Statement of Vision Ethiopia on the Assassination of Artist and Activist Hachalu Hundessa

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June 30, 2020

The Board of Vision Ethiopia, an independent and nonpartisan network of Ethiopian academics and professionals, expresses its deepest sorrow over the vicious killing of Mr. Hachalu Hundessa, and sends its condolences to his family and the peace-loving people of Ethiopia. Regrettably, the young singer’s death is but the latest in a series of assassinations of politicians and high-ranking civilian and military leaders witnessed in the recent past.

Vision Ethiopia notes that the brutal killing took place at a critical moment in the history of Ethiopia, when the country is dealing with existential threats, including foreign aggression, a pandemic outbreak and internal conflicts.

Vision Ethiopia believes that the killing was schemed and carried out by extremist and criminal groups to thwart the ongoing negotiations surrounding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) project, and to create chaos and instability in the country by inciting inter-ethnic pogroms. Bewilderingly, the actions of these criminal elements have been facilitated by non-state actors that have penetrated the structures of government and public services, rendering the bureaucracy and judiciary ineffectual and lacking credibility and trust in the eye of the public.

Vision Ethiopia deeply laments the loss of innocent lives and the destruction of properties and national heritage in the aftermath of the deplorable assassination of Mr. Hachalu Hundessa, and asks the people of Ethiopia to exercise wisdom and constraint, and not to succumb to the traps of the criminal and extremist groups behind this tragic event.

Therefore, Vision Ethiopia:

  1. Unequivocally condemns the brazen assassination of this great Ethiopian;
  2. Calls upon all the people of Ethiopia, without regard to ethnicity, religion or political affiliations, to stand together and avoid further bloodshed and violence;
  3. Calls upon the Government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to commission an independent and reliable body to transparently and credibly investigate the motives behind the assassination, the communal violence, and the glaring human rights violations reported in various parts of the country, and to take swift actions against the responsible individuals and criminal groups;
  4. Calls upon the Government to enforce the pertinent media laws of the country and to curb the incendiary activities of political and social actors;
  5. Calls upon all international organizations and human rights groups to intervene and prevent a looming genocide and mass displacements in that country; and
  6. Calls upon Western governments to bring to justice criminal activists, who reside in their respective countries and remotely incite sectarian violence in Ethiopia.



Getachew Begashaw, PhD
Professor of Economics and President of Vision Ethiopia
William Rainey Harper College
Palatine, IL 60067

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  1. Let’s all ditto and echo the statement by this group. I have been saying this for decades now. These conniving bigots who are hell bent in carving out a territory just to claim it as their personal freedom will not stop at anything to bring that to fruition. The only changes we have observed is human faces but not in their sinister scheme. There is no doubt in my mind that if this young man was found to be not a victim of a common robbery that went awry that it is those hatemongers who carried it out to start inter-ethnic civil war between my Oromos and their peace mongering Amhara neighbors. There should not be any blinking at this soon-to-proven fact. Who in his right mind wants to harm this young man? He/she must be someone with a sick mind. Bigots and smart aleck connivers were known to be those with sick minds. The problem with a sick mind is it is very difficult to read what is up with it or in it for that matter. It seems that these bigots have found some success this time. Innocent citizens have lost their lives and properties. Signs of advancement/development have been torched to the ground. That is what these demons have been dreaming since the late 1960’s. They want all of us to assist them in their wicked behavior of tossing gasoline into the fire. So we have to be extremely careful in out utterances and avoid using incendiary and derogatory terms. The main destinations for such users of vile words have been social media like Facebook and similar others but also esteemed websites among our own Diaspora. They know websites like Zehabesha are our main waterholes where we get our daily fills about the old country we still hold close to hearts. That was why I have been pleading and begging the dear editors of such websites to weed out users of such enraging denigrating words. I threw myself down at their feet begging them in the name of our glorious fathers and forefathers to not let such incendiary terms ride on their websites. Zehabesha and very others have given me a day in court in that respect. But some others did not where I am still being called ‘savage; not as Ittu the individual but as an ethnic. But I am not alone in that cuz I have company with my dear Amhara neighbors where some in the audience are still being called ‘neftegnas’ connoting that belonging to ‘savages’. I had asked the editors of those websites to erase or at least redact those derogatory terms but to no avail. It has nothing to do with freedom of speech. I know these websites could be using commercials for sustenance and such source is predicated on ratings and footprints. I know that. I understand that. Alexa is watching them for the rating but at what cost? They should know better that their website is accessible to millions others among whom there are many of those who lack the sophistication to look thru every word we use in our comments and article. These elements tend to be gone into uncontrollable rage when they read or hear terms denigrating them. These gullible can be the most docile now and can turn into destructive mobs in a jiffy. I have been begging and pleading about this matter for years. For now I have been avoiding those unclean websites to deny those eyal-al-souqs the means/reasons to denigrate my ethnicity. Very, very sad, isn’t it?

    I call upon the patriotic leaders of this valuable group, Vision Ethiopia, to join me in my pleas to the editors of every website. You are more audible than this septuagenarian but still beyond-repair Afro/Ethio-centric junkie here. I would like to see you calling out those editors who keep letting incendiary terms spewed around on their websites. It is nothing different than profiting from Allah created sacred human lives.

    A deserved thank you goes to the editors of this and a few other websites where you see me posting my two pennies worth of opinions.

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