Tens of thousands take to streets in Ethiopia over abducted students

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Tens of thousands of people took to the streets across northern Ethiopia on Tuesday, demanding answers from the government over the kidnapping of 27 students more than 50 days ago. In DR Congo, the country has experimented with President Felix Tshisekedi’s flagship reform for free primary schools. And a ban on dreadlocks in Malawian classrooms is reversed after a court ruling upholds Rastafarianism as a religion.


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One Response to Tens of thousands take to streets in Ethiopia over abducted students

  1. As a father of a wonderful daughter and now a grandfather of an angelic granddaughter my heart has been aching and bleeding since the news of abduction of these innocent daughters of all of us!!! Once again I feel utter helpless am holding everyone including the officials of the central government and Oromia Region. I call upon every patriotic countryman/woman of law expertise to take PM Abiy and his entire cabinet, Al-Toweel Shimelis Abdisa and every official under him to court and sue the living daylight out of them. These legal experts should call for assistance by every global humanitarian organization, The EU, The Hague, USA and the UN. Tell them Shimelis and his entourages are the kidnappers. Tell them PM Abiy and entire members of his cabinet are laughing at the agonized parents of the victims. Tell’em!!! These officials seem to be so disconnected from the society they are ruling that they have gone totally tone-deaf!!!! It seems that they don’t or will never understand what kidnapping of a daughter means or how it feels just because they are not like those parents who don’t have other choices except to send their daughters to a school tucked somewhere in a wilderness hundreds miles away. If these officials have to send their daughters to a far away place for schooling it will be here in the USA or Europe where they will be attended by full time personal butlers and cooks. They will never understand what kidnapping of a daughter means!!! They’re making me sick!!! Sue their ever ballooning behind in a court of law. Embarrass the living daylight out of these tone-deaf truants of governance!!! I am holding every one of them responsible. Pretty soon I am gonna graduate them to be pedophiles!!! Every one of them!!!! And that will be their career highlight forever!!!! How about that!!!!

    Ittu Aba Farda
    January 29, 2020 at 8:10 am

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