Opinions on The Fairness and The Timing of Ethiopia’s 2020 Election Significantly Vary by Region and Age of Respondents

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Ethiopoll Consult, PLC is an independent public opinion research company engaged in conducting public opinion research on current social, business, and political topics in Ethiopia. Ethiopoll conducts its surveys on its multilingual online platform that enables individuals to take surveys in their language of preference.

How the data were collected

The objective of this survey is to measure public opinion on Ethiopia’s 2020 election. The Ethiopian government has embarked on a bold measure to open the political space in the country, releasing thousands of political prisoners and promising to make the country’s 2020 election free and fair. Many political parties have returned from exile, and the country is witnessing free media and political activity different from what it has ever seen before. There is also violence and instability in some parts of the country. —–Read More—————



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