Pope prays for Christians and other victims of violence in Ethiopia – Vatican News

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Ethiopian Orthodox faithful pray at a memorial service for victims of last month’s violence. (AFP or licensors)

Vatican News

Pope Francis led the faithful in prayer for Ethiopian Orthodox Christians and other victims of violence in Ethiopia.

At the Angelus on Sunday, Pope Francis said he was “saddened” by news of “the violence” in Ethiopia, “which has among its victims Christians of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahado Church”. The Holy Father expressed his closeness to the Church and to its co-Patriarch and Catholicos, who he described “my dear brother Abune Mathias”. He asked for prayer “for all victims of violence” in Ethiopia.

He then led those present in the recitation of the “Hail Mary” for that intention.

Dozens killed in violence

Unrest in Ethiopia in October led to the deaths of more than 70 people. The troubles began with tensions between security forces and a prominent political activist, and were focused in the Oromia region of the country. The government has said that ethnic and religious factors played a role in the violence.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church is the largest of the Oriental Orthodox Churches, with between 45 and 50 million adherents, mostly in Ethiopia. The Oriental Orthodox Churches are distinguished by their recognition of only the first three Ecumenical Councils.


  1. Let’s all join in our prayers for those who survived the mayhem and remember those who perished. May The Almighty Our Creator Save The People of The Old Country!!!

  2. Jawar Mohammed was raised educated by Catholics since he was a child. All he needs now is more Catholic education, since he lost his ways after his Catholic education was discontinued, as the saying goes “little education is dangerous”.

  3. I would like to say a word or two to all my dear countrymen/women. The old country has gone through so much in its contemporary history particularly since the 1970’s. It had managed to survive one calamity after another to get here. It had one ‘re-defining’ moment in the late 1980’s that culminated in its dramatic change a few years after that. By then the world had made up its mind including its former allies that it had to change. It looks it is facing the same scenario today. There are two leaders competing for legitimacy over the same country. When one is saying yes the other one will soon rebut that with a resounding no. When one says ‘let’s move on’ the other is right there to say ‘No because I have a lot to talk about the past’. When one says the people over there has shown the world how to live in harmony and the other one tells him that the people there were in constant conflict because of virtual colonial oppression. When one tries to attest that at the moment he is the leader but the other one tells him ‘not so fast!!’ When one tells the citizens that some individuals have broken the law, the other one come back telling him ‘So what! Others had broken the laws for many years in the past too. ‘I’m the leader! No you’re not! I’m the real leader and there is nothing, nothing you can do about! You better be careful! You are a sissy and I’m a battle hardened fighter. You wanna do something about it? Step right down and try me. You sissy!!! I have my hommies in your house from top down. It is not like the good ole days. I have the Sebhat’s, Debre’s and all their entourage in my pocket! You are only good as a dead man walking!!! You just saw what fearless fighter did to your books!!!’ This seems to be the reality on the ground in the old country now.

    Let’s face it. For all intents and purposes one region has already seceded. Politically there is the ‘Republic of Tigray’ now. Now we should all be prepared to see another undeclared ‘Republic’ very, very soon. The preliminary work has been done already. The administration has been successfully infiltrated and snapped away from the very top all the way to the bottom by those on mission to facilitate the process. I have same feelings today that I had in 1989/90 that the world including the friendly ones had determined that the old country has to go thru fundamental changes. Once again, the rehearsal is going on big time now. The animosity has been allowed to go on to the brink of beyond repair. That was very intentional for a planned excuse in the future. I might have been so naive to expect otherwise. I just want to advise you to prepare yourself. She will be gone as we know her today. The 2nd process is in full swing away from the cameras and watching eyes. A child born today will not know what it looks like now 10-15 years from now. By then thankfully I may not be around to see it all unfolded already.

  4. International communities, Western countries, European Union, civil right & humanitarian group shall condemn these genocide activities and push the government of Ethiopia to bring those criminals to International court.

    If you are ignorant of this, there is an extent that one of the worst scenario will be faced by innocent Ethiopians.

    So do your role right now.

    Long live to Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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