Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has returned to Ethiopia following the conclusion of the Summit

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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his delegation have concluded the engagement in the first Russia-Africa Summit held in Sochi. A bilateral meeting held on the margins of the Summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin has enabled a common understanding on areas of economic and military cooperation.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed also held a meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi on the margins of the Summit, in which both leaders aligned on key issues related to the construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam. Prime Minister Abiy reiterated Ethiopia’s equitable use and no harm principle.

In his remarks during the ‘Russia-Africa: fulfilling the cooperation potential’ plenary session, Prime Minister Abiy highlighted the importance of collective commitments to developing and sustaining cooperative relations in highly complex world. Citing abundant human and natural resources on the continent, he emphasized the potential for Africa and Russia to enhance trade and economic cooperation.



  1. I hope he will not give these merchants of death the undeserved privilege of addressing them. This is the life or death for that gem of the colored brought upon her by these smart aleck punk rockers. They have no respect for themselves therefore there is no reason to do them the honor of mentioning them even by name. By official count there are more than 67 sons and daughters of those glorious people who lost their Allah created sacred lives by the reckless behavior of these fortune diggers. The government there should ask the US officials there to restrain their citizen(s).

    The lingering question is how can the old country shrug off such shaming destructive mob rut once and for all? How can it deny the opportunity punk rockers of all stripes the opportunity to use the gullible youth as fodder to advance their personal ambition? I am referring to what we have to deal with since the mid 1970’s. It was Mengistu, the EPRP’S, MEISON’s, the TPLF’s, OLF’s and many others like them then and for some of them still now. How can it happen? As long as there is a huge number of unemployed youth ready to be radicalized, that gem of the colored will not be able to deal with it constructively and peacefully without an all out industrialization. The only other option left is to let the bigoted punk rockers and violent gang rap artists have their days and the youth murder itself to extinction. That should not be let happen. I don’t have to tell you all about it. It is right there in our history since the 1970’s. Who did all those groups go after first? Every one of them has branches called the youth club here, division there or league tucked under their arms. Because it was this section of the society with so tender mind that would be able to cast their spell on and they did a heck of a job with it. When they lost or found temporary victory, they left a severely depleted young generation with lifelong emotional scars. But those leaders who were lucky enough to survive the meat grind are able to tell about their spoils in the most audacious ways. Those who had the luck of the Irish to be temporarily victorious were able to enrich themselves thru intricate open heist from the nation’s meager coffers. With them was like ‘look here! Abracadabra! 30 billion in US dollars is gone!’ We all can see how such ill gotten fortune will make some of them act like wild animals here for all of us to see! You know what? All these connivers know that very well. They know there is a massive treasure waiting for them to seed their poison into. It has always been desperately unemployed, tired of the wretchedness that refuses to leave them alone and with feeling of enraging shame because the lack of the means to be productive. It even gets enraged by the sight of the connected few become filthy rich right in front of its eyes. It has been just the feast for its eyes looking thru the glass windows of pastry shops and sees the children of the connected dunking into the scrumptious gelatos’ and the best-of-the-cream filled donuts. It hates those glass windows!!! It hates them like a nagging sickness. So when there is a call for peaceful demonstration, this section of the youth has its own plan for those glasses. All of a sudden those rocks that were laying down on the edges of the streets a minute ago will be given a new location now. They were hurled through those well decorated glass windows and have now taken over the entire delicatessen. That is the first touchdown for the connivers and bigots. They don’t give a hoot if the youth had died in the process. These merchants of death have their eyes on their prize which is the founding of a republic as their personal fiefdom which ain’t gonna happen, ever!

    If this youth has found itself busy with wage earning jobs it will have no time for the diatribes of these bigots. And that will not happen without the industrialization at full speed with factories everywhere. In such environment the youth will be extremely hard to be taken advantage of. When the connivers call for demonstration the youth goes like ‘Are you crazy? I am busy and don’t have time to attend your punk rock concert. Find someone else. Good bye!’ Such is the result of technology, the fringe benefits of industrialization. It has the ability to change the psyche of the citizens. After a while they don’t need some smart alecks to find answers to the three cardinal questions: What, why and how. They have figured it out already by themselves through their savvy ‘industrialized’ brains. Without such fundamental changes these merchants of death will not go away. We will continue to hear such horrible and shaming news over and over again for decades to come. The only change we will see is the scope of destruction and mayhem. There is no other way out of this conundrum. An all out industrialization, baby!!! Then these bigots and imposters will be left to rot as the winos in the streets.

  2. In the latest development I had found this very interesting announcement by the very capable US Ambassador to Ethiopia H.E. Michael Raynor about the current carnage unleashed by self-designated ‘liberators’ of my proud Oromos. The last paragraph tells it all. This is how wise men should do the talk.

    ‘In the end, each of us is responsible for our actions and decisions. Provoking violence is morally reprehensible. So too is failing to reject such provocation. All of us have the freedom — and more importantly, the responsibility — to choose peace, unity, and tolerance. There is never a good reason to do otherwise.’.

    You hear that bigots? As I said before the government there should ask the US official to restrain their citizen. There is enough lesson from the experience of how Ayatollah Khomeini used to be appeased while living in France in the years leading to the 1979 so-called revolution. He was even allowed to charter Air France and return as de facto leader. When he arrived at Tehran he was so puffed up by the number of the people who gave him a hero’s welcome. The rest is history. The poison he seeded still remains to be a nightmare to the citizens of that country. He used every ounce of hysteria to accumulate sizable following so fanatic they would do anything for him. They stood at gates of raging fire because he promised them milk and honey eternally after sacrificing their priceless lives for him. In the meantime, the first item on order for him was to secretly marry an 18 yr old virgin. I remember what one Iranian told me way back in the early 1980’s. He was so enthused to tell me how the 18yr designated consort was examined by a gynecologist for virginity. If one build up so much hysteria from a distance and his followers are willing to put their dear lives in line to do whatever he tells them to do, then that by itself spells bigger trouble in the offing. So US officials there or here should restrain their loose cannon citizen. I agree with the dear Ambassador that the time now over there is for everyone to work together like hand and gloves and create a stable environment to encourage FDI the country needs very badly. The youth does not need to march into the streets welding deadly implements for much ado for nothing. But instead it needed to be flocked into waiting factory and work. Keep busy at least 8 hours a day. So everyone! Please take notice. Consider yourself forewarned!!!!

  3. We can’t have two leaders in a country – one illegal, and the other one legal. One has to go. Mohammed JAWAR, an American citizen, has no right or is he appointed officially of being a leader of Ethiopia, or can he ever have the right to establish another kingdom within one that is already there for thousands of years.
    What’s happening in Ethiopia is only a follow-up of TPLF’s illegal rule. They brought about such self-centered ethnic rule for their own greed and selfish ways as we witnessed for 27 years – to kill, steal and destroy – they have run away (so they think) with over 50 billions of dollars- not sure who will eventually owes it! This us the exact copy of what Jawar is promising his followers he will do – not knowing there is nothing more left for them to steal! Meanime, the sre killing and trying to destroy our history.

  4. We already have enough of destructives,and need to go to m is even late to say “shut up!” to those like him,the so called activist.
    This is a result of,and a mere example of a grave mistake done by ourselves,though excusable by the reason we put to assume to practice genuine democracy,which never been with us for long(>27yrs).Now though we deeply believe,we should not go back into what we wish to demolish,then is a exceptional a situation & timely to show those like him,the other side of
    democracy,which I hope it is

    what they deserve!!!.patience is no fear!long live “ABIY AND MEDEMER”.

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