PM Abiy Ahmed warns Ethiopia ethnic violence could worsen

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Ethiopian leader vows to bring to justice those responsible for this week’s violence that left 67 people dead.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has warned of further instability and vowed to bring to justice those responsible for violence that left at least 67 people dead this week.

“The crisis we have faced will become even more fearsome and difficult if Ethiopians don’t unite and stand as one,” Abiy said in a statement issued by his office on Saturday, his first remarks since the violence broke out.

“We will unswervingly work to ensure the prevalence of the rule of law and to bring perpetrators to justice.”

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize laureate also noted that what began as protests against his government had quickly morphed into clashes that took on an ethnic and religious dimension.

“There has been an attempt to turn the crisis into a religious and ethnic one. In the process our comrades have become victims in terrible circumstances,” he said.

He added that homes, businesses and places of worship had been destroyed, and that an untold number of Ethiopians had been displaced.

Violence erupted in Addis Ababa, the capital, and in much of Ethiopia’s Oromia region on Wednesday after a high-profile activist accused security forces of trying to orchestrate an attack against him – a claim police officials denied.

The activist, Jawar Mohammed, is credited with promoting the protests that swept Abiy to power last year but he has recently become critical of some of the PM’s policies.

Both men are from the Oromo ethnic group, Ethiopia’s largest, and their feud highlights divisions within Abiy’s Oromo support base that could complicate his bid for a five-year term when Ethiopia votes in elections currently planned for May 2020.

On Friday, Oromia police chief Kefyalew Tefera said 67 people had been killed there, including five police officers.

He said most of the dead had lost their lives in “clashes between civilians” rather than at the hands of security forces.

He also claimed that calm had been restored but the defence ministry announced on Friday that it was deploying forces to seven areas to restore order, and reports of violence persisted through Friday night and into Saturday.

Abiy was in Sochi, Russia, for the Russia-Africa summit when Jawar’s supporters first started mobilising in Addis Ababa.

Prior to Saturday’s statement, he faced criticism for saying nothing about the unrest.



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  2. I am amazed as to how the current government in Ethiopia frames bloodshed and conflict without addressing the central cause for it. Not too long ago, when Major Dawit mentioned the idea of a failed state regarding Ethiopia, everyone was throwing stone at him. I believe his prediction was and is correct. For a country that prides itself through Ethnic division such as the apartheid system in Ethiopia conflict is inevitable.
    The so called educated Oromo class fans this flame to consume the whole country without any remorse. The TPLF from Mekelle and through their proxy within the country and from outside adds fuel to the fire. That is what we are witnessing in Ethiopia. For a country to be categorized as a failed state, there are several reason: Two of those reasons are at work in Ethiopia. There is no law and order and the division of the country along ethnic groups and the fanning of the hate flame by the Oromo youth are a recipe for disaster.
    The Ethiopian PM can say this and that and there is no one who listen to his call for peace. They are bent to destroy Ethiopia to its core. Ethnic nationalism will destroy not only Ethiopia but the whole Africa. The one time proud country that was the shine of Africa is sliced up along Ethnic lines and people think they got a country and want to do everything just for themselves. Ethnic division was the plan by the TPLF and SHABIA to fleece the country for their own use. Oh well, they have gotten what they needed for the last 27 years, it is time to set the place on fire to tell the world we were the only ones that kept everybody in harmony. It is a travesty! The current PM must act quickly before he loose his power and the country on his watch. That would be a tragedy of the century! Hope he acts before that happens.

  3. Breaking news

    Abiy is sick now so is Prof Taye Bogale, historian known to invent story pleasing amhara elites ;

    What a frightening story !

    What shall we do then please ?

    Can anyone help us to take him to Amanuel Hospital , a renowned public health center for those who suffer from mental disorder. A serial killer could still kill more unless he get treated soon. He is a blood sucker .

    He may find a distinguished place for him in this hospital; his illness might get worse and worse.

    I was his friend and I know him well , I helped him to write his thesis.

    I am really saddened sir!!

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