President Sahle-Work among Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women

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  • In October 2018, Sahle-Work Zewde became Ethiopia’s first woman president and the only serving female head of state in Africa.
  • A seasoned diplomat and veteran of the United Nations, Zewde was appointed with a unanimous vote by parliament.
  • In her first address to parliament, Zewde promised to be a voice for women and stressed the importance of unity.
  • The appointment joins a series of unprecedented shifts as part of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s reforms focused on easing government control.
  • Traditionally a ceremonial role, Zewde’s appointment is a tremendously symbolic move for the conservative country, opening the door for gender parity.
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5 Responses to President Sahle-Work among Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women

  1. Interview will clear up all these drama that is taking place with awards.

    I have not heard or seen any influence the President performed exercising her “power” that could possibly make me think she got power. As far as I know she doesn’t have power to command her troops leave out of Badme or she got no power to make the Querros stop the genocide.
    Red line is crossed regularly during her Presidency and she showed that she is powerless to stop the crossings since the PM’s office is where all the power is accumulated at.
    I guess Forbes is just the same as the Nobel award giving people who seem to be very much in a business of throwing awards at any Ethiopian’s direction.

    The way things are going next time I read the news , I might find out that I got awarded for being something I got no clue about just because I am an Ethiopian, since I see awards are being thrown randomly at any Ethiopian for no reason at all lately. Hopefully the President got enough gutts to hold press interviews explaining about the power she got or not gotten.

    December 15, 2019 at 11:30 pm

  2. What news!!!! What uplifting news to start my week. She deserves every letter in the coveted recognition. The job cut out for our women is just in its beginning. In my book, the task would be completed when they wrestle away every mantle in the hands of the leadership of the old country. That is when my Valkyrie is said to have come out belching her vocal chords out until she loses her voice for at least a week!!!!!

    Dear Madam President! Congratulations!!!!! Kudos to the dear editors of this esteemed website!!!

    Ittu Aba Darda
    December 16, 2019 at 2:22 am

  3. The President of Ethiopia is a Dignified and Noble personality and Graceful in Human Relations and an Experienced Diplomat that illumines Ethiopia in the world. A towering and matured and compassionate personality as a Divine Delegate

    IT is celeberation time for Ethiopia in Madam President being selected in Forbes List

    Nitin N Varia
    December 16, 2019 at 3:30 am

  4. It is absolutely a jock or an insult to the Ethiopian people to declare someone who has done nothing meaningful as one of the top influential people . Can any fellowman or fellowman with his or her rational, genuine , honest , truthful mind agree with this terribly politicized admiration? What she (the president) did ? The very nature and duty of this very position is nothing but a position created by TPLF/EPRDF’s political program (constitution) to fool the Oromo politicians by offering one of the palaces (the National Palace) and make them happy. It is absolutely nominal or meaninglessly symbolic. It is a very terrible parasite (blood sucker) position created at the very expense of the very impoverished and oppressed people of Ethiopia. I have nothing to do with her personal character and affairs . But as far as the position she occupies and her introvertedly opportunist political personality is concerned, she is not a person of consequential influence at all! If the criterion is simply because she is the first female to occupy the palace as the one of the playing cards of Prime Minister Abiy , it makes kind of cynical sense. Other wise, it is totally symbolic and a terrible burden to the innocent and poverty-stricken people of Ethiopia. I strongly argue that this kind of political stupidity of wasting all kinds of resources must be eliminated sooner, not later. I honestly hope that if President Sahalework has a real sense of understanding how it is so stupid and cruel to spend considerable amount of resources for this absolutely good for nothing political position, she must have the courage to clearly and loudly testify and recommend that this position must be eliminated altogether . It is at that time that she could absolutely deserve not only to be name influential but also to be awarded a home made Peace Prize !!!

    December 16, 2019 at 8:48 pm

  5. T. Goshu, well said.

    For the woman, good for her. For those morons who who got into hallucination by the news, just tell me ONE THING that she has done except pumping the people with Abiy Ahmed’s propaganda. She is simply a useless figure head who has not come to office on her own merit but picked up by Abiy to promote his cheap self-aggrandizing politics. Any woman in Ethiopia, educated or uneducated, can do what she is doing now. I am sorry for those of you who display your stupidity any time you hear such shameful stuff. You are an insult to the intelligence of the rest of Ethiopians.

    December 18, 2019 at 8:37 am

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