President Essaias and Eritreans sanguinity

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By yilma gebru

In the first place, peace is something president Essaias hates. Look, this man struggled for 30 years claiming to make Eritrea an independent country. Thousands of Ethiopians and Eritreans alike   paid an unimaginable price for that.  Not only out of his secessionist and Ethiopian rebels’ bravery, but also due to the changing world fortune falls in to his hand. When the Ethiopian rebels-controlled Ethiopia, he seceded Eritrea from Ethiopia in 1991. When that happened Eritreans excitement was immeasurable hoping their hardship was over. Because of that, they worshiped Essaias. For many he was a divine not a human being. Immediately, he declared a national service which he called ‘sewa’. Eritreans probably didn’t oppose it when it was announced. This reminded me of one Eritrean family story. Daniel Eyob from Eritrean family was one of my best childhood friends. Ato Eyob Daniel’s father was a truck driver. I was very close to that family. His older sister Ababa the very year Essaias controlled Eritrea got a chance to go to Germany with the help of one of her wealthy uncles.  After living there for five or six years, she got engaged with an Eritrean man and gave a birth to a daughter. The couple came to Addis for a wedding in august, 1997. By then, Daniel completing high school became idle. His older brother Kibrom was the only person absent in the family for his sister wedding, as he had already gone to Eritrea to do his military service (Sewa’).  I remember even a sister the family never met who was living in America was present. As Daniel narrated me, this half-sister was his father daughter he fathered out of wedlock before he married his mum. Deciding on Daniel’s fate was a headache for the family. They tried to make him study in college in extension program, but education doesn’t attract Daniel. Many Ethiopian youth when their family member lives in Europe or America, they hope their future is bright expecting one day their family member abroad would sponsor them to settle in the West, Daniel was no different. He was hoping his sister would sponsor him for Germany. That was not what Ababa was regurgitating in her mind.   Here begins the interesting matter that prompted me to narrate this family’s story. While the family was bustling and hustling for the wedding, Ababa was busy on deciding Daniel’s fate. Her optimism in Eritrea was so immense.  0ne day I showed up in their house while the family was discussing as to what Daniel should do. Like I said, I was very close to the family. Therefore, at times his parents consulted me to urge Daniel to behave. That day Ababa told me she wanted to talk to me. I sat down, Daniel, his mum and his little brother and sister were also there. “Yilma, look this country (Ethiopia) is dying, Eritrea is thriving, exhort Daniel to go to “Sewa”. He just gives a two-year military service, then myriads of opportunities will be opened up for him in a flourishing Eritrea. “, said Ababa Eyob. In that same year after a very colorful wedding, Ababa and her family returned to Germany and Daniel left for Asmara to do his military service (‘Sewa’). A few months after Daniel left, the 1998 Ethio-Eritrean war broke out. Ato Eyobe was on the road when he was deported to Eritrea. w/ro Zewdi Daniel’s mum and the children were also deported. Rewa Daniel’s younger sister stayed in Ethiopia for a while with friends trying to go abroad avoiding Eritrea. I am not sure if she succeeded or not.In the past couple of days, the senior TPLF Veteran, Ato Sibhat Nega, reportedly said so long as Essaias is alive there will be no peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea. I really share this view.  The whole problem has something to do with Essais’ sadist nature.

This war claimed Kibrom’s lives, Daneal’s older brother. What is more pathetic, after twenty or so years life is still miserable for Daniel. Recently, I heard Daniel came back to Ethiopia enduring a painstaking journey through Sudan. Contrary to Ababa’s prediction, he told friends he came to Ethiopia, expecting a better life as he heard Ethiopia has thrived. Hearing Ethiopia’s remarkable growth he built confidence in his childhood friends. He told friends he met, these guys (he meant his childhood friends such as us) are in a very good condition so they will be able to find me one kind of job or another.

This one family story does describe many Eritreans condition. What is that Eritreans gain from Essaias? Probably, a six- or seven-years respite; otherwise misery continues to be the hallmark of Eritreans.  In the past two decades the two country went to war, there is really a remarkable growth in Ethiopia. On the contrary, we are hearing that let alone establishing new universities, the existing universities are not functioning in Eritrea. The indefinite military service (‘sewa’) is making the youth desperate seeing no option but deserting. I don’t think abating Eritreans pain is Essias’ headache. That is why we should look in to the Ethio-Eritrean peace agreement cautiously. When Abyi was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, many people were surprised with Essais’ silence. But for someone who observes his behavior, it shouldn’t be surprising. When Abyi was awarded the Nobel, probably, Essias was annoyed. Of course, we didn’t hear him expressing his fury in public. Let alone the award going to Abyi, if they bestowed the award to him, it could still annoy him as such he could refuse it. Why because, then he should strive to create peace. Even in his recent visit to Addis, this issue was not raised in the two leader’s summit. For the time being, he is pretending to be Abyi’s friend, only because he wants to affront TPLF. why? The answer is simple that is how he finds happiness. Some so-called nationalist Ethiopians praise Essais, depicting him as a peace-loving person. They, too are after one thing namely, offending TPLF. This is really, a dangerous and ludicrous approach. I am not trying to defend TPLF. There could be many TPLF members who should be accountable for crimes committed in Ethiopia in the last 27 years, but, making one party alone accountable is wrong. Should Abyi create peace with TPLF, Essias won’t spend a minute to demonize Abyi. Therefore, I would say if both Abyi and TPLF are wise, it may be better to patch-up their rift and work together towards removing this man. That would be a big relief not only to Ethiopia and Eritrea but to the wider region.

When the protest in Sudan started to shake Omar Ali Bashir’s rule, Essais bolstered his crackdown in Eritrea. But, why was that? Are sadists coward? They must be, otherwise, there is nothing for Essaias to fear. Today Eritrea is deserted, most cities look like a ghost city in Eritrea. The youth is fleeing everyday using any means they may find escaping the indefinite military service ‘Sewa”. That is why I say removing Esaias from Eritrea is very significant for both Eritrea and Ethiopia. But, the idea that Essias wishes seeing a peaceful Ethiopia is preposterous to say the least.


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10 Responses to President Essaias and Eritreans sanguinity

  1. Aye Agame qondaf, now you will scream more as you will be tightly quarantined in your tiny kilil so called Tigray, nothing new when the kitchen is hot the dulards of dedebit and POISON SPREADERS like to invoke HE President Isaias and Eritreans to soothe their amnesia, well now it is your time to be roasted!!until your dead soul is dispatched from your death bed by galant Shaebia, you will go on to scream zeraf zeraf your usual matra!!!

    TPLF is DEAD the GAME$ IS OVER now bring the under taker to take the smelly corpse of TPLF to sink in 7 feet with that chenawi mells to rot in HELL.

    January 6, 2020 at 6:57 pm

  2. Ethiopians never had an enemy more than Weyanes. The only person who stopped weyanes on their track is Issyas Afewerki. This is a fact. Look Weyanes gave out 1000 kilometer of land to sudan so that the opposition would never have a launching place to attack Weyanes. Djibouti was bribed and consented to return anyone the weyane government considers a threat to its power. Kenya was a country weyanes used to go to Nairobi to kill opposition leaders in daylight. Who stood against this in spite of tremendous pressure from Ethiopia and its supporters America and international powers : Issayas Afwerik. He was the only one who gave Ethiopians and a means to fight Weyane’s ethnic apartheid system. For that we all Ethiopians need to be grateful. I understand he is a dictator, he made his countryman and woman to flee from their country. I have an extremely negative view of what he has done in that regard, but he didn’t give his country in silver platter to weyanes. Look at treasonous nature of Weyanes. The took the border case to the international court resuscitated, a dead so-called agreement between Ethiopia and Italy to resolve the border issue, and the court found that Tersona should be given to Ethiopia according to the map and the agreement, but weyanes to entice Issayas , wrote a letter stating that even though Tersona belongs to Ethiopia they want the court to award Torsona to Eritrea. And the court put it on record why it decided to award Tesona to Eritrea. Weyanes will sale their mothers if bring theme some benefit. To know this serpents and refuse to deal with them is a heroism in my book. I hope his old age would make him understand that the resourceful Eritrean people will prosper if given a freedom to do so.

    January 6, 2020 at 7:01 pm

  3. Response to wedinakfa

    Hi there
    What is the point you are making? I do not get your idea except that you are slobbering with insults. If you are better than TPLF then you should show yourself as commendable in your writing. Your writing exposes you what type of a person your are, worse than … No need for me to write more.

    By the way, do you know what Agame means? It is one of the Aurajas in the Tigray Province. (Province, Auraja, Woreda these where the names used before Kilil)

    Please leave the people of Agame alone. You are not worthy of saying Agame.

    January 7, 2020 at 11:48 am

    • Well,Dude,each and every word in the every statement by the Author is but vulgar and insulting and belittling … of PIA or DIA,so as to appease you.
      Irrespective of PIA’s agenda or attitude ,the Author should talk about escalating the Oeace Deal to the next Positive Level.
      The truth of the matter is that it has been the TPLF,not PIA,who has been the obstacle to the Peace Process and its dividends in both nations .
      It has been the same TPLF,who has encouraged and made PIA to be who he he has been .

      January 13, 2020 at 2:32 pm

    • Well,Dude,each and every word in every statement by the Author is but vulgar insulting and belittling … of PIA or DIA,so as to appease you.
      Irrespective of PIA’s agenda or attitude ,the Author should talk about escalating institutionalizing the Peace Deal to the next Positive Level.
      The truth of the matter is that it has been the TPLF,not PIA,who has been the obstacle to the Peace Process and its dividends in both nations .
      It has been the same TPLF,who has encouraged and made PIA to be who he has been and to have done what he has done to date thereby worsening the Eritrean situation.

      January 13, 2020 at 2:35 pm

  4. To think and believe a person can’t change his/her stance and world outlook comes only from mere ignorance. The article states “president Isaias hates peace”. Everyone in this world wants peace. Some fight for it. Others pray for it. And the rest hide their head in the sand hoping change will come. President Isaias was a fighter for freedom as he and his comrades saw it fit. That is then. It is a new dawn now. At this stage, it’s hard to believe the Eritrean President is not for peace. For those who like the name calling and the insult of individuals and ethnic groups please stop it! It helps no one.
    Full freedom for the Ethiopian and Eritrean people will only come if the so called elite group stops and rethinks the political entanglement of the region and forgo ethnic based politics. I ask the writer of the article one question. Do you think better days will come to the Eritreans if President Isaias is removed from power? Can you guarantee that to the Eritrean people? Do you know who is lurking at the borders to destabilize Eritrea and Ethiopia? Obviously you are clueless of that. Eritreans and Ethiopians must fight warmongers and haters with full force. These are people sometimes aided by foreign powers that caused us harm for centuries. For the record, no politician or leader in this world is an angle. Some are bad and a few are worse. Let us not shoot ourselves in the foot and ask why we can’t walk. Cool down the rhetoric of hate and give time to heal the wounds of the past to help us see tomorrow.

    January 8, 2020 at 4:51 am

  5. wedi nakfa dedeb ye arab and western world slave
    What are you doing here go and wash the dishes.

    it is Agame who is controlling , and playing on you. talina yeserew gela meta tebia tetateb gimatam ye isayas asheker chenawi

    higdef leba
    January 8, 2020 at 5:33 am

    • for your information TPLF is QUARANTINED in TINY Kilil so called Tigray holding the Tigray population HOSTAGE, period get rid of those POISON SPREADERS one is gone, that is the Chiwawa chenawi Meles. agame now let along to control me they can nto0 control their bloody asses anymore.

      January 9, 2020 at 4:40 pm

  6. Ante dedeb Tewelde, Wedi nakfa and ptemari alemayehu,prof anteneh , neftegna amhara kizenam
    do you know “the forbidden history”

    I want to share with you what I was taught in the western world about your Minilik II. He was died from Syphilis. He was cocotte, harlot. We were prohibited to read and know what he has done to Oromo People and other minorities in the umbrella of religion and obedience to the kings and demagogue emperors.

    Zerayacob, and Fasiledes were among serial killers that ethiopia has seen thus far .

    I donot know what is burried in amhara region, many of the kings, including the afore-mentioned ones and Ibin Aby ,serial killer are all cold-blooded murderers!!

    With cooepration of the next Ethiopian leaders Dr Merara Gudina and Dr Jawar , the statue of Minilik, the killer , that caused a huge embrassement to this country by selling Djibouti, creating inequality among tribes and country fellowmen ,subdued ethiopians to foreigners and sold them to get weapons in return.
    Many were maimed, amputated and slaughted during his reign . We are here running out of time and subjected to word limit.However, the untold stories have touched the lives of multitudes and still survived by the scars they left on the victims of Minilik II, the then serial killer probably gave birth to Abiy, full time cold-blooded murderer of our time .

    Abiy built a palace for minilk and hailesillase that clearly shows that he, Abiy Ahmed, is indifferent to the scar and painful treatment of Oromos and other minorities by these Amhara elites!! Oromos and Tegraus will unite and crush the enternal enemies , Neftegna elites!! About me : I am born to , Tegaru and Oromo parents . My private Doctor recently told me that my blood type 0AB. A stands for Agazian. O is for Oromo. the End!!!

    January 8, 2020 at 6:53 am

  7. This person his Iq below a normal person please get your facts before like shitty article and if youd’t have anything to write then stop this fabricated white lies do bull sheet in this day and age make yourself arrogant and useless

    January 13, 2020 at 2:37 pm

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