#London2017: Almaz Ayana & Tirunesh Dibaba Interview After Winning 10,000m Final

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#London2017: Almaz Ayana & Tirunesh Dibaba Interview After Winning 10,000m Final


  1. O My Goodness!!!

    By the way, did you have the chance to see our two gallant daughters Almaz and Dibaba leaving everyone in the dust in the 10,000 meters final at the London World Chamionship today. Did you notice how both were so graceful in their strides? And how Almaz and Tirunesh were lapping one runner after another? Especially the fight to the finish between Tirunesh and one Kenyan runner almost sent me into the trance, man!!! How Tirunesh turned on her twin turbo chargers telling the other runner like ‘see ya’!!! That is the spirit of the late Miruts Yifter the Shifter, Haile and Kenenisa rolled into one, man!!! I was wondering what Paula Radcliff is saying now? It looks like Tirunesh was telling the Kenyan runner like ‘Hey, this is my house and at my house I am the boss’. I have been like a kid in a candy store since then. I just want to share this with you all who will read this in good spirit. I am good!!!! The entire week that is!!!!!! Now watch the masters at work on Sunday in both the men’s and women’s marathons. Lets go, man!!!

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