The AMAZING Taye Bogale: A Force of Nature on the Ethiopian Intellectual Landscape

30 mins read

By Alemayehu G. Mariam

Battle of the social media troglodytes and the intellectual

In this commentary, I salute and pay tribute to Taye Bogale.

It is hard for me to describe Taye Bogale, whom I have neither met or spoken.

But his name may be telling: Taye (He is seen) and Bogale (burst of brilliance as in lightning).

He is a burst of brilliance on the social media Forces of Darkness.

Here is a man whose destiny seems to be shaped by his name.

Taye Bogale is a man with a mission: Search, find, expose, challenge and take down pseudo-intellectuals and frauds, those who parade fairy tales as Ethiopian history, fabricators of falsehoods, empty barrels, political opportunists, self-promoting con-artists with bogus academic acronyms after their names and social media twits, nitwits and dimwits.

To this horde of wretches, Taye Bogale is a the wrath of God.

To those who admire him, he is the quintessential intellectual whose lips drip with torrents of indisputable facts and razor-sharp analysis about Ethiopian history.

He speaks truth, not just to power, but most importantly to those who are power hungry, power thirsty, power brokers, power crazy and brain power challenged.

Taye Bogale recently burst on the Ethiopian intellectual scene like a thunderbolt on a clear summer afternoon.

He has been quietly, out of public view, preaching the virtues of Ethiopiawinet, unity and public accountability for years as a teacher and an occasional government official. He has taught in high schools and colleges. He says his greatest blessing is to be a teacher.

But he was not widely known in the Ethiopian diaspora.

Today, no one, especially social media trolls, can pretend not to know or easily dismiss their indefatigable nemesis Taye Bogale.

He has emerged as a one-man army in the cause of Ethiopian unity, fraternity, liberty, identity, dignity, nationality and authenticity.

His passion for all things Ethiopian is peerless and stunning.

He does not negotiate on Ethiopiawinet.

Not only that, when push comes to shove on Ethiopia, he takes no prisoners.

He does not mince his words but will make mincemeat out of the brokers of hate and coaches of division and strife in and out of Ethiopia.

He is passionate about the honor, dignity and sanctity of Ethiopian identity.

He will confront and give a whipping to anyone who dares to scandalize Ethiopia’s history, demean and divide the Ethiopian people or engage in the trash-talk politics of tribalism, communalism and sectarianism.

He is fearless, gutsy and relentless in his attack against the merchants of hate and death, financiers of ethnic division, vendors of communalism, peddlers of sectarianism, hucksters of opportunism and paid agents of negativity, defeatism and fatalism in and out of Ethiopia.

Taye Bogale talks about Ethiopia, the Ethiopian people, Ethiopian honor, history, tradition and culture with supreme pride, spiritual reverence and absolute delight.

Taye Bogale has become a force of nature on the Ethiopian intellectual landscape.

No merchant of lies has yet dared to challenge him in a battle of ideas or historical analysis.

No trash-talking tribalist has dared to meet and debate him in an open forum.

They all avoid him and show up to play their dirty games of hate and division only when he is not around. Just like the old saying, “When the cat’s away, the mice play.”

But Taye Bogale don’t play. When he is around, the colony of mice know it’s time to scurry and hide in their holes or under a rock.

He is one of a kind.

I hate to admit it, but it is true. He puts all of us to shame.

His intellectual courage in defense of Ethiopiawinet and Ethiopian unity illuminates our shameful intellectual cowardice.

I have often wondered. If America is “home of the brave”, is Ethiopia home of intellectual cowards?

By “us”, I mean to refer to those of us, the effete elite, who strut on conference stages, sit in arm chairs in the public forums and exhibit ourselves as intellectuals, academics, scholars and men and women of knowledge.

We are content to add acronyms after our names and call ourselves “Doctors”, “Professors” and such and pontificate endlessly about what should be done. “Why doesn’t Abiy Ahmed do this or that? Whey doesn’t he take action? Why doesn’t he do something?”

We are ready to issue orders and commands but are self-paralyzed from standing up and taking a stand or taking any action.

In private, we all talk about Ethiopiawinet, Ethiopian unity and the rest of it. But few of us have the courage to stand up in public and proudly defend Ethiopiawinet and Ethiopian unity facing the slings and arrows of those whose life’s mission is to destroy Ethiopia.

I have talked about the AWOL Ethiopian intellectuals in my April 2018 commentary, “Ask What You Can Do for Your Country”.

How many of us so-called intellectuals dare to stand up alone for what we believe in like Taye Bogale?

Sadly, we are victims of our own self-inflicted herd (tribal/ethnic) mentality.

We have traded courage, duty, honor and country for self-interest and safety in numbers.

We tow the line blindly and follow the tribal flock like sheep just because that is what the harebrained elite herders want us to do.

Herd mentality drives us into circling the ethnic/tribal wagons.

We organize our ethnic herd to battle the other ethnic herds.

Taye Bogale does not need acronyms after his name.

Taye Bogale does not follow the herd. He stalks it.

He is a one-man army in the cause of Ethiopian unity, dignity, nationality and identity.

He is the wrath of God on the purveyors hate on social media and the blathering sponsored stooges off social media.

For us “intellectuals”, Ethiopian unity, dignity, etc. are negotiable. They are available to the highest bidder.

I know many “intellectuals” who have sold their souls for a grant of 500 square meters of land to build a house.

I know many “intellectuals” who have sold Ethiopia’s honor, unity and dignity for the privilege of starting a business; and they have licked  the boots of thugs for it.

Not unlike Judas Iscariot, they sold out Mother Ethiopia hoping to live like kings among a nation of paupers.

I know them all. They are my Janus-faced “frenemies”.

I wrote about them in 2010 in my commentary, “Where Have the Ethiopian Intellectuals Gone?”

I knew where they had gone.

I also wrote about them in my July 2019 commentary, “Now is the Time for All Good Ethiopian Men and Women to Come to the Aid of Their Country!”

Ethiopia’s so-called intellectuals by and large were no where to be seen to wage a battle of ideas against thugs in power. They had sold out.

When I battled thugs in the battlefield of ideas with my pen and keyboard every week for 13 years, without missing a single week, they were no where to be seen.

Truth be told, they used to tell me in my face, “You are crying in the wilderness. Nothing you do will make a difference. Only with the power of the gun can you get rid of the thugs in power.”

I told them, “We will get rid of the thugs with the invincible power of civil disobedience and peaceful resistance.”

I knew the pen was mightier than the sword.

In 2012, defending press freedom  against thug repression, I prophesied:

The final struggle between the dictators who wield swords and the journalists who wield pens, pencils and computer keyboards will be decided in a war for the hearts and minds of the Ethiopian people. I have no doubts whatsoever that the outcome of that war is foreordained. In fact, I believe that war has already been won. For as Edward Bulwer-Lytton penned in his verse, in the war between swordholders and penholders, final victory always goes to the penholders.

But today Ethiopia has an intellectual of unrivaled courage, prodigious knowledge of his country’s history and spellbinding oratorical skills.

When the s _ _t hits the fan, we hit the road running.

Taye Bogale stands his ground in the battlefield of ideas and won’t back down.

Ethiopia today is a theater of war, a battlefield of ideas.

Of course, they are those holed up under a rock doing their doggone best to start shooting and unleash a civil war.

They think they can spread their stolen loot to set Ethiopia on fire.

But the era of 27 years of the fire of corruption and criminality in Ethiopia is over.

prophesied in 2007 the thugs would be swept out and dumped on the trash heap of history by young Ethiopian firefighters. Today, they are all holed up under a rock from whence they came.

We need to tell our young firefighters they are the towers of our power. Let’s uplift their spirits. Let’s assure them they can put out the fire, and we are right there behind them manning the water lines. Sure, it is not going to be easy for the young firefighters. But they must fight the fire, the power. They have choice. They must rescue the fire victims. Let’s reach out to them, talk to them, inspire them and build their confidence. Because in the long run, it is their forest home — their future — that is on fire.

Let us never doubt that our young firefighters, though they may inherit a society devastated by decades of political repression and human rights abuse, will one day be able to build a City Upon a Hill — a just, humane and pious society — where no man or woman will fear his or her government, where government will dutifully respect the rights and liberties of its citizens, where every person can stand tall and freely speak his or her mind, and where no man, woman or child will ever lose life, liberty of property without due process of just laws.

My prophesy has come to pass, and all can stand and witness.

Ethiopia is fast becoming the City Upon the Hill for the African continent.

Ethiopia’s young people have doused out the fire though it flares up here and there. But that is temporary.

Those who fanned the flames over the past 27 years should heed the old saying: “Those who play with fire end up getting burned.”

It is written “Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God.”

Indeed, Ethiopia stretched her hands and was plucked out of the crucible of thugtatorshp miraculously and cured of the malignant cancer in her soul.

But the Forces of Darkness will never stop trying to pull her back to hell, their eternal resting place.

They will succeed only when hell freezes over and the devil goes ice skating.

No need to preach to the choir of the Prince of Darkness!

Today, the Forces of Evil grovel on social media and yelp on YouTube every day agitating conflict, strife and war.

They accuse PM Abiy Ahmed for not “taking action.”

They are never clear what they mean by that phrase.

“Why doesn’t Abiy take action?” is the refrain of the social media ignoramuses?

What they mean, of course, is why doesn’t he jail, kill, torture and terrorize the people just like they did for 27 years and soak his hands in blood.

These modern-day troglodytes (cave dwellers, under rock crawlers) have no clue that Ethiopia will never return to the killing fields of the last 27 years. This should be clear to anyone being groomed by the washed up thugtators.

Suffice it to day, Taye Bogale is a force of nature on the Ethiopian intellectual landscape.

He is a hurricane on the Ethiopian ethnic landscape.

He is a tornadic force that wipes the floor with the dregs of social media.

When the battle and war of ideas is raging in Ethiopia, Taye Bogale is just one of a handful of individuals who stands in the battlefield and duke it out with the merchants of lies come hell or high water.

My highest respect for a man who says what he means and means what he says.

My highest respect for a man who says you can stand me up at the gates of hell but I won’t back down against anyone who challenges my Ethiopiawinet!

That is exactly how a  PROUD ETHIOPIAN feels and lives!

Taye Bogale is killin’ them with the truth…

Below are snippets of statements taken from Taye’s public speeches and presentations. The translation is my own. Advance apologies my inability to capture Taye’s eloquence in my translation. 

Ethiopia is meshed into my flesh and soul. I came forward into the public space to stand up to the social media activists who are inciting hate, strife and conflict in Ethiopia with the ultimate aim of destroying Ethiopia and our age old way of life. I took a stand because as the saying goes, “All that is needed for the forces of evil to succeed is for enough good men to remain silent.” [I would add Dr. King’s words: “History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.]

The one thing that ties us all together is Ethiopiawinet. Nothing can change that because Ethiopiawinet is something that grew in me for ages. Other things may be taken out of my blood but not my Ethiopiawinet.

Ethiopia is at the crossroads. There is struggle between Ethiopiawinet and ethnonationalism. The aim of the ethnonationalists is to destroy Ethiopia. Approximately, 85% of the people, Oromo, Amhara and others, are farmers. They love Ethiopia like I do and they do their work. Out of the 15% leftover, 10 million of them suffer malnutrition. The elites who play politics are a miniscule number.

The way they’re talking, it is like Emperor Menelik II is running for election in 2012 (EC). Why do they attack Menelik? It is a stratagem used to deceive the people. In fact, they have demonized the name of Menelik to internally displace 2 million people and commit hundreds of ethnic killings. Their plan is not only to destroy the country but also destroy families.

Money is behind all of the instability in the country. People who could barely operate their businesses not long ago today are buying all sorts of businesses. Where’s the money coming from? There is effort at the highest levels to destroy Ethiopia. There is a global effort currently underway. Egypt provides a lot of money. Other Middle Eastern countries spend a lot of money for the purpose of destroying Ethiopia.

Let’s talk real history. Menelik is Oromo. His mother is Oromo. His leading generals were Oromos including Ras Gobena Dache.

It is said Menelik cut off women’s breast. If such things did happen, who did the cutting? Gojjam, Gonder and Wello were under the rule of Atse Yohannes. This is incontrovertible history. Nine-tenths of Menelik’s soldiers were composed of Oromos and people from the South. One-tenths came from North Shewa. That happened in 1896. If forgiveness must be asked about the cutting of breasts, it should come from Shewa Oromo, Wellega Oromo, Jimma Oromo and people of the South. People from Gojjam, Gonder, Borena and Guji can stand on the side and watch them exchange forgiveness.

Since we’re talking about chopping off breasts, in our area (Borena), there was an odious practice in which young men preparing for marriage would go out and cut off the testicles of other men. I know people will have suffered such misfortune. Why do we raise the alleged one-time breast cutting atrocity of Menelik while remaining silent about those who have been cutting testicles for ages?

I just don’t understand. Those who write so many bad things about Menelik never bother to write good things about our Geda system? Why is that?

Addis Ababa belongs to all Ethiopians collectively and the residents of Addis Ababa, which has as much population as the country of Israel. It is like a large country. To say that someone should come from outside the city to administer it making Afan Oromo the official language is blatant apartheid. It will not happen.

I don’t have a quarrel with the people of Tigray. That is why I took a big risk and traveled 600 km to Negele Borena to defend an individual of Tigray origin. I went there because I love the people of Tigray.

Many high-rise buildings are owned by individuals who come from Tigray region. These are the people who deposit large sums in the banks. But when a question is asked, it just said the bank is Amhara-owned. Is the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia an Amhara-owned bank? METEC owned that bank for 27 years.

Jawahr is inciting insurrection using the Amharic language. Ezekiel Gabissa said he does not know Atse Menelik. Bekele Gerba who urges his followers not to speak in Amharic published a book in Amharic and sold it. It is a shame for us to communicate in English with the rest of the world why we’re being told not to speak in Amharic with each other. We have given unnecessary importance to such persons.

I will not respond to comments on my social media pages as I used to but delete them. Responding to lowlifes will turn you into a lowlife. I have the commanding moral Heights and will not lower myself to their level.

Ethiopia is a paradox. She is first in the world and receiving refugees. She’s also the first in the world in creating refugees.

Those who do evil fall by their evil deeds. Those who live by the sword, fall by the sword. The only way to administer Ethiopia is through love.

There is no Derg Army. Only an Ethiopian army that protects the country.

The woman who owns the Morning Star Building in Addis Ababa today got it because of me. After she had won the lease in a bid, the federal police stopped her construction claiming they had made a numerical error. Various ministers called me since I was the chairman of the city district. I told them  they will take it away from her and give it to someone else over my dead body. She won it fair and square. Later she offered me a tip for helping her. I told her to give it to the beggars at the church.

The common people feel differently. When the 175th birthday of Menelik was celebrated, I and others attended the event. We were greeted by Shewa Oromo horsemen. When I told them people say Menelik is bad, they told me they don’t want to hear any of it.

The mentality of the Oromo people I know was seen during the crash of the Boeing Max 8 airplane in Bishoftu, not in those who kill and rob banks. When that airplane crashed, the Oromo people cried their eyes out. They did all of the traditional mourning for the dead.

Today, those who promote hate, violence, killing and plunder are held to be heroes. Those who preach peace reconciliation are considered to be enemies.

Woyane used force for 27 years to stay in power. But God plucked them up from power suddenly and dumped them in Mekele without any bloodshed. He incapacitated these fat cats (tuba people). They sold the country’s gold, metals  and the country itself. Suddenly, unexpected people rose from under their feet and swept them off. And they said Oromo’s are simple-minded!

I have stopped working to do research and writing. I have four books planned for publication. I have a 1000-page book ready for publication. We have established an organization called “Love Conquers All.”

Where are all of the “Taye Bogales” of Ethiopia?

In 2010, I asked, “Where Have the Ethiopian Intellectuals Gone?”

In 2019, I ask, “Where are all of the ‘Taye Bogales’ of Ethiopia?”

By singling out Taye Bogale for special tribute, I do not mean to discount the efforts of those who have made their contributions.

There are a few, mostly young, courageous Ethiopians today who are manning the trenches every day on the battlefield of ideas. Everyone knows who they are because we can count them all on the fingers of two hands.

There are a few in the older generation who make an effort to stand up and speak up.

I appreciate them all.

But in my view, none can match the knowledge, passion, audacity, resolve, forensic skills and determination of Taye Bogale.

That is why I am singling out Taye Bogale for a special personal tribute.

I do not doubt there will be some who will moan and groan about my tribute to Taye Bogale.

They will say, I should not endorse him because “He is so divisive. He is a ‘nationalist’. He is not true to ethnic roots. Blah, blah, blah…”

In anticipatory response to those who will yelp on social media, let them be be forewarned of my longstanding policy of mind over matter. I don’t mind and whatever they say does not matter to me.

In more literary form, paraphrasing Shakespeare in Macbeth:

All the social media ignoramuses could strut and fret their hour upon the social media stage
And whatever tale they tell about me or Taye Bogale is a tale told by idiots, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Onward and forward, Taye Bogale….

Taye Bogale YouTube videos:–jn7Y&–WU–jn7Y



  1. amhara propaganda

    tactful advertisment to multiply fans for taye boagle , fake self-appointed historian who call himself the only intellectual in the field of history.

  2. Excellent article as usual by our dear professor.

    Dear patriot,

    You I have nothing but love and respect for you. But allow me to utter an opinion of an illiterate for you mull. I would like to see a scale down on the use of the ‘I’ thing. Those of us, I believe thousands of us, who have the privilege of reading your articles with undivided attention, remember what you opined on various issues. On majority of them we were in congruence which means the opinions were shared. I don’t own them neither of us. Please allow me to say something that one of members of my Itu clan told the leader of the new sheriffs in town after Mengistu cut and ran. It might have been the late PM or the former PM who was later jailed. It was at a rally in Western Hararghe. The new honcho told the gathering the crimes of Mengistu and the neftegnas till the cows came home, ad naseum. Then one of the illiterate peasant told the new honcho in the usual Itu way of using parable. He goes: There was young girl who has been suffering from a debilitating cramp since she was a little child. By now she is at a marriage age but still home confined due to the ailment. One day she thought it was the usual nature’s call and went it was proper to have it all. As she squatted down something terrible looking came out during the bowl movement. It was the deadliest type of venomous snake. Now she screamed from the top of her lungs and everyone rushed to the scene and clubbed the snake to shreds. She told that was the one that came of her stomach and now her agonizing pain is gone. So they asked why she was screaming but should be giggling with joy in stead. She posed for a second told them why she kept screaming. She told them that she was worried that another snake may force itself inside her. You see. That illiterate peasant had sensed something was afoot even though he was told what was delicious to his palate. He must have had sleepless night praying ‘Please God don’t let it happen again’. He continued to have another nightmare for a long 27 years. He predicted it alone, more than anyone else in a crowd. He did not invent the parable because it has been told in one of ages old Itu gereresas/folktales. But if he is still alive today and can be located, I’m sure he will be so humble to tell us he never predicted anything but rather giving some custom talk.

    So, easy on the ‘I’ thing!!!!!

  3. ittu aba farda you are pretencious pro amhara

    fake zerayocob

    he was a killer .? ready his true story not a fairetale written by amhara elites who get drunk sipping tella and atella

    amhara wrote fake homily and canonize rogue leaders like zerayacob and also claim they have crosses and icons descending from heaven to attract these gullible people.

    How many people were raped by amhara priests and bishops and told to remain silent in the name of protecting the reputation of the church ?? This act is committed including priets and leaders of mahibrekidusan, freeloaders. if they show you some pretenciously religious actvities it is part of thier advertisment to promote thier business.

    It is a NGO and political organization to propadage and advance amharanisim

  4. I am pro Amhara, Oromo, Tigray, Somali, Afar and every ethnic group on this good earth. They are all my niggaz!!!! Get it? My hommies I wouldn’t trade for the world!!!

  5. Melat,

    You are denkoro, venom-spewing Amhara hater. Raping children and other illicit acts by priests/pastors is rampant in every religion, including pente, catholic or orthodox. So the problem is a human problem, not Amhara or orthodox problem.

    However, you are intoxicated with hate towards my beloved, innocent, and hardworking Amahra people. Get it treated before it kills you

  6. meseret you were one of the victims of debtera and amahara priests

    amhara priets and bishops are known to worship Devil and reciting his(devil) homily and greetings . Amhara is known to propagate hate, commit genocide aginst minorities and also spyng for the western world, your masters .

    Amhara is also advocte of homosexuality through its priests. Go and ask ethiopian police that they will tell you how many cases they have been dealing with. Cases related rape and abuse by amhara debteras and priests . We donot sell tabot and artifacts like you guys and flee t US and canda and UK like you
    I bet if you can renounce this case .
    Orthodox is favricated by amhara nad tigray



  9. Gondare Abiy is the cancer. Coward ቅዘናም ነፍጠኛ የምንሊክ ሰፋሪ ወራዳና ጥንብ አማራ will never attemept to infltriate deep into Tigray territory, let alone defeat the unflinching warrior people of Tigray !! So, ነፍጠኛ አማራ be-careful with what your suicidal action against Tigray might bring onto you, you bunch of BASTARDS!! With endless patience, we have clearly seen it in your repeated and failed attempt in trying to destabilize Tigrai to no avail!! Surely, Tigrai will stay the peaceful island until Utopia goes either way!!! Make no mistake about it —–the adventurous and suicidal “Amara Nationalist Movement” will be responsible for its childish bravado in trying to instigate the peaceful loving people of Tigray and force Tigray to start WAR.

    Mark my words,!!! once Tigray starts to defend itself and its people and land, there will be an endless ocean of bloodshed never ever seen before and this will not be in Tigray — but in Gondar and Wollo to get back our original looted lands by the past Showan Amara rulers.Arab Mercenary Abiy Ahmed is being awarded for accomplishing his duty of destroying and disintegrating Ethiopia. Those blood sucking criminal external powers feeding the chaos and destruction of Ethiopia have absolutely zero regard to human suffering and death as long as their interests are achieved and guaranteed. Awarding the incompetent mercenary Abiy Ahmed a peace prize just shows their attitude towards us and is hypocrisy at the highest level and an insult to the Ethiopian people. Wait…..whatever happened to the human rights organization? why are they so quite? They never existed to serve humanity but the interest of their own government!

    What do you think. That is all America’s role is throughout the world. Remember Sadam, Mubarak, Gadafi. All were supported by USA and see where the countries are. America’s economy is a war economy and when one country is in turmoil America prospers. Abiy Ahmed with his advisor Berhanu Nega are messengers and implementer of America’s neoliberal policy a policy of robbery, killing and resource exploitation.It’s totally absurd to reward the prestigious peace prize to terrorist ring leader and Arab agent Abiy Ahmed Geragne. I just can’t believe it, at this time there are over 4 million people displaced from their home and countless high ranking officials shot dead during broad day lights, not only that engineer Bekele shot dead in Meskel Square and no one is accountable, now definitely Ethiopia sold to foreign forces. in the meantime it’s an insult to great engineer and business man Alferd Nobel to reward this very prestigious to criminal and foreign installed fake prime minster. I’m tell you some body got paid big time to reward this fraud and fake prime minster. where are those who killed engineer Bekele, Saere,Gezae and Amhara region killers? now all those Ethiopian university students it’s their right to know what is going on in their country and they should protest against this foreign mercenary Abiy.

  10. After 1991 Ethiopia’s educational system had hit an all time low it is almost non existence, for the first time in almost a century Ethiopia is relying on importing professionals educated internationally to keep the country from failing.

    Currently Ethiopia is forced to resort into selling Ethiopian airlines , Ethio Telecom and Ethiopian shipping lines due to the inability to find qualified professionals from within the country.

  11. mseret gimatam amara anchi nesh selay , snooper against your own people

    our fake observer neftegna amhara

    are you sharing with us your classified info you got by offering your wife to rapers or killers of alltime

    all elite neftegna amhara sould be jailed . They are bigots and killers ordering the massacre of Kimant, Agew and other innocent people . They do sponsor mercenaries sending financial support while dismantling the peace and order backhome at the best of thier ability. They are selling classified info to foreigners working for foreign intelligence and other enemies of a peaceful people

  12. Professor I agree what you wrote about Ato Taye Bogale a wonderful and brave Ethiopian who tells the truth about Ethiopia and its history. Like other brave Ethiopians such as Eskinder Nega, Temesgen Desalegn, Professor Mesfin Woldemariam and the young poet Hilina Desalegn Ato Taye always tells the truth about Ethiopia and expresses his disgust the lies of Jawar Mohammed and his narrow minded Oromo separatists. Professor what I don’t agree with you is despite criticizing your fellow academics and intellectuals about their failure to stand for the truth at all times you still stand with your favorite prime minister without any hesitation with his performance in the last two years. Many Ethiopians are not criticizing the prime minister for not imprisoning or acting like a dictator. They are criticizing him for allowing individuals like Jawar to spread their poisonous message and control the administrative and political apparatus of the Oromia region. I fear Prime minister Abiy Ahmed knowingly or unknowingly facilitating to Jawar and other destructive forces such as the TPLF to distabilise Ethiopia and create a tense political atmosphere in the country. Professor to tell you the truth unlike you my trust on prime minister Abiy Ahmed is waning and it’s at all time low. The current Ethiopia (Oromo) leadership led by Abiy Ahmed and Lemma Megersa have to do a lot of convincing whether they are acting in the best interest of Ethiopia or they have a hidden agenda they prepared with Jawar and other activists to dismantle Ethiopia’s culture, the Orthodox church and the unity of the country. A good example for this is recently they tried to form a separate Oromo Orthodox which is unforgivable act of separatism to destroy the Ethiopian Orthodox church. Furthermore, the leadership of Prime minister Abiy Ahmed recently banned the original and beloved Ethiopian flag during Meskel celebration while allowing the Oromo liberation front flag during irreecha festival. During this celebration I have never seen one Ethiopian flag among ten thousands of people at Meskel square. The Oromo leadership contempt for Ethiopia and its people also highlighted by the president of Oromia president Shimelis abdisa who spoke about the Oromia leaderships real intention which is taking over Addis Ababa and his hate for what he calls nefitegna another word for Amhara. This Oromo leadership led by Abiy Ahmed is not standing for Ethiopia rather it is a fake leadership whose main aim is to hate Amhara and take over Addis Ababa. Professor Having seen and heard of the activities of this fake oromo leaderships you are still supporting and arguing Abiy Ahmed is the best leader Ethiopia and Africa have ever seen in the last many years. Professor your intellectual judgement and assessment is completley a mistaken one and you should accept your failure and move forward in the right direction like that of Ato Taye Bogale to highlight the problems of Ethiopia.

  13. Taye Bogale is nothing except a false historian who was persuaded by Minilikites to defend their falsely established history over the oppressed people of this unfortunate country. He didn’t have any clue about what has been done in the past in this country in the forceful establishment of the Ethiopian Empire. He was brought up under the custody of the brain washed military of the Negelle Borana area from the time he was very young. He was fed the left over of the military in the camp and brought up in such a way that he mental is cultivated with false history of the Abyssinians. He is echoing now what he has been told starting from the time he entered to the military camp as gatherer of left over food from the Ethiopian soldiers.

    He is telling to his bosses that he is a historian and fabricating false evidences not documented in Oromo History for which he received acceptance from among the expansionists and chauvinists who think that being equal with other people of the country is shameful. I am aspiring that Woyane will come back to calm these false Abyssinian false elites filled with Oromo and other oppressed peoples’ phobia. These expansionists/chauvinists don’t understand the value of respecting each other to live in one country. what they know is the aspiration to be superior when they are even inferior mentally and socially. What I advice to such people is to keep quite and live with other people in your own area/region without claiming the territory of others. They think that every where they abled to live in as result of the brutal conquest of Minilik is theirs. This is where their war mongering political approach and fabrication of false history emanates.

  14. If what Taye says is wrong, then, who is right? Did not your grandfathers invade northern Ethiopia? Did not they cut the breasts and sexual organs of females and males, in masses? Now, you even started to put a penis-shaped object on your head, which symbolizes what the savage….did hundreds of years ago.

  15. Meseret

    fascist lady from fascist amhara tenkuway

    enlizegna ateregn eko how do we kol tengkuway in english ? I think it doesn’t exist in english as amhara is the typical tenkuway producing tribe and there is no equivalent word in english for it which could plainly and fully express teh act and henious crime by amhara debtera tenkuwayoch. killing , raping and poisoning of innocent people with the socalled metete.

    why are you telling us the same thing now and then ? Are you very much corcerned about the cutting of pe..s ? you are living in a civilized society where your claims as lesbian is accepted and welcomed. Donot be afraid.

    you are forcing kimant people to call and consider themselves as facist amhara tribe memebers and killing them brutally.

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