The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Campaign Letter to Influential People Around the World

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You may use these material for submission to influential people in the US , Europe or other places. A sample cover letter, an executive summary and eight pages of detail to the following links

Prepared by Melaku G Woldeselassie



  1. Excellent ideas and members of the US Congress must be flooded with the letters. The filling of the dam has already begun and the megalomaniac in Cairo will try to make good on his threats. Not one buzzing American made weapon should ever be used to harm those black folks who are using their Allah given property for the good of all of them without causing any harm to their neighbors near and afar.

    Let’s do this!!!!

  2. I am very surprised from all the negative press Egypt is getting in Ethiopia. In Egypt we have always been taught that Ethiopia is a great nation. There is a story that all our children learn early in their lives about how the Ethiopian king sheltered early Moslems. We also read about how the Copts in Egypt and the Ethiopian Christians share heritage and strong moral values. We have also been taught about your great fight against Italy and how you defended your freedom.
    Egyptians have lost life and treasure fighting for African freedom and the development of Africa. Many African freedom fighters have found refuge in Egypt. Just read about the history of African liberation movements in the late fifties and sixties to learn more about how Egypt sacrificed for fellow African nations. Egypt would benefit from a prosperous Ethiopia through trade and joint infrastructure projects such as railroads, electrical grid connection, and agricultural projects.
    All what Egyptians want is that Ethiopia does not harm them by reducing the water flow in the Nile with catastrophic outcome on agriculture and long term land erosion and salination. Ethiopia can easily give Egypt assurance of a certain flow of water. Ethiopia does not need more water, as Ethiopia already gets 96% of the Nile basin water. I do not have technical expertise on the subject, but I remember reading an article by an Ethiopian stating that GERD is not designed efficiently for power generation. It is designed to generate power while to hold more than one year of the water that flows to Sudan and Egypt. Egypt would absolutely have no problem with Ethiopia generating electricity for its use and for export as long as Ethiopia does not threaten Egypt’s only water supply.
    There are many articles and peer-reviewed publications on the environmental and societal damage of the Gibe dam, which is causing significant harm to Kenya. In constructing GERD, the Ethiopian government followed the same pattern with the Gibe dam .com/fears-over-ethiopian-dams-costly-impact-on-environment-people-80757); a pattern of deception, lack of environmental damage studies, rushed work, issuing contracts to an Italian company without bidding (in case of Gibe), officials receiving bribes,…and causing all the other mess that comes with corruption and bribes. Then, they use Expat professionals to promote a political agenda with complete disregard to the effect of GERD on human life in neighboring countries.
    I tried to post respectful replies in Ethiopian newspapers (far more polished than this email). First, I got a message “awaiting moderation”. When my comments were not published, I tried again and I got a message that my IP address is blocked. The articles published in Ethiopian newspapers blame Egypt for almost every ill that ever happened to Ethiopia. This extent of thought-control in Ethiopia seems Orwellian.
    I find the reference to “colonial era” treaties misleading. Ethiopia was colonized for several years in which Ethiopia did not sign any treaty related to the Blue Nile. Egypt, however, suffered hundreds of years of colonization. Statements published in ZeHabesha (not in your letters, thank you) on the Ottomans paying Ethiopia for the Nile water is most offensive. The Ottomans colonization of Egypt was, by far, the most oppressive. They enslaved Egyptians and took all what they can carry with them, including skilled workers taken as slaves similar to the West African slaves taken to the Americas. How dare some bring up the alleged Ottoman agreement with an Ethiopian king as something that should be followed. Also, I find it hard to believe that the Ottomans actually made such payment. What historical records are you referring to?
    Ethiopia is trying to extort Egyptians to get money out of them for water; money that Egypt does not owe Ethiopia. The dam is yours, but the water of the Nile is shared since God created the Nile. There are international laws regulating water in shared river basins. Why is Ethiopia so opposing to international arbitration? From what I have seen on the internet, Ethiopia has enough intellectuals, highly educated professionals, and legal experts that can win most legal arguments if there is any validity to them. You talk about the African Union as if it is an effective organization when you do not even have an “Ethiopian Union” nor can Ethiopia control its citizens that violate its laws. I wish there was an effective African Union that can put some checks on tyranny committed by Ethiopian leaders and save Ethiopian lives and the lives of others hurt by them including the lives of the people of Eretria, Somalis, Kenya, Sudan, and now Egypt. You criticize Egypt for involving the U.S. and World Bank, yet Ethiopia and Ethiopians in the US involved the U.S. Black Congressional Caucus and twisted the narrative as if the Egypt-Ethiopia dispute is colonials versus colonized people, or ever worse, light-skinned North Africans versus Black Africans. This whole narrative that some Ethiopians Expat followed is a disgusting lie.
    When I read Ethiopian newspapers, I get a feeling that there is significant hate and brainwashing against Egypt taking place. If you read Egyptian newspapers you will not find any of the racist offensive language that Ethiopians use against Egyptians in the commentaries. Al-Ahram (most circulated newspaper in Egypt) has published highly negative views on the Egyptian policies on the Blue Nile coming from Ethiopian commentators. I have wanted to visit Ethiopia with my family to see the great historical and natural wonders it offers. Lalibela is one place I much want to see. Yet, having read some of the racist comments from Ethiopians on Egyptians and Arabs, in general, I would feel very unsafe visiting Ethiopia. Such ultra-nationalistic narrative that Ethiopia is following might feel good to some but will, eventually, turn inward and cause devastation to Ethiopia and also to Sudan and Egypt. Think about the lives of Ethiopians and Egyptians, while you enjoy your lives in the U.S.. Think about how the Fascists in Italy ended and lead your people away from the ultra-nationalistic path.
    I wish Ethiopia prosperity as I wish that for Egypt and Sudan. Hopefully, peace and justice will prevail.
    Good luck with all the U.S. and European politicians you are contacting. I think you will do better if you are just honest and fair with your fellow Africans in Sudan and Egypt.

  3. Dear my Brother,
    We Ethiopians like our Egptian brothers. We do not hate Egypt people. The same is true for all Arab brothers. That is why many Arab people including from Egypt are enjoying their vacation in Ethiopia.
    We hate only the water share agreement between Egypt and Sudan that excluded Ethiopia.
    Egypt gets 55.5 bcm, Sudan 18bcm a d Ethiopia 0(zero).
    Egypt goverment wants to put pressure on Ethiopia to not use any water from Nile in the future too.
    We all Ethiopians are against this idea.
    I would like to invite you to come to Ethiopia and to be my guest, so that you can see why we need to generate electricity.
    We will use our nile water for other purposes including irrigation in the future too. But we are using our water without harming Egypt. Be sure of it.

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