Orphans of Ethnic Violence in Ethiopia

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Excellence International Holistic Ministries e.V Germany is organizing this fundraiser

The recent ethnic violence in Ethiopia led to death of hundreds  and displacement of more than 3 million people in the country. This caused thousands of children to be orphaned.

Though most of the displaced returned back to their localities with the aid of the government and other actors, they still have the trauma of the horrible violence against humanity. This situation is the worst in the ethnic minorities of southern Ethiopia namely the Gedeo, Burji, Kore, Wolaita and Gamo tribes who were adversely treated by the violence.

More than a thousand orphans have left their localities and obliged to lead life on street and exposed to abuses in the nation.

The Country which contributed Coffee to the world needs your help!!!

Excellence International Holistic Ministries e.V  is a registered Nonprofit Organization in Germany.
–  started sponsoring orphans of ethnic violence in Ethiopia

With this call, Excellence plans to establish  rehabilitation services and centers(for 6 months from February/2019) for  500 orphans of the ethnic violence leading life on street and exposed to abuses in partnership with Ethiopian government and local charities

It plans to continue to help the orphans with re-unification with their households, education, medication and psychosocial and economic empowerment.

Excellence needs 189,520 Euro for its projects annually.
Make a difference in the lives of the orphans who need it most!!!

You can also make direct transfers to our bank account below

Excellence International Holistic Ministries e.V
Acc. No. : 1500403249
IBAN: DE14 2005 0550 1500 4032 49

All your donations are tax deductible!!!

Contact us for more information: excellence.intl.ministries@gmail.com
Thank you so much for your Help!!!






  1. did you start begging for yourselves just as Mahibrekidusan did it in the name of old churcjhes and other poor people ?

    They made so many shops and business enterpriese in the guise of churchmen while they are true deceivers and frauders


  2. Mayday Mayday Embilta Gosumu!!

    The whole country is having a security crisis.
    So many people including little children and the elderly people are getting ready to go into exile to foreign lands right now.
    2020 might be the record year with people going in exile.

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