages to make our lives better at the expense of theirs.  We should demand justice for the  Ethiopian victims of geocide, ethnic cleaning and tortures.

Like Félicien Kabuga of Rwanda, the Ethiopian Criminals Who Committed Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing and Tortures Shall Face Justice.  Thank you.

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  1. Whatever crimes EPRDF committed in the past are pardoned because Ethiopians made forgiveness part of Ethiopia’s culture for the past two years .

    Remarkably the EPRDF affiliated “criminals” had made a complete U-TURN and currently they are proving to have reformed themselves to a “SAINT” status by lifting Ethiopia out of pestilence .

  2. Mr. Abate,

    Does the soul die? In your article you repeatedly stated “the spirit of the dead souls…..”. I am confused? Could you please elaborate?

  3. AluBalta Astegabi appears one of the murderers himself or at the writer put it “cold-blooded opporttunist”

    He wants the wipe out the blood of millions like his trash! Cruel!

  4. Gaida,

    Why do not you ask Ato Abate important question instead of vocabulary? Do you have google in your computer? Dead soul means dead person. You get it?

    But I googled Gaida and I could not find it. What does Gaida mean?

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