The First Ethiopian to Win a 100th Nobel Prize – the Story of Abiy Ahmed Ali

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ByAleksander Pichkur

Abiy Ahmed Ali is the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. He was the Prime Minister for a year and didn’t expect such an award. But in August 2019, he got the Nobel Prize “for his efforts to achieve peace and international cooperation, and in particular for his decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighbouring Eritrea.” What is his story?

As BBC news said, Abiy Ahmed Ali was surprised when he discovered about the prize, so was the public. They started taking an interest in this person, a lot of universities made him a subject of study. Furthermore, it was difficult to do a profile on him. This is why students are prone to seek EssayPro Help when getting assignments like writing an essay about this odious person.

Abiy Ahmed Ali is the 100th Nobel Prize winner and he deserves it!

Birth and family of Abiy Ahmed Ali

Abiy Ahmed Ali was born in Agaro in 1976. His parents are a Muslim Oromo father and an Orthodox Christian Oromo mother. The man followed his father’s religion and is a Muslim Oromo too. As a boy, his name was Abiyot, which means “Revolution” in English.

Higher education

According to Inside Over, the young Abiy Ahmed was always interested in studying and, especially, in technology. That is why he received several degrees: a degree in computer engineering, a degree of Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership, and a Master of Business Administration. Moreover, Ali published his research article about de-escalation strategies in Africa in a prestigious journal. Even being a successful politician didn’t stop him from completing his Ph.D. in philosophy.

Military service

Abiy started his military career in the teenage years. He joined the rebel forces against a communist regime of Mengistu Haile Mariam. Their Oromo People’s Democratic Organization achieved a lot and then became a political party. They managed to overthrow Mariam’s regime and make a transition of Ethiopia to democracy. Ali continued to be a soldier, became a member of the UN peacekeeping mission, and got the rank of colonel.

Political career

As soon as the man ended the military service, he decided to be a politician and make any possible efforts to make the situation in his country better. In 2010 he became a member of ODP, Oromo Democratic Party. This party is the main Party of Ethiopia now. It was a piece of great luck for him to take up the position in the central committee so fast.

Activity in the Parliament

The man paid lots of attention to the solution of the conflicts between the Ethiopian Muslims and Christians. He set up a special forum named “Religious Forum for Peace” to calm down the problem and encourage interaction. He also did a lot to stop an illegal land seizure in Oromia. In 2011 the government founded a new institute – Science and Technology Information Center. So the experienced engineer Abiy Ahmed became it’s Director-General and began to work on his new post. In 2015 he was appointed as a new Minister of Science and Technology.

Abiy Ahmed Ali – The Prime Minister of Ethiopia

In April 2018, the Ethiopian Parliament confirmed Abiy Ahmed Ali to be the Prime Minister of their country. Everyone knew something was going to change in the Republic because Ahmed wasn’t like his predecessors. He promised to make some essential reforms about economics and politics. But the main aim was the start of peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea. So what was their conflict about?

Eritrean-Ethiopian war

The confrontation between these two nations has quite a long history. In 1952 Eritrea happened to be a part of Ethiopia. The citizens and the government of the first were not satisfied, so they launched guerrilla attacks. It was lasting until a certain day. The day when Eritrea signed the declaration of independence.

Ethiopia turned out to be in an uncomfortable situation as it had lost the outlet into the sea. The situation got worse when Eritrea’s government put the rent for it up. Some other important factors led to the cruel war in 1998 when a lot of people from both sides died. It ended with the signing of a peace agreement. Ethiopia won while Eritrea received Badme. However, the two nations weren’t honoring the agreement for two years.

Abi Ahmed Ali and the Nobel Prize

The future prize winner managed to:

  1. Cancel a state of emergency, caused by anti-government protests
  2. Release political prisoners
  3. Achieve successful conversation with Eritrea’s leader

Besides, Ali Ahmed did another very important thing – make a peace agreement work. As a result, the president of Eritrea signed a new peace agreement. The two nations resumed diplomatic relations and cooperation between each other.


There is no doubt Abi Ahmed Ali is a prominent person of the 21st century. Many people argue the Nobel prize is being awarded too early. Nevertheless, the waste majority claims that it will bolster his reconciliation efforts. Still, Ethiopia with its prosperous economy remains second Africa’s most populous country. As the Nobel Prize Committee states:  “A peaceful, stable and successful Ethiopia will have many positive side-effects, and will help to strengthen fraternity among nations and peoples in the region.”


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3 Responses to The First Ethiopian to Win a 100th Nobel Prize – the Story of Abiy Ahmed Ali

  1. Well, it is tge right thing to tell the story that DESCRIBES wHo he is and what he has has ACHIEVED . But is is not only not right but also so misleading or deceiving to not tell what he Has terribly snd DISINGENUOUSLY failed in his do called reformist agrnda . The Stiry is badly politicized!

    T. Gishu
    January 30, 2020 at 9:18 am

  2. skewed and trash article is the best to describe THE article!!!
    the writer sounds a bitter boy, who lost the battle and the war in all fronts AND WHO HAS AVERSION TO PEACE CAN come out with a GARBAGE.. I call it losers article to sooth THEIR TORMENTED mind.

    January 31, 2020 at 4:45 pm

  3. What does this guy want from Abiy Ahmed? A reward for writing this piece which falsely aggrandizes Abiy or an offer to write his biography? I think he is up to something. Maybe he is after a cut from Abiy’s millions of dollars extended to him by the Nobel Prize Committee. By the way, what happened to the money? Most of the money received by Nobel Prize winners is not kept by the winners themselves. You can go and check every winner particularly Peace Prize winners do not keep the money to themselves. What do they do with it? They give it to institutions working on education, peace, democracy, sports, poverty reduction, etc. It will shame if Abiy Ahmed buries the money somewhere in a bank for himself and his family. Begging the diaspora to contribute a dollar a day while hiding millions of dollars obtained for which all Ethiopians have contributed in one way or another. Tell Abiy to distribute the money to institutions engaged in alleviating some social problems in the country.

    January 31, 2020 at 6:06 pm

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