Man Convicted in Killing of Ethiopian Refugee Store Clerk

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ST. LOUIS — A man has been convicted in the shooting death of an Ethiopian refugee who was working at a convenience store to earn enough money to bring his wife and children from a refugee camp to St. Louis.

Antonio Muldrew, 41, of St. Louis, was found guilty Wednesday of first-degree murder and five other charges in the July 2014 death of convenience store clerk Abdulrauf Kadir. He faces a life sentence.

Muldrew shot Kadir three times in the chest and abdomen before going behind the counter himself to make change and sales for patrons as Kadir bled, the Missouri attorney general’s office said in a news release. Muldrew then grabbed cash and lottery tickets from the register and counter and fatally shot Kadir in the head twice when he sought help from customers.

Attorney General Eric Schmitt, who prosecuted the case, said Muldrew told police, “He was going to die anyway. I wanted to make sure he was dead. He said he had two kids but I didn’t care,” the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

Muldrew didn’t testify this week. His public defender, Sharon Turlington, did not dispute that Muldrew killed Kadir but argued the evidence supported a second-degree murder conviction. She told the jury he was a regular customer of the store and was desperate to get money for his pregnant girlfriend.

Kadir had immigrated to the United States from Kenya after fleeing his home country of Ethiopia in the midst of a civil war. Schmitt said in the release that his life was “unnecessarily and brutally cut short.”


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3 Responses to Man Convicted in Killing of Ethiopian Refugee Store Clerk

  1. May the victim rest in eternal peace!!!! What a heart wrenching sad story!!!

    Ittu Aba Farda
    January 10, 2020 at 9:11 pm

  2. Why bring his wife and children to USA?when he could have went back to Ethopia himself to live
    with his whole family peacefully since there is nolonger any danger or war in Ethiopia , thanks to the Institutional reform the political change is sprinting the country into a middle income country.

    Ethiopians should know that there is no need to risk your life in dangerous journeys of migrations anymore , your country needs you to return back home, you can invest your money in Ethiopia, please don’t waste it to migrate more and more families .

    TesfaNews › eritrea-offers-stake…
    Eritrea offers Stake in State Telco, but not to Foreigners – TesfaNews

    Mashel Minweyelet
    January 11, 2020 at 5:40 am

  3. RIP. ethipians ,you have stupid attitude; We rever sb when he dies . I believe no one was in his side when he was struggling to overcome his chalmlenges. Now you produce an atrticle to pretend as if you stand for your people; denigrade with one another .citizens of the entire world, be it canadian, uS , UK or other, migrate enjoy a better life and secure job. However, we see people from; poor country dislike and acccuse with oneanother ! Germany , british migrate most , but africans migration is highly overstated. please step aside from this attitude of downgrading eachother and working as banda for migration office !!

    RIP RIP RIP Condolences to his family , kins and friends!!

    January 12, 2020 at 2:59 am

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