Oakland Institute ,jeff Furman and Anuradha Mittel and Ethiopian Activists T

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  1. Great job! well done my fellow country man Tedella Assefaw. You are doing your bit efficiently and successfuly.. We have to make out of every opportunities to expose barbaric Woyanes/Tigrians in front of world renouned schoolars and mainstream medias so that the world could know what has been happening to our nation and inhuman acts of the illegitimate government in Ethiopia. Woyanes/Tigres fear international meadia rather than domestic protest/revolts because they make sure the security firm and the defence force including the police is run by only and only Tigrians.

    God bless you now and again Tedela.

  2. Thank you All, on behalf of all the displaced Ethiopian citizens.
    Land grab’s consequence is focused on specific ethnics that the
    Woyane wants to cleanse and in most cases destroy in Genocidal

    All the participants are not anti-terrorism partners but open Genocidal
    accomplices. Thank you for ypur excellent support of the Ethiopian Farmers!



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