Republican resolution calls for defunding WHO until Dr. Tedros resigns

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Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, R-Pa., introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives Tuesday that calls for the United States to defund the World Health Organization (WHO) until its embattled Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus resigns and the United Nations-backed organization is investigated over its treatment of China during the coronavirus pandemic.

Reschenthaler, along with more than 20 other House Republican co-sponsors, backed the resolution that says “the United States should withhold the contribution of Federal funds to the World Health Organization until Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus resigns and an international commission to investigate the World Health Commission is established.”

As reasons for why the U.S. should take such action, the resolution cites a Jan. 14 WHO tweet that “preliminary investigations conducted by Chinese authorities” indicated the coronavirus did not transmit between people, Jan. 30 comments from Tedros discouraging a travel ban or similar action from governments to fight the coronavirus, and a comment from Tedros that he was “left in absolutely no doubt about China’s commitment to transparency,” on the coronavirus.



The House resolution comes as pressure is ratcheting up on the WHO and Tedros with more and more American politicians, largely on the Republican side of the aisle, calling for the director-general’s resignation as information emerges indicating that China was not forthright in reporting its coronavirus data.

Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., called not for an international commission, but for a congressional committee to investigate the World Health Organization to decide whether the group is deserving of American taxpayer money.

“When it comes to coronavirus, the WHO failed. They need to be held accountable for their role in promoting misinformation and helping Communist China cover up a global pandemic,” Scott said last week. “We know Communist China is lying about how many cases and deaths they have, what they knew and when they knew it – and the WHO never bothered to investigate further.”


A Scott spokesperson on Monday told Fox News that Scott believes “Dr. Tedros’ resignation would definitely be warranted.”

The United States is the single largest contributor to the WHO. The most recent invoice from the WHO to the United States, which is one of many countries that fund the organization, was for nearly $116 million per year. The United States also voluntarily gives between approximately $100 million and $400 million more per year to the WHO for specific projects – contributions that totaled over $400 million in 2017, the most recent year for which figures are available.

That means the United States contributed over $500 million in total to the WHO that year, which is just under one-quarter of the organization’s yearly budget. The WHO’s total budget for 2016 and 2017 combined was over $4 billion.


Reps. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla.; Doug Collins, R-Ga.; Chip Roy, R-Texas; Paul Gosar, R-Ariz.; and Fred Keller, R-Pa., are among the original co-sponsors on the resolution.

“The United States’ intelligence community has reported that the Chinese government hid the threat of COVID-19 and, as a result, made it difficult for the rest of the world to respond early, appropriately and aggressively,” Keller said in a statement on the resolution. “For reasons beyond understanding, the World Health Organization acted as a silent partner in this effort instead of protecting the lives of millions across the world, including hundreds of thousands of American citizens.”


  1. Greetings Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, I want you to know that I am very disappointed in your recent attacks and introduction of a Bill against
    Dr Tedros who is doing a great job. You are all racist KKKs in disguise. You are furious because an African man is in charge and doing marvelous dedicated work. Just to give you a hint how far above you he is in his intellect and prodigious mind: he reads/speaks English, French, Italian, Amharic, Tigrigna and probably reads and understand a couple more, by contrast, you could hardly find your self in one language, your own mother language of American-English. Your own Leader Donald Trump and his subordinates (except for Dr. Fuaci) are not doing their jobs and seem trying to hide their poor management of the epidemic by blaming an advisory entity and its very capable Director General. We all know individuals like that tultula Tucker got to where they are now by sucking up to powerful executives not because of their individual talent. You have funded unjust wars, destroying the lives of millions of innocent people allover the world. Look at yourselves and see how mediocre you all are doing nothing, just collecting your undeserved salaries and perks. Rather than blaming someone like Dr Tedros, why do not you do your Job you are elected for? You are xenophobic, with an IQ of an amoeba, blotted by overeating, and devoid of moral or ethics of care. By the way so you know, I voted for Hillary Clinton, a person of great intellect and capacity for excellent leadership while you pushed for a person who was finally impeached and will be tried again in office or out of office. Tecola

  2. I thought the director of WHO is surrounded by some of the best scientists around that give him/her the most current data and plausible advice. It is a fact that the commies in Beijing were hiding the outbreak when it first began making people very sick in Wuhan sometime in November and early December 2019 possibly back during early fall. That watchful doctor was crying foul way back then that ended him being threatened with charges of treason. Those commies had done the same thing during the other virus outbreak of SARS in 2002. That one wreaked havoc on the world economy especially the airline industry. Hong Kong was clobbered mercilessly that its economy has never been the same since then. I understand the situation with such critical position but at least he should have restrained himself from praising China when their own doctor was seen yelling about the deadly virus to which himself fell victim to pandemic. This shouldn’t have been the moment of ‘workers of the world unite’ nonsense. Now he is in deep creek. At least he should have deflected the question just Secretary Pompeo deflected similar questions from reporters this afternoon. I am not sure if he will end up losing his job, at least for now. That depends how the European nations react. But it will make his job very tough. He should have never praised China’s behavior regarding the outbreak. I hope the world has learned from this outbreak. It has killed tens of thousands of people according to the latest data which may not include those who died at home. It has sickened millions and tens of thousands more will die from it. I know what the commies will do next. They may round up those communist party officials in Wuhan to charge them with hiding the outbreak which amounts to treason. Vast majority of their citizens are angry about it. Then those officials will be sent to the gallows. That is called patsy, fall guy on the parts of those local party officials and perfect CYA for those in Beijing. One this is for sure. Red China’s economy will not be the same. Its status of the factory of the world will be shaken to its foundation. I am sure every European nation is seething about it. It will not be business as usual for China moving forward. That is because of the never changing behavior of commies. They are all the same wherever they exist. We can all say this is the deadliest terrorist humanity has faced in modern times. Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao! Burn in hell!!!!!

  3. The US republicans led by president Donald trump and their allies at FOX TV network always want to blame others for their disastrous failure for the COVID-19 impact on the American people and its society. At the beginning the president, Republicans and their FOX allies tried to undermine the impact of COVID-19 virus on American society as non-existent and later on they blamed everything about the spread of the virus on others such as the Democratic party, Andrew Cuomo and particulary on China. It is a shame to see a rich country like the US to suffer such kind of death and destruction on its people and health care system. Particularly, the impact of this virus on minority groups such as the black and spanish community highlights the inequality and lack of universal health care in the country. Now the president, Republicans and fox network want to blame WHO and its president Dr Tedros Adhanom for the failure of their inability to contain the COVID-19 virus in the US. Trump and his allies are well known in blaming others for the failure of their government policies. I’m very glad to see many African leaders such as that of Rwanda, South Africa and the head of the Africa Union in supporting Dr Tedros Adhanom and WHO. One point I want to make clear hear is that I was not a fun of Dr Tedros Adhanom previously but now when we compare it to the US leadership, Dr Tedros and WHO are doing an excellent job to contain the virus throughout the world.

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    የእጅ መታጠቡና ሌላውም ወከባ በሽታውን ከመከላከል ጋር ብዙም ግንኙነት የለውም።አጠቃላይ ወከባው ህዝቡን ግራ ማጋባት ማሸማቀቅ እና psychological warfare በመፍጠር ለአውሬው ስርአት አገዛዝ የማለማመድ ሂደት ነው።ፈረንጆች it smells fishy እንደሚሉት የኮሮና ነገር ከበስተጀርባው ውስብስብ ሴራ ያለበት እንደሆነ ለመረዳት ብዙ አይከብድም።ሳታኒስት ኢሉሚናቲዎች በየሀገራቱ ያሉትን የአለም መንግስታት መቆጣጠር ከጀመሩ የቆየ ቢሆንም አለም በዚህ መልክ ለኮሮና የሰጠው መልስ የሚያሳየው ሳታኒስት ኢሉሚናቲዎች የአለም መንግስታትን እና ሀገራትን ሃይጃክ በማድረግ በአጭር ጊዜ ውስጥ የኮሮናን ሰበብ በመፍጠር አጠቃላይ global lockdown ውስጥ እየከተቱት መሆኑ እጅግ አስደንጋጭ ነው።ህዝቤ እውቀት ከማጣት የተነሳ ጠፋ ትንቢተ ሆዜ 4:6

  5. This is a tragedy of those who follow satanism. They will pay the cost until heartily believe on almighty God. It is not a surprise to hear such vows from America government. Even some one is liable it should not be WHO director instead it should be China. If the director is nominated from USA or other Europe nations the seranio will be different.

    When we talk about tax payers contribution for WHO, America has a collection of many countries experts & scholars who deliver their souls to make America great & led the world. So the game of such senators & Trump is only to gain political succession, however people of America know these. When China did vow for viruse, those America officials have been laughing & jocking.

    So no jocking & make a pressure on director general to resign as truth florish every where.

    Instead they should knock the door of heaven & believe on almighty God.

    May God bless America!!!

  6. Trump Republicans and the corporate media try to compare covid19 death rate with 9/11 incident to provoke public sentiment. Why don’t they mention Iraq or Vietnam or…. their unprovoked and unjust bloody wars that ravaged millions of innocent lives with false pretexts such as communism and terrorism?

  7. There are flaws and falsehoods in your defense of Dr.Teodros Adhanom. In the first place he is not a medical student. His credentials as the minister of health were poor. His leadership and organizational qualities were failures and riddled with corruption and ineffectiveness. Many prominent Ethiopians had been warning the UN and other bodies and politicians that he was not the right candidate to lead the WHO: Now they are vindicated.

  8. Gadissa, you are missing the obvious, the fact that he was able to become WHO’s Director General overcoming formidable contenders for the Throne. Though I did not mention it in my comment, I do criticize Tedros on certain points his activities in the Ethiopian Government of EPRDF era. . But that would derail us from looking at the characteristics of the campaign launched by Fox Media worst racist groups and by The Republican Congress Members who fully supports Donald Trump’s unabashed anti
    African Black people Remember the “shit holes” name calling by This White racist President. It is in that Context that you should be looking at the problem of the Campaign against Tedros. If you choose not to either you are a KKK using a disguise, or simply ill-informed idealist who thinks of political “Truth” as an absolute. If you are an Oromo supermastist as your name seems to suggest, you are not helping your separatist cause al-a Jawar and Ibsa by attacking Tedros. I defend Tedros here as WHO DG for he is in fact a Black Ethiopian man, and not because he is some social or political construct of being a Tigrean or Eritrean, or a TPLF Leader. I care not about such designations, Period. Thanks, for your attention and engagement. Tecola

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