OMN, Gejera, Swastika & the Case for International Intervention (Part-2)

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(Yimer Muhe – February 24, 2020)

Through the years, Ultra-Oromo Nationalist elites have authored articles and books on Oromo specific issues. It would not be an exaggeration to equate the essence of their messages with Hitler and his henchmen’s (Goebbles, Himmler etc.) demagoguery on the supremacy of the “Aryan Race”, and “Deutschland Uber Alles” of which the mantras of “Oromo First”, and “Greater Oromia” are corresponding carbon copies. The similarities between the two are astounding. Also, victimhood, narcissism, and scapegoating are very central to both the Nazis and the ultra-Oromo Nationalists. The Nazis believed they were victimized by the Jews and the rest of the world, and were always driven by a siege mentality that spared no one from being their enemy. The ultra-Oromo Nationalists have the Amharas to blame for everything. It is well established that Hitler and Goebbles had a narcissistic personality disorder. Jawar Mohammed boasts to be the best strategist alive. He claims to have invented the calculator. He tells us his resume includes working as a consultant for several foreign governments. His title is endless like the late ruler of Uganda His Excellency President for Life, Field Marshal Alhaj Dr. Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, CBE (Conqueror of the British Empire) aka “the Butcher of Uganda”. I would leave it up to the reader to determine whether Jawar Mohammed is a narcissist and a megalomaniac or not. Regardless, the ultra-Oromo Nationalists delusional sense of being trapped and hounded from all directions has been costing the lives of innocent people across Oromia, in Harrar, Dire Dawa, and elsewhere in the country.

Jawar Mohammed (C), a member of the Oromo ethnic group who has been a public critic of Abiy, addresses supporters that had gathered outside his home in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa after he accused security forces of trying to orchestrate an attack against him October 24, 2019. – A day after supporters of the high-profile opposition activist took to the streets, burning tyres and blocking roads following rumours of Jawar’s mistreatment by state forces where at least four people were killed and dozens injured in protests in Ethiopia against Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, hospital and police sources said Thursday. (Photo by STRINGER / AFP) (Photo by STRINGER/AFP via Getty Images)

Because of the ethnic and religious tensions the ultra-Oromo Nationalists are fanning ceaselessly, several churches and mosques have been burnt to the ground. Intra and inter-religious strifes are also on the horizon. Recently, an ultra-Oromo Nationalist church “deacon”, with Jawar Mohammed and Dr. Merara Gudina in the background, was inciting the public to cleanse the historical Debre Lebanos Monastery of Amhara monks. In this case, even the Almighty God did not fare better than “Oromo First”.

The Nazis did not stop after regaining and militarizing the Rhineland in contravention of the Treaty of Versailles. Instead, they continued voraciously swallowing country after country until they were confronted by the Allies with iron determination. Likewise, the ultra-Oromo Nationalists have been recklessly pushing and pushing the envelope on all fronts with no regard to the outcome. Currently, the ultra-Oromo Nationalists are in high gear working on their project of splitting the Ethiopian Orthodox Church to establish an independent Oromo Orthodox Church. They are also very busy creating division in the Muslim community by injecting the issue of identity through the back door. The truth is, there is no sanctity they will refrain from assaulting, and they will stop at nothing if left unchecked.

Revenge for their humiliating defeat in the First World War was not the only reason for the Nazis to ignite the Second World War, they were also looking for a vast “Living Space” or “Leben Raum” worthy of the “Aryan Race”. By the same token, we have heard to the rantings of Jawar Mohammed, Ezekiel Gebissa, Bekele Gerba, Tsegaye Ararsa, and Daud Ibsa and other ultra-Oromo Nationalists laying claims on Wollo, and other sections of the country as part of “Greater Oromia”. They are even shamelessly casting their eyes across the border upon Kenya. The Oromo Firsters’ failed incursions around Attaye, and Kemisie in the Amhara Killil, and more recently in the Afar Killil was nothing but an attempt to acquire their “Living Space”. Their very delusional and exaggerated self-worth is a time bomb that is ticking to explode unless they are reined in.

It is a fatal blunder to assume that the ultra-Oromo Nationalists are only Ethiopia’s problems. They are definitely dead set to disturb the statuesque not only in Ethiopia but also in the Horn of Africa in general. Even though they do not want to admit it, their fixation with their history of five hundred years ago have made them oblivious to the current world order and could care less for regional peace. Their Nazi-like agenda can be halted with minimum costs in lives, and minimum displacement of non-Oromos from Oromia only with the help of others. Therefore, entertaining the idea of some sort of African or international intervention is neither unreasonable nor premature at this time. The recent rapprochement of the ultra–Oromo Nationalists with TPLF – their godfather – has made both a more potent force of destruction that can be unleashed anytime for a wholesale extermination targeting the Amhara people and their culture, the Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Church, and other minority nationalities that might refuse to be co-opted. The current Constitution of the country that has enshrined Ethnic Federalism is their bible. They have vowed to live by it and kill for it.

“Kegnism” or “Kegna Politics”, as a rallying cry of the ultra-Oromo Nationalists, has so far wreaked havoc and is poised to inflict more in terms of lives and property. “Kegna Politics” is very nihilistic and has nothing to do with regaining what the ultra-Oromo Nationalists claim to be “theirs”.  In Harrar and Dire Dawa, in Koye Fecha, in the suburbs of Addis Ababa such as Lege Tafo, Sebeta and Sulilta, and in Wolega, Gedeo, Tepi etc., people have been forced to run for their life with only whatever they have on their back. Their properties have been confiscated, countless have lost family members, and thousands have been unaccounted for just because they are non-Oromos. The ethnic hatred the Ultra-Oromo Nationalists are spewing through OMN and the social media is responsible for all this chaos. And yet non-Oromos in millions are still living in Oromia expecting the worst of the worst at any time from the merciless ultra-Oromo Nationalist thugs driven by “Kegna Politics”.

Those who are willing to give the ultra-Oromo Nationalists the benefit of the doubt by blaming some of their excesses and very disturbing behaviors on the alleged unjust treatment of their ancestors in the past are indeed either gullible or overly generous or trying to be politically correct at best. For the ultra-Oromo Nationalists, it is not about rectifying past alleged wrongs. It goes beyond that. Under PM Abiy Ahmad, fellow Oromos are controlling the rein of power; they head most of the key Federal Posts and are in the process of controlling the country’s economy; and yet the ultra-Oromo Nationalists are far from being satisfied. What else could the rest of the Ethiopian people give up to satisfy the ultra-Oromo Nationalists enormous “Kegna” appetite? Obviously, what is left for them is exacting revenge on and humiliation of the Amhara people, and the ultimate destruction of the country. What we heard out of the London Oromo Lawyers Conference in October 2016, that the “Republic of Oromia” would be realized through the disintegration of Ethiopia, is still fresh in our memory.

Unquestionably, cruelty defines German Nazis more than anything else. Just think of the Holocaust, the gas chambers, the pogroms, the indiscriminate executions of children, the elderly, women, etc., and the mass graves in which six million Jews perished. Likewise, cruelty does define the ultra – Oromo Nationalists and the thugs that mercilessly carry out their bidding. Victims are not only killed, they are also chopped up with Gejera and Mencha and their corpses are dragged in the streets.  A young mother who had given birth few days earlier was clubbed and stoned to death. Innocent citizens have been burnt alive. The thugs’ cruelty knows no boundaries. Today, it is not uncommon in the Oromia Killil for Amharas and other minority nationalities to disappear without traces after they are forced to get off buses and other public transportations. Only time will tell how many have been buried in mass graves off the highways. Nothing is sacred for the ultra-Oromo Nationalists. Life is not sacred. Pacts, alliances and friendship are not sacred. Rule of law is not sacred. Even religion and the culture that they claim to be defending are not sacred either. Humanity is not sacred. We are still waiting to hear Jawar Mohammed express his remorse four months after 86 innocent people were murdered because of him.

Here it is worth mentioning the Nuremberg Laws of September 1935 that “… denied Jews German citizenship, voting rights, the right to marry a German, or to retain Government office.” Now, think of Bekele Gerba’s edict that directed Oromos to stop doing business with non-Oromos if they don’t speak Afaan-Oromo, and to stop marrying non-Oromos in order to save Afaan-Oromo, etc.  Due to such agitations by the ultra-Oromo Nationalists, the situation is progressively getting worse in the Oromia Killil. Things are getting out of hand, and in some areas anarchy is taking root. In the South, Zones, mainly encouraged by the ultra-Oromo Nationalists, are demanding to become Killils. University campuses have become battle grounds, and kidnaping is becoming a commonplace. OLF – Shene, allegedly the armed wing of OLF, which has robbed twenty three banks is controlling part of Western Wolega and killing local officials and residents. While Defense Forces are thinly spread specially in Oromia, other Killils are building up their Special Forces mainly to repel imagined or real attacks from each other, etc. All signs are pointing in the direction of a full blown genocide multiple times worse than Rwanda.  Right now, whether we accept it or not, a low level or controlled genocide is undeniably underway in the country against the Amharas, Wolaytas, Siltes, Gamos and others. That is why thinking of a regional or international intervention of some sort makes sense at this time before it is too late.

Addis Ababa which is “home to the third largest number of diplomatic missions in the world, only after New York and Geneva.” It is also known as the “Political Capital” of Africa. It is the seat of the African Union, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and is also home to more than 100 foreign embassies. Therefore, it is also in the International community’s best interest to help save the city from the dangers lurking around it, if anything to protect the diplomatic community. The ultra-Oromo Nationalists has the city surrounded by their Gejera waving thugs. We have seen their show of force in Koye Fecha and other parts of the city. They consider the city as their final battle ground. The writing is on the wall. The ultra-Oromo Nationalists are a legion of doom. The customary view that Ethiopia is at a crossroads is nothing but a fantasy at this point. The reality is the country’s survival is in grave danger. International organizations such as International Crisis Group (ICG) have already expressed their fear about the direction Ethiopia is heading to. That is why some sort of international intervention makes sense, and the sooner the better. The election can wait until the survival of the country is assured through the rule of law, and a conducive environment prevails.


  1. To the Editor of Zehabash.Com:

    Yemer Muhe’s article about the Oromo people, nation and leadership are adulterated lies and propaganda. to compare the Oromo People and its leadership to the Nazis is perhaps Muhe’s pathologically polluted mind and body regarding the Oromo people… The Habash editor needs to edit articles submitted for clarity, authenticity and if the submitted article does harm or contribute to the public good at large. you guys failed in your responsibility as owners of the website to filter hate and propaganda diatribe!!

  2. Don’t ever blame Oromos struggling for equality and justice. Stop blaming Tigreans.
    The whole problem is simply a result of the superiority complex of Gondere and Gojame intellectuals who consider Tigreans second class Ethiopians and the rest of other Ethiopians as subhuman. If these guys have a heart to consider Ethiopians south of Abay River equal to them stop exploiting and humiliating them, all Ethiopia would be peaceful.

    Gojame and Gondere, Pure, superior Ethiopians who are born North of Abay River don’t want equality in Ethiopia. It is not patriotic to stir up violence to perpetrate inequality among Ethiopians. Superiority Complex is not patriotic, wake up. Digest the truth. Else, all Gojames and Gonderes leave Addis Ababa and go back to Debre Markos and Gonder.

    Don’t ever blame Oromos struggling for equality and justice. Stop blaming Tigreans. Stop messing up Ethiopia. Enough is Enough, humble Ethiopian people need peace. Go away if you don’t like peace and equality.

  3. There is a statement in this article where facts in history were misplaced and misused. It goes like this:

    ‘It would not be an exaggeration to equate the essence of their messages with Hitler and his henchmen’s (Goebbles, Himmler etc.) demagoguery on the supremacy of the “Aryan Race”, and “Deutschland Uber Alles” of which the mantras of “Oromo First”, and “Greater Oromia” are corresponding carbon copies.’

    There is no parallel to what happened before and after 1933 in Germany and what is taking place now in the old country. Such authors should come out clean and straight forward and tell us who are the Jews, Hitler and Goebbels of the 1930’s in the present day Ethiopia? Who? Abiy and Jawar as Hitler and Goebbels respectively and OMN being the Gestapo? Who are the Jews? Amharas? How about those hundreds of thousands of Oromos, Gedeos, Somalis, Afars, Shanguls, Tigrayans who were driven out of their homes where thousands of them were brutally butchered? How about them? They don’t count? During the recent savage mayhem triggered by the fiasco of security detail removal from Jawar and his irresponsible rambling during the wee hours of the night, majority of those murdered were Oromos where most of them died protecting other ethnic groups from the marauding mobs. How about them? They don’t count? What was done to our noble Amhara neighbors in many communities is a disgrace all of should be ashamed of. What was done to our noble citizens of Tigray ethnicity in many communities was low down and dirty shame none of us should be proud of or condone. They don’t count? Come, come dear countrymen/women!!! Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels, Goring, Martin Bormann and their close knit friends did not just pile up machetes but had built a complex industrial outfit for their ‘final solution’. By 1933 Germany had lost its entire level heads but the old country still has its level heads. It hasn’t lost it all yet. What happened during the Holocaust has no parallel in history since then. What happened in 1994 in Rwanda may have resemblance just because a minority group of people was targeted and victimized but Holocaust was a different animal altogether and will never, ever take place in the old country. Let’s not make things possible for that but instead be a voice for all those being victimized.

    And stop saying ‘Ultra-Oromo Nationalist elites’. There are individuals with extremist views who happened to be born to Oromo parents but their beyond the pale views is not an Oromo in its nature. They are just a few scabs on the skin of my noble people. Who does not have such scabs? There are a few equally scabs and bigots among our noble Amhara, Tigray, Afar, Somali, Shangul, Sidama and every ethnic group but they don’t and will never represent the majority views from wherever they crawled out of. So let’s stop demonizing any of these well cultured people just because of some very wicked miscreants among them. In my strong and unshakable conviction, there are no Oromo, Amhara or any other extremists but individuals who have names. Such wholesale name calling will make the efforts of those level heads who toil 24-7 to avert a national calamity in the offing very, very hard. Just stifle!!!! Please!!!!

  4. The choice of the name as”Yimer Muhe” made me laugh out loud because I know the reason why he picked such names out of thousands, never mind hiddnibg his true identity.

    Like it or not the time of domination is over. Your first attempt to occupy Ataye & Kamisse failed meserably. No more domination of nation & nationalities in the name of one Ethiopia.
    I tell one thing your last trench where you guys used to hide to dominate, inslave & rule over nation nationalities is being dismantle as we speak. The Oromos started to take care thier own affairs for themselves, they started to learn & teach each other Orthodox Christianity, using thier language in thier own church built by thier own father on thier own land which used to be run & administor run others. You are exposed & in bad shape.
    Nation & nationalities are free at last. They are declaring having thier own States to build a new ethnic based federal Ethiopia.
    This is the list they can accept otherwise they are at the best time to call Article 39 of the Ethiopian Constitution.

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