Re: Request to Issue a CBC Resolution Against Egypt’s Letter To the UN Security Council About the Nile River

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Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., Founder & President William D. Dickerson, Chairman www.rainbowpush.org

May 19, 2020
The Honorable Karen Bass
Chair: US Congressional Black Caucus
2059 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Dear Honorable Bass:

Re: Request to Issue a CBC Resolution Against Egypt’s Letter
To the UN Security Council About the Nile River

I hope this letter finds you well and you are keeping safe. I see this as a historic document and find it important to bring to light that our government, the World Bank and the United Nations Security Council are being used as vehicles by the government of Egypt to impose a colonial era treaty against 11 black African nations.–,,,- Read More_,,___

Rev. Jackson’s letter to Bass – May 19, 2020 (4)


  1. Observe how callous and arrogant the British have been. I hope present generation of Brits will rise up in support of Ethiopia’s cause.

  2. Thank you very much sir!!! Those black folks are not doing anything wrong but exercising their Almighty given rights. Those in Egypt is still working on the mentality that they can kowtow those ‘abd’s/niggers south of their borders. Our dear brother the Reverend Jessie Jackson has come to the understanding that those reckless leaders of Egypt will not hesitate to use their military to kill innocent black folks. Everyone should also be very clear that el-Sisi will not even think about sending his fat cat soldiers to face the raging patriots of the old country but he will absolutely resort to using weapons of mass destruction such as banned deadly chemicals. The powers that are pressuring PM Abiy’s administration to go back to the negotiation table must use their immense capabilities to provide the old country the means to protect its citizens from any possible chemical attacks now, as we speak. For those in Al-Qahirah terrorism is in their instincts. And they had used such banned weapons on innocent villagers in North Yemen in the 1960’s where thousands perished. The dear brother Reverend Jessie Jackson, Sr. and members of The Congressional Black Caucus should always keep that in mind.

  3. African American has a history of standing with Ethiopia when it matters most. When Ethiopia won the battle of Adwa, all African Americans were jubilant about the fist debacle of white colonial force by their African brothers and sister , Ethiopians, When fascist Mussolini with the league of nation nodded the go ahead to Mussolini’s invasion of Ethiopia, African American rose up to support Ethiopia, some traveling to Ethiopia to support the war against Ethiopia. Now the Honorable Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr took the mettle to stand with Ethiopia, exposing all the shenanigans going on between the Trump’s white house, world bank and Egypt ; conspiring to dust of a colonial era dictate to keep black African down to stifle their development, self-sufficiency. Yes, the Truth is on Ethiopian side, Justice should be on Ethiopian side, and the fight is rightful ours as Adwa was, But Ethiopians needs to know truth has friends and we should look and find them to make them part of our armors in our fight for truth and justice. Ethiopians need to use Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. conviction and his influence to galvanize support in US Congressional Black Caucus on behalf of Ethiopia, because the cause of Ethiopia is a just one.

  4. We thank you Rev. Jesse L. Jackson! Let us have one strong and determined voice …enough of this injustice, by any means, if peace and doing the right thing has no meaning to successive Egyptian rulers. #IamWithTheGreatEthiopianDam, light and power delayed for generations!

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