The Eastern Nile Basin and the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) a ‘Game Changer’ and a Pillar for the Ethiopian Unity

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The paper is basically prepared to make clear the propaganda and lies that are taking place internationally by the Egyptian politicians and professionals to mislead the international community and countries about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) for getting support to pressurize Ethiopia to sign an agreement that only satisfies Egypt’s interest at the expense of over 100 million people of Ethiopia.

In addition, its aim is to bring the facts to the light and stop Egyptian professionals, scientists, journalists and politicians from trying to deceive the international community.

Apart from the above to call upon all Ethiopians to stand all together on unwavering principle and to be vigilant on any divisive acts (the old game) that will be targeted from Egypt to hamper the unity of Ethiopian people in order to make us not to use our right on the Nile River.

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Shiferaw Lulu

Engidashet Bunare


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  1. This good for nothingelse but for fish tank or fish farm purposes dam is going to bring more unnecessary problems than benefits by creating more inequality and more outrage rather than unity. I am not saying this to discourage the moral of the hard working talented people constructing it , I am saying this now because it is better to tell the people the truth right now to reduce the magnitude of disappointment later on upon completion of the filling of the fish dam with water, coincidentally at the time of the upcoming Mega Drought which is expected to desertfy Benishangul Gumuz and the Amara regions fully unless the water is allowed to flow freely as it did before this fish tank called GERD was constructed. More trees need to be planted in those regions right now to fight desertification.

    Rather than calling GERD a pillar of unity it’s better to call it a monument in remembrance of wasted talent and wasted resources due to the ignorant leadership of EPRDF PP in Ethiopia, not to humiliate anyone but inorder the future generations of Ethiopians pay more attention into who they put in leadership positions than the current generation of Ethiopians do .

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