The PM Abiy administration’s Conundrum

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By Tibebe Birihan 

After a good fresh start when taking the helm a year and half ago, PM Abiy seemed to be destined to unify and pacify the country tormented by TPLF looting gangs for close to 30 years. Those who thought he was the answer to their prayers elevated him to the status of sainthood. They took him as a savior and the man to lead them to the Promised Land. A year and half later, things do seem not as rosy as once thought.

His reluctance to decisively deliver a blowing punch to the bleeding TPLF nose at the outset coupled with his invitations of unsavory ethnic opportunists to the country is now setting the stage for a bloody confrontation. His unwittingly appointing diehard ethnic cadres to the detrimental positions in the federal structure and, sidelining those who served as stepping stone for his ascent is now compounding the problems that he has to deal with. His anger and agitation against the “Balderas” movement and his haste in declaring as a coup what transpired in Bahirdar, further fuels the perception of him as having antipathy to the genuine Ethiopianist blocks.

While he is practically doing everything possible to transfer power to the hands of his ethnic party, his base unfortunately is embroiled with what he has to say as the leader of the country. They are vying to hear hatful and condescending speech targeting the Amara people for the base’s ephemeral pleasure like Meles Zenawi habitually used to do.

The Jawarian Qerros are now emboldened by the frequent tolerance and inaction exhibited by the security establishments while they criminally break the rule of law. They seem to think that they are the only ones who have the rights to do anything without accountability and often times get away with it. This must have created the impression in the mobs mentality that they can go even further to claim the helm and bestow it on their imagined true leader, aka Jawar. One can clearly conclude these intentions after observing the down down Abiy slogans and the burnings of his Medemer books at every gatherings of the mob that calls itself Qerro.

The PM frequently makes the case that democracy is messy and we, as a country are trying to emerge from the past authoritarian and dictatorial rules there by, tolerance is needed. However, one could easily argue against these premises by simply pointing the facts how his administration is dealing with other civic movements in the country, Balderas being the primary case in point. His administration also goes out of its way to apprehend members of NAMA by desperately trying to relate them to the unfortunate event of June 15th in Bahir Dar.

Suffice to say, the PM is now facing a formidable egoistic foe that is never to be satisfied short of replacing him. The opposition from the Oromo base against the PM is so intense and wide that it won’t be an easy task to do business as usual. What seems to be fueling the anger against the PM by his base is the discharging of the duties and responsibilities by the PM as the leader of the country, which seems to be going against the Oromo first manta of the ethnic extremists.  These inherent contradictions are created by the very structural problems that the country is said to have been federalized. One can’t satisfy two masters at the same time with same degree of loyalty. This vexed question of maintaining equilibrium is never the true objective of those who crafted such a system

The prime minister could have balanced the influence of the leaders of the Qerro movement by equally and practically empowering the Ethiopianist forces. These forces are huge in following but mostly silent and shying away from the limelight. The constant and unrelenting campaigns against these forces by the TPLF regime and the extreme ethnic zealots have created the appearance that such forces are relegated to irrelevance. The PM could still not only orally but practically show his stand with Ethiopia and for Ethiopia in such a way by creating the level field for such forces to operate freely and democratically. Short of that, PM Abiy is now becoming the victim of his own making.

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  1. PM Abiy is still hoping the resiliency of the Ethiopian people will somehow let him cruise through 2019 with him holding the post he holds.

    Ethiopians are resilient but that doesn’t mean they have to suffer for it, leaders cannot send their brains to vacation while the country is in turmoil hoping we Ethiopians will get through it somehow since we Ethiopians are always known to be resilient as Abiy is gambling for.

    This “administration”deserves to be recognized in history being the most negligent relieved of his post at once to say the least.

    Transparency checks balances are not part of Abiy’s regime, EPRDF after 28 years in power is not willing to even know what transparency checks balances mean, the only time EPRDF ever knows what transparency is when the country is invaded by foreigners.

  2. My name is welansa . I live in Coosa, Alabama.

    Most ethiopians are suffering from some sort of mental disorder , because they are alienated from the work force being unable to obtain resident and work permit. They are locked behind bars. I do knew a guy from west africa who spent 7 years in Canadian Prison since he had no papers and entered illegaly. Let us return back home if we are not able to live there with dignity. We must not wage war on our own community for political gain and for asylum case.

    I am not Amhara nor Tigray or any other tribe memebre. Oromolangauge should be a national language period!!!!!…etc

    But, the extremist will also tell us tomorrow to accept geda and erecha which is not humane act . We can simply accept it as a culture of neighbouring tribe or nationperiod. We must respect everyone’s culture, identity but not compelling him to integerate to our own culture.

    I donot accept personally , unless you use force like those who killed red indians , every region where there are people speaking ormign or amharigna is not yoursperiod. It is not fair it might be politically correct before extremeists.

    This is my personal view. I am afrid, greed has no limit so tomorrow you will tel us every region is yours since people continue to migrate nonstop!

    Europeans and americans are still migrating in search of jobs and some times claiming we are here to help you while they are in financial difficulty. I could tell you about this more than 6 hours .

    Mere talking is not important in this critical time.

    Let us not be extremists and shouldn’t rely on weapons and physical force to subjugate people.

    I completely understand this is what you learned from your degraded life in overseas under the slavery of white superimacist being locked behind bars for the sake of resident permit and better life. Toture, alienation and many kinds of illtreatment , story of european who succeed controling foreigners using force , killing people using artificial hunger are your models and inspiring stories, saddly speaking .

  3. Your name Tibebe Birhan is paradoxical with your writing. Waite and see the homecoming right soon looser!

  4. Sadly the writer of this article is bias toward the OROMO youth that brought this change and handed the the power to the Nobel PM Abyi Ahmed, who really worked hard in short period, wining World Nobel peace prize between Ethiopia and Eritrea, as well as Sudan, Sonalia and Djaboiti; yet unfortunaly forget to fix internal problems such as majority of Ethiopia’s States want to be Federal based Government. Also funding a solution to OROMO’s internal problems including OPDO, OLF and Qerro of Jawara Mohamed.

  5. Mr Tibebe seems to be very detached from what is going on in Ethiopia. There is no separate kerro and ADP they are one and the same . Either, which is more likely, a conspirator with radical Oromos because he has not said anything regarding this group, or he is completely powerless because ODP already has been taken by Oromo radicals , and they are using him to undo Ethiopia, because Ethiopians are enamored with his words not with his deeds. Jawars crime is not even a discussion issue now within oromo elites , but the issue now bothering theme is there is a divison between supposedly Abay camp and Jawar. Ethiopia people need to understand that Abey And lemma has done us in. So let Abey with Lema can go to hell. Even if they are the most nationalist Ethiopian that has ever lived we are not going to exchange theme for Ethiopia, our beloved country. However, they let the most anti-Ethiopain element take over their ODP, knowingly . Now under their watch genocide is being practiced, by identifying their target Amharas and what they supposed to be Amharas church by giving Jawar an open platform to agitate for mass killing. Ethiopians we are on our own saver. No doubt we going to turn this thing around but we have to start the good fight now not tomorrow. We going to day but we are not going to die in mass as our enemies are conspiring to do it. But we are late but not too late. We pray that God will be with us not to hurt other but to save Ethiopians and Ethiopia.

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