Protesters speak out against Jawar Mohamed during stop in Las Vegas

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A large protest was held in Las Vegas tonight, where hundreds turned out to speak out against Ethiopian Jawar Mohammed. Mohammed is traveling across the U.S. ahead of the 2020 elections in Ethiopia.

The protesters claim he is a “terrorist” who has caused violent and deadly attacks in that country. Supporters say he’s an advocate for peace in Ethiopia and pushes for equality among nations.

Wednesday night’s event was held at the Royal Banquet Hall on Sunset Road.


  1. I highly suggest to you and all of us to prepare for the coming of a new sheriff to town in 2020 if the election takes place. You should see all the grooming and the smoothing of the road leading to it. It seems to me that Obbo Jawar has gained the nod from the West. He was their darling during the days of the protest. I hope the West is not making the same it made with Ayatollah Khomeini in the 1970’s and even with Hitler in 1938(Peace of Our Time). I see signs of similar grooming here too!!!

  2. Ittu Aba Farda,

    You’re saying “. . .see all the grooming and the smoothing of the road leading to it. It seems to me that Obbo Jawar has gained the nod from the West.”

    I can’t see the grooming, smoothing and nodding to Jawar from the West. Am I from a different planet not to see what you see? No.

    The West might have wanted TPLF to go because of its governance modeled adopted from China, its open repressive practices and its corruption, but why do they have to groom and smoothen Jawar (to use your own words) and give a nod to a divisive figure. It is obvious that Jawar is not a uniting figure which benefits the West.

    The way Jawar does his politics, disintigration of Etiopia is a likelihood than not. What comes from such an eventuallity? MASSIVE HUMANITARIAN DISASTER. Millions criss-crossing the country to join their folks and get protection, hundreds of thousands dying of genocide and ethnic cleansing and hunger. It has happened in the past when Turkey forced Armenians out (the 1915 genocide), during the separation of ionIndia and Pakistan, Israelis and Palesinians and many others. Who steps in in similar situations? It is the West. Do they want this to happen in Erthiopia? I doobt it.

    I think your only assumption about the “groomimng” of Jawar by the West is based on the fact that the West has not yet arrested or detained, investigated, and charged him for crimes. Your assumption might bhave been reinforced by the inaction of governments against Jawar who faces oppostion wherever he goes right now. You’re looking for a quick reaction which does not appear to have come.

    Your assuption, however, is simplistice. We don’t know what’s going on. We don’t know if Jawar has been talked to in the West by law enforcement and justice authorities, what eveidence they have gathered both in Ethiopia and elsewhere (they are good at doing that) and if the evidence has been assessed to lay charges and for what reason(s) charges are not laid. Jawar will not tell us if he had been talked to by the West when he was in Ethiopia or where he is now. He might even have been instructed – advised – to leave Ethiopia given the way the West releases frequent adviseries to its nationals about problems in the country. Surely, if he upps his activism while keeping his foreign nationality with the opposition mounting, he’ll not remain under the radar for a long time.

    Trust me. It is not a country or two that have jurisdiction to investigate and try Jawar for a crime. If his actions amount (based on evidence) to ethnic cleasing, genocide, violation of human rights and similar serious crime, every state on the planet can charge him. The jurisdiction on these situations is universal. Originally Ethiopian, but a citizen of any Wester state who has lost a family member due to Jawar’s activitees can also trigger a criminal charge against him. Even such citizens can have a private action against him in the West. On top of that, the state of his citizenship has jurisdiction try him for his activites from the U.S. and from Ethiopia itself. These are based on nationality principle. Obviously, Ethiopia has jurisdiction – more than any Western state – because the alleged crimes take place on Ethiopians in Ethiopia wherever the perpetrator reides. In fact, he has been charged in the past from which he was pardoned. As I said, it is a matter of time.

    The only excuse people find is Jawars activism is political and politics should not be punished even if death is involved. Not so. When it comes to crime particularly in the West, killing, maiming and displacing people for political reason is no execuse.

    Good luck!

  3. Balcha Aba Nefso:

    I think you have misunderstood what I was trying to say in my comment. I should have started by my conviction that the young man has the inalienable rights to his expression. Obbo Jawar should be entitled to his opinion. He should also expect push backs from those who will stand in opposition. All this should be done peacefully steeped with tolerance to each other. Either side should not be immune from being held responsible for any damage their utterance could have caused. They should be fully held accountable in a court of law or at the arena of politics.

    I also know that there is a law in the book called the Neutrality Act here in the USA. It is an old law that has been rarely enforced but it is there.
    The environment in old country has been volatile particularly since 2018. It is very difficult for experts in the West what way is up next for that nation. It is very unstable now at least from outside looking in. They must have every viable alternative in place now to hedge their bets on for the future. Can the country continue to be in the same form it is now or should it be restructured? Who are the main players now and can be used for any future arrangement? Whether we see it or not, whether we acknowledge it or not, this young man Obbo Jawar has been the darling of the West. They must have found his ‘qualities’ palatable, that they could digest. When millions of American students are drowned with tens of thousands dollars of student loans, you don’t see that with him. Grants and scholarships were handy there for him. He was on top of the list of the go-to guy for the Washington Post, NY Times, and every other paper with Tribune nomenclature including the media outfit of the ‘civilized’ Wahhabis, Al Jazeera!!! So I don’t blame anyone hedging his/her bets in him. That is called politics as we know it today!!! We didn’t see others given the same spotlight and phone calls even though they have been crying foul since the 1990’s. That is why I was trying to give us all a heads up now. When did you and many of us heard about the EPRDF and their leader Meles before the so-called London Conference in 1991? I did not. But the late PM was making trips to Rome and even here well before that. He and his outfit were being groomed for what would be next for that gem of the colored!!! Influential elements were hedging their bets on him and his rag tags!!! That was even after all the fact that he was one of the founders of Marxist/Leninist League of Tigray!!! I may be wrong but that is what I see this young man Obbo Jawar. He is the darling of influential people here in the West. I think he has been picked as backup, just in case!!!

    You see. Every outfit in the West is diversified. Cities are diversified. Colleges are diversified. Factories, companies and every government institutions are diversified. That is why it is paradise on earth to live in the West. You and I can find people who love us when we encounter those who don’t. There are individuals who respect and love the old country in its current form/arrangement and there are others also who hates her with passion. You can find such two kinds of people anywhere. Those who hate her don’t like to see 9 niggers in one room!!! They find it easier to work with only one nigger in the room and this is the only way they can have their modern day Uncle Tom. He/she being alone will be rendered desperate. For them there are more cooks in the same kitchen now over there and that is not sustainable!!!

  4. Hi there,

    I was always wondering – more seriously since 1918 – how Jawar who has switched allegiance (from being Ethiopian to American) engages himself in Ethiopian politics without consequences.

    Thanks to Ittu Aba Farda, now I know it is his “inalienable” right to freedom of speech on anything including on Ethiopia. I think that’s provided as First Amendment right in the U.S. Constitution, but the right is not limitless. The Supreme Court has said “speech integral to illegal conduct, speech that incites imminent lawless action… true threats” are not protected by the Amendment.

    Just a thought – has Jawar’s activism “incited imminent lawless action”? Definitely.

    Without reference to the First Amendment and its exceptions, Itu himself says (paraphrased)- one is responsible (in a court of law or political arena) for any damage his-her utterance could have caused. I have problem figuring out how one can be held responsible in political arena – such as denying his vote – if he’s not eligible to elect or be elected.

    In an interview with one Sadik Ahmed this wek (video available on yotube) Jawar has, despite reports of challenging Abiy A. for premiership on NYT, WP Al Jazeera, etc., implied that he has no interest running for office. He loves his U.S. citizenship and Ethiopian politics is a pass-time.

    I bet Itu is a well informed person. He knows about the Neutrality Act which I checked on line. I was surprised such a law existed in the U.S. – even applied it to charge and sentence American nationals of Gambian origin to prison for their coup attempt to overthrow the Gambian government. It is a click away on line for anybody including Jawar to find reports on the charges and sentences and see the Neutrality Act. If Jawar is charged, Neutrality Act and the Gambian precedent will be invoked.

    The question is does the activism of Jawar amount to a crime under Neutrality Act and the precedent. Of course. The proof is everywhere. Just in the interview he had with Sadik Ahmed, he said ” 5000 Qerros died and 23 000 wounded following OUR strategy, advise and agitation” He called it great sacrifice for the struggle. (Watch video from 25 minutes on). Given the staggering amount of human life loss (leave aside the property loss for now) as a result of “strategy, advise and agitation” which Jawar admits to be his – OUR – he’s in for a rude awakening.

    I think Balcha has said enough about the unfounded suggestion that Jawar has been and still is the darling of the West. No doubt that he has made himself a non-state actor that cannot be ignored because of his large following he has and the sensitive issue – nationalism – he has picked.

    The West talks to non-state actors everywhere and such talks had never gone unreported by the actors themselves, the states involved or the media. I have not read or seen Jawar sit with any prime minister or president to talk about the future of anything. If Itu has proof, let him show us. Otherwise, keep your wild speculation to yourself.

    Jawar’s life is activism. Wrapped in U.S. flag, he thinks he can do it forever. I serously doubt if that is possible.

    Balch! I raise my hat to you.

  5. There is a serious censorship problem on this website. I wrote a comment on the discussion going on above which I believe was educational and informative. I’m disappointed that it’s not published. It’s not the first time my comment is thrown into the waste basket. At least I don’t expect it such a practice from a website that swears on publishing different opinions. I suspect whoever decides on what to publish or not is him – herself partisan in our country’s politics and let comments that suits his position appears. I know even this comment will be thrown into the waste basket.

  6. Dear Countrymen/Women Hadgu Berhe & Balcha Aba Nefso:

    I come to you and your families pledging nothing but peace!!!

    I am not a student of law but I can sense what is in disagreement with it. I came to know about the Neutrality Act during foraging history books during my plenty free time in my retirement. I am an engineer by training and with a career with it. I have also read the case of the Gambians who were caught scheming a potentially violent coup from here in the Good Ole USA.

    When I said ‘They should be fully held accountable in a court of law or at the arena of politics.’ I meant to say that whoever is proven beyond the benefit of a doubt to have caused deadly and destructive violence against innocent people and society should be held accountable for his/her action in a court of law. If that is not possible or not, his/her vile utterances, if any, should be fought peacefully in the political arena. If that is found to be unfair and potentially to cause harm to others it should be constructively and persuasively exposed and discredited, also peacefully in doing so. Otherwise, that young man has all the rights to say whatever he wants to say with accountability. If what he said benefits the citizens of that country he should be commended for that. In the already tense environment with more than 50% of the young and working age group haplessly unemployed, individuals in the position of influence should be extra careful about what they write and comes out of their mouths.

    In case of this young man Obbo Jawar’s case I see a few that went wrong from the outset well before that fateful night.
    1) Why was he given a security detail? He is the leader of more than 35 million Oromos. Right? I don’t see others in the opposition even more viral to the regime walking around with government provided armed security detail. I don’t see long time activists such as Professor Merera, Obbo Eskinder, leaders/members of OLF, EPRP, ONLF and others alike walking around surrounded by government provided armed bodyguards.
    2) Who was that knuckle head in the chain of command that ordered the stand down and removal of the security guard in the dead of the night? That must have rattled the nerves of the already fearful and shaky Jawar.
    3) Who told who, those soldiers were also there not only to remove the guards but also on a mission to kill him, Jawar? Who was it?

    All these cases should be investigated by an independent body so a lesson or two would be learned from it. You see, by the government report itself 86 people have lost Allah created lives because someone, someone had caused the senseless and destructive violence. Besides those who struck the victims to death, someone must have instigated them. Who were the culprits? Someone was! Who? That task should be given to an independent investigative body made up of legal experts. I am sure we have more than enough experts in such a field to carry out the assignment. 86 people have lost their lives. It has been sickening news to me since the 1970’s. The carnage has been going on for this or that stupid reason for more than 45 years now! I honestly thought it may be coming to end after the change of guard in April 2018. In the 1970’s I used to hear those who were for ‘two world’ and ‘three world’ systems going at it. I used to be told who was progressive and who was not. The groups were slinging often profane laced insults at each other here and went with it to the old country. By the time they got tired of the carnage with demonic Mengistu in the lead, more than 2 million people lost their lives thru sheer murder and famine that should not have been allowed to kill people. In the 1980’s, 90’s and 2000’S hundreds of thousands lost their Allah given lives for this or that idiotic reasons. Just look at the 1998-2000 war. It was reported that more than 100 thousand young people lost their lives just because two individuals hated each other. All these destructive wars, conflicts and sheer murders were caused by those who were infected by that philosophy of the devils, Marxism/Leninism/Maoism. For such individuals power they crave comes only out of the barrels of the gun. Accommodation, reformation, give and take are crime.

    Now, in this day and age 86 people have lost their lives and they didn’t die of malaria, Ebola or any other natural causes. They were hacked, clubbed or stoned to death. Besides those who did the hacking, clubbing and stoning, someone else was responsible for such criminal and savage act. The victims’ families deserve a day in court. The victims deserve justice. That is unless otherwise we are all from the school of conviction that stipulates ‘niggers are prone to kill each other anyway!!! Damn them Bloods and Crips!!! So what if Ethiopians kill each other!! They have been dying of preventable famine anyway!! Satoshi Kanazawa has proven the fact that Ethiopians are people with lowest IQ anyway!!! They are savage people who take human blood for a budding red rose!’ The folks at the White Citizens Council think of us better than that. If you are able to bring back Mussolini you may find him thinking of us better than that!!!

    Blessings to you and your families!!!!

  7. Ittu Aba Farda, Balcha Aba Nefso and Hadgu Berhe

    Now Jawar is saying he has started the process to renounce his U.S. citizenship, reinstate his Ethiopian nationality and run for public office. Some people are of the opinion that he can’t qualify to run for office because he can’t meet the legal requirements provided in the electoral rules. I want him to run for office, win and show us his determination to realize what he advocates for – dmocracy and multiethnic federalism. I think there is a deep rooted suspecision on Jawar, but he deserves the benefit of the doubt. What do you say?

    Although I want Jawar to run for office and win, I have serious concerns.
    Hadgu Berhe referred to Jawar’s remark in the interview with Sadik Ahmed in which he said ” 5000 Qeerroo died (sacrificed) and 23 000 wounded following OUR strategy, advise and agitation”. It is a public knowledge that Jawar was leading Qeerroo when the said sacrifice was made. These are just Qeerroos; how about other people who were killed or wounded by Qeerroo? If you assume that for every Qeerroo who died there are ten others who were killed by Qeerroo itself, the total death climbs to 50, 000. Likewise, if you assume for every Qeerroo wounded there are ten others wounded, then you have 230 000 people wounded. This is staggering figure. My concern is – since Jawar admits to have led Qeerroo died and killed, would his act go unpunished, univestigated and ignored?

    With 5000 Qeerroo dead and 23 000 wounded (as I said above, if you include all Ethiopians, the number goes up to 50 000 and 230 000 respectively) under Jawar’s command, can he fairly present himself as advocate for the Oromo? He also talks about the whole of Ethiopia, but how about hte dead and wounded Ethiopians? If you extrapolate the numbers to family members, then it goes into millions. How does Jawar reconcile with all these people who have lost family members. There are also people who have lost peoperty and income due to irresponsible acts of Qeerroo. All these combined, I double Jawar can have legal and moral standing to run for any kind of office. Despite his good talks, I think he has a baggage.

    Hadgu might know. TPLF honours every year 60 000 martyrs. Obviously, 60 000 did not pass without a fight – probably they have taken down 500 000 with them. Whenever TPLF is challenged about its misrule, it gives a reminer of the magic number martyrs – 60 000 – just to make people to shut up. TPLF never told us how many it has killed.

    I feel that Jawar also uses the TPLF type argument. I see more and more of it lately. We have sacrificed this many of our folks; so shut up and make way to us. This is an attempt to muzzle and it worryies me very much. TPLF was not asked of its crimes because it won the war. Now Jawar is not to be asked of his crimes because he too has won. I see a repeat of the same stupid thing. TPLF formed government, slept on it for three decades, screwed up all along the last day and left. I am afraid Jawar will with the backinbg of Qeerroo screw up.

    First thing first. Jawar should be investigated and held responsile for his crimes of organizing and leading Qeerroo. If we had held TPLF responsibe for its crimes that brought it to power, our beloved country would have been in a better place now. We did not and we paid a huge price for that. We should not repeart the same mistake agian.

  8. Dear Countryman/woman Harege Delnesahu:

    In my book anyone with aspiration in politics has the right to run for any office unless he/she is a convicted felon. This inalienable right includes this young man Obbo Jawar. He is not a convicted felon. So far all what we hear is accusation. He has no litigation he is fighting in court. But the question is does he have ‘it’? I don’t know him at close and personal. But I have seen videos of him speaking to his crowds and interviews he gave. I have also read many of his comments and articles. He has this feature of pomposity that makes me worried. He seems to enjoy self aggrandizement. Grandiloquence and politics have shown to be lethal mix extremely dangerous and destructive to a society as shown in the modern history. I doubt he will change that or will be willing to change since it has worked for him so good. It all appears to me that he has become the darling of people of influence in the West. The Wahhabis will dance in the streets!!!

    Again, he has the right to run for the office if and only if he receives approval by the National Election Council headed by the very capable H.E. Birtukan bint Mideksa.

  9. In my comment above I said Jawar ‘has started the process to renounce his U.S. citizenship, reinstate his Ethiopian nationality and run for public office.’ That was based on one of his latest interviews which is still available on YouTube.

    Today, in another interview with DW radio, he flip-flopped on the issue. His talks about running for election is to stir public interest on the election and remind people that the election is important and they should participate. He also says he is concerned that the ruing party and the opposition have ignored the election and election board does not seem getting ready for the event. In short, he does not see anything happening suggesting to him it might be postponed. He was simply guessing.

    Jawar talks about lack of preparation of others for the election, but what about him? He says he does not know at what level he will run for office, with which party and for what reason. While himself is unprepared, how come he blames others? To use Ittu Aba Farda’s word, his affliction is ‘grandiloquence’.

    I have a hunch – Jawar will not run for office. He loves his U.S. citizenship which he’s not give up, deep inside he wants to remain activist rather than engage in realpolitik by calling the Oromo – Qeerroo to kill and die. The type of federalism he looks for is confederalism – with Oromia running its own foreign affairs and defense undertakings which are currently reserved for the federal government.

    In the federalism language, this is called playing between paradiplomacy and protodiplomacy to get huge concessions for Oromia.

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