‘Positive thinking’ would save Ethiopia claimed the Economist Magazine

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If the “Never stop questioning” Economist cannot do basic journalism right, it might as well rename itself The Freakonomist

Teshome Debalke

Feb 12, 2020

In unprecedented insult to its readers’ sensibility, once again, the world-famous publication — The Economic Magazine on its January 15 piece titled Ethiopia Embraces the Power of Positive Thinking and, declared; Prime Minster Abiy’s new Prosperity Party that officially ended ethnic apartheid rule few months ago; ‘positive thinking’ is  in its toolbox,  confirming; The Economist is resorting into tabloid like reporting to undermine the PM once again.

Understandably, in the age of social media, facts are hard to sell. Thus, many publications resorted into tabloid like sensational stories to stay alive. But the last publication you would think to go that route will be The Economist Magazine.

But, beyond selling sensational story, its dismal record on Africa’s coverage under Middle East – Africa section is bloated with political overtone in support of its chosen interest groups.

In November 2019  article titled   The Clash of Nationalism — Ethnic violence threatens to tear Ethiopia apart, the Magazine did exactly that by separating the cause of nationalism and violence it zeroed  in on the symptom purely to undermine the Prime Minster that has nothing to do with it.

Why would the Economist ruin its brand built over a century resorting with substandard reporting is the million-dollar question?

But the death of the Free Press that opened the floodgates for democratic rule in the early 16th century in the west where it started has been accelerating for decades. It no longer possible to distinguish the Free Press in the west from the propaganda press led by Communist China and Oligarchy Russia in the east that kept the floodgate of democratic rule closed ever since the Free Press came to the seen in Europe.

The say ‘money talks’ thus, The Economist Magazine like many is resembling more and more like mouthpiece of interest groups than a Free Press – abandoning its role as a guardian of democracy and free enterprise system.  Its coverage of Africa where there is no one to factcheck its reporting illustrates its true color.

The British government financed BBC coverage of Ethiopia in multiple local languages further illustrates, in the name of public interest of independent Media, it became a mouthpiece of interest groups.  Why would the British government financed BBC hires expats to promote ethnic propaganda beside  to fuel what the Economists refer “The Clash of Nationalism — Ethnic violence” remained unanswered.

No wonder propaganda outlets of authoritarian regimes are embroiled to claim they are as much Free Press as their counterparts in the west.

Therefore, from all things The Economist can report about Ethiopia, it chose   The Clash of Nationalism — Ethnic violence threatens to tear Ethiopia apart and Ethiopia Embraces the Power of Positive Thinking in the last four months. No one knows why the Economist went out of its way to report on subjects it has no claim of authority but to undermine PM Abiy reform, what a pity for a publication many rely on thoughtful coverage and independent information of economic policy.

Had the Economist entertained report on the 27-year-old ethnic apartheid economic policy led by the ruling Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) party that brought the clash of nationalism and ethnic violence, it could have appropriately addressed the problem the new PM faces. Unfortunately, it chose to pour gasoline on the fire in what appears to be to sustain the last ethnic apartheid rule in Africa instigated and led by colonial Britain since the 16th century.

There are many things the Economist Magazine can blame PM Abiy, especially on the economy where the Magazine is known for but, ethnic and religious apartheid belongs to the British government’s favorite party TPLF.   Had the Economist inquire the British government; why it supported the then London based TPLF led ethnic apartheid rule for almost three decades or why BBC is fueling ethnic nationalism in Ethiopia by broadcasting in multiple languages by ethnic political hacks masquerading as journalists, it would have solved the puzzle the new PM facing.

If the “Never stop questioning” Economist cannot do basic journalism right, it might as well rename itself The Freakonomist


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