Open Letter to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed – Sidama Diaspora Association Denver, USA

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Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed signed the peace treaty with neighboring Eritrea on September 16, 2018 — after which progress ground to a standstill

Open Letter to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed – Sidama Diaspora Association Denver, USA

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From Sidama People Association
Denver co, USA

To Prime Minister
Dr Abiy Ahmed Ali
Tel.: +251 111 226 767
Fax: +251 111 226 292
P.O. Box: 1031 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Oct 15, 2019

From: The People of Sidama in Denver, Colorado
To: The Prim minister of Ethiopia
Dr Abiy Ahmed Ali
Tel.: +251 111 226 767
Fax: +251 111 226 292
P.O. Box: 1031 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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Honored Prime Minister; Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia; Sidama: First and for most, we would like to take this nice opportunity to congratulate you and express our happiness for your winning of worlds Nobel Peace Prize. We are proud of you and of your achievements of the most popularity and being best person of the planet at this modern world.

Our society has much respect on your early proposed vision; “Medemer. As you know sidama people goes down deep showing and acting for honor of others including you. It was true love and respect we are expressing towards you and your idea. These are the way we supposed to continue accepting one another. Building these early loves to more high level of caring to one another is our responsibility.

You have very appreciated ideas, which attracts the majority in all of the world; in serving the people of Ethiopia. We understand how eager were you at the time you presented your first speech; you promised that you will serve to , listen, respond, deliver fair services that the people deserve. If you believe you are fulfiling your promise at these time, Okay that’s perfect we continue supporting you; but what has happened with Sidama People as a whole? After all we are not the enemy, opposers, rude, spiteful, inconsiderate, aggressive, manipulative, domineering, and bad people for sure. what has happened to Sidama Ejjeto? At this time they don’t have to be detained in  jail; if you and your govt were been delivering fair services, looking everyone equally as a citizen, committed to do right thing through check and balance, putting down your early promises on the ground, not to revenge, winning through love, as your speech, putting yourself on others shoe is the way to understand others problem, knowing that the peoples’ are the owner of authority, knowing that the power is not permanent as you said, …. . We are looking all four directions of our country, of the question of the respected people and how fast the answers being responded where and when? definitely not bad; good governance, we like it, we are happy with all that; we don’t want to list where and when these good politics delivered because it’s for our people. unfortunately, our question is now, why it’s not for Sidama People? Drs, Professors, nurses, teachers, investors, farmers, rich, poor, all who were serving their country to the best of their knowledge, jailed for the politics need. we are not being selfish, and ignorant; but we are begging for quality treatment, justice! justice! justice! and justice! We remember you freed Andargachew Tsige by siding with the citizen of our country. Freed many political prisoners freed many political prison the question for Not bad, continue listening and answering fair answer; so we are heartbroken and bleeding. If you and your govt are on the side of people of the country, we need our voice to be heard and it will be highly appreciated. So, we need the Justice should be served. This will be credited to the honor of your lovely elders, women, youth, and all levels of society of Sidama population. we will show our support by printing full name and signature as follows.

God bless Ethiopians and Ethiopia.

Proposed and written by Assefa Anebo

Edited and finalized by Shiferaw Wandare, Bereket Dabena, Zegeye Dangiso



Proposed and written by Assefa Anebo
Edited and finalized by Shiferaw Wandare, Bereket Dabena, Zegeye Dangiso



  1. Where were you when the Ejjettos were killing and robbing people? When people in the region and Awassa are breathing fresh air and moving freely, you are shedding your crocodile tears. Ejjettos arecwhere they belong. Keep crying!

  2. Tantu , so it a revenge time now ? Why some people are so ignorant , pls let’s have a union and save Innocents life , save Ethiopia ,

  3. I strongly believe that the Sidama Ejjettoos did nothing wrong. Others provoked them or non-Ejjettoos committed the crime in some Sidama towns. These young people, Ejjetoos need to be pardoned even if they committed some crimes as the perpetrators, provokers were settlers who intentionally incited the conflict. It is the government’s delayed action to timely tell to the Ejjettoos about the referendum to me made for declaring the regional status of Sidama. I believe that it the government timely took action in properly communicating about the date for the referendum, the catastrophic done wouldn’t have been done. So, the government should take responsibility for not timely acting in fixing the time for referendum.

  4. The Sidama ejjettoos did nothing? -this absurd and a mockery on those who perished. Is there anything savage, barbarian and brutal like the ejjettoos? Didn’t the burn people alive? Didn’t they stone innocent Wolayitas and dragged their bodies on the streets of Awassa? Didn’t the slaughter the Wolaytas during the 2018 Awassa massacre? The word peace and ejjettoo do not go together. In fact, we will take the ejjettoos to justice anytime and we don’t forget the vicious crime they committed. By the way, they commited all these crimes with the help of Million whose father was a butcher who mutilated a woman at the time of Derge, with the help of Tewodros who was a mayor and with the help of ethnc sidama police force whose only job was protect ejjettoos commit crime. You are full of stupid people writing this stupid letter to the PM- By the way, an elementary student here in Ethiopia can write a better letter than you both content wise and English. Shameless people defending crime living in a country where justice is for all. Ejjettoos is nothing but a killing force that terrorized Awassa until July 2019

  5. The Managing Director of The Vital Events of Ethiopia Ato Mujib Jamal, who also happens to be the main person overseeing, Immigration and Nationality of Ethiopia said ” This (Sidama’s referendum) voters registration is being carried out in a perfectly legal way.”

    Ato Mujib Jamal , also said ” This Sidama’s referendum voters registration is the first perfect , legal and fair voting registrion of it’s kind to be held in Ethiopia . “

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