The retuned ‘precious crown’ stolen symbolizes TPLF’s Conspiracy to Erase Ethiopia

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By Teshome Debalke

March 6, 2020

In the middle of the 124th years anniversary of the Adowa Victory, the old colonial master-puppet Woyane that did more looting to erase Ethiopian heritage and history in the name of ethnic nations and nationalities within than what the colonial invaders did in the name of ‘civilizing mission’ from outside as  it plays out on the world Media stage.

Just one Ethiopian stolen treasure returned among 1000s the Woyane regime led loots lost and one report by willfully ignorant  CNN-Africa Senior Producer Bukola Adebayo illustrates,  knowledge on historical facts about colonial powers and their emissaries looting Ethiopian’s treasures for centuries told by willfully ignorant journalists with no professional ethics capsulate where the present problem of Ethiopia began and must end. Bukola Adebayo, the Senior Producer of Africa Program for CNN report proven beyond reasonable doubt that reality.

Adebayo started with factual error from the title stating; “Dutch government returns stolen 18th-century ‘precious crown’ to Ethiopia” with a picture caption that reads; “Ethiopia’s Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed receives the 18th century crown from the Dutch” — contrary to the Ethiopian hero Sirak Asfaw who stored the crown since 1998 until the right time came to return it.

That willful perjury alone would disqualify anyone from being a journalist let alone a Senior Producer of Africa Program for a mainstream western Media CNN. Unfortunately, willful ignorance is the main qualification to be CNN Senior African Program Editor.

As a result, Adebayo failed to inform readers Dutch government has nothing to do with it but did the established diplomatic protocol to hand over stolen national treasure of any nation.

That was the tip of iceberg of the factual error the Senior Producer of CNN-Africa engaged. After she belittled Asfaw as “a former refugee” and failing to find out about the responsible ‘guest’ that stole the crown left behind in a suitcase and,  without exploring why Asfaw was reluctant to return “looted heritage to the same regime” and the Dutch government and why he contacted art detective Arthur Brand and nor how many other stolen historical treasures of Ethiopia remained in British and Italian hands and when and how it was stolen and when it will be retuned, Adebayo went on empty tirade   and concluded; “the treasure was returned  in a special handover ceremony on Thursday where Ethiopian President Abiy Ahmed officially received the artifact”. She skillfully diverted the readers away from looted treasures by fascist Italy during occupation of 1936-1941 and the British after liberation of Ethiopia to what colonial France looted from her African colonies by siting; not 100s of independent sources but a 2018 CNN report.

To make matter even worse, the willfully ignorant CNN-Africa Senior Producer couldn’t tell the difference between the Prime Mister from the President of Ethiopia as she refers Abiy Ahmed as PM and President interchangeably on her own make-believe report.

Never mind the 100s of reports of what British loots from Ethiopia as early as mid-1800, forget what Fascist Italy looted as early as its 1st invasion in 1886 and reinvasion of Ethiopia in mid-1936, set aside what the ruling regime of Woyane led by ousted TPLF member party looted in the last three decades, the best CNN-Africa’s Senior Program Producer Adebayo can site on the subject matter was another CNN’s  2018 report on ‘French collection of looted arts’ from her Franco-African colonies.

Any self-respecting Media outlet would terminate a junior reporter for such deficient reporting, but CNN proudly display Adebayo as its Africa Senior Program Producer.

In contrast, Nena Segal of The New York Times titled the story as Looted Ethiopian Crown resurface in the Netherlands and gave credit to the “Dutch civil servant Sirak Asfaw” (not the “Former refugee”) and reported on the extensive Ethiopian Arts and treasures looted by the British.

Unfortunately, recruiting willfully ignorant journalists is not limited to CNN. The big global wires services as AP, AFA and Reuter and high-profile Media outlets like BBC, DW, MSNBC, Al Jazeera are on the top of the game. Ironically, no one make them accountable for their fabrication of facts.

As the search for stolen arts, books and treasures looted to erase Ethiopian heritage and history continue, the silence of Woyane warlords and surrogates speaks volumes by itself.

In the extended history of one of the oldest nations in the world, what Ethiopians are experiencing at present is not new. What is new is, despites forgiven for unspeakable crimes against Ethiopians as people and Ethiopia as nation, indigenous elites’ onslaught to erase Ethiopia masquerading as intellectual experts on behalf of their sponsors continue unabated.

Fortunately, their temper tantrums to rewrite history is so rotten, they became a laughingstock of Ethiopians and the world alike as their sponsors scramble to save them from their inevitable demise.

Plato, the Athenian philosopher during the Classical period in Ancient Greece recognized as the Founder of the Academy — the first institution of higher learning in Western world wrote, “human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion and knowledge.” Absence of knowledge, he noted; “If a man neglect education, he walks lame to the end of his life.”

Substituting knowledge with fairytale in higher learning institutions produced mindless ethic cadres that ‘walk lame’ in the 21st century as Plato articulated in the 300 B.C. is the problem as Ethiopians witness them make mockery of knowledge to rewrite fairytale history.

The fact, after 1000s of monarchy rule Ethiopians went through Stalin-Lenin politburo elites of the east followed by colonialists’ ethnic apartheid elites of the west in the last five decades indicates, knowledge remained buried like everything that matters to Ethiopians.

Take the recent staged Forum organized by the London based International Institute for Strategic Studies (IIISS) titled External Intervention and Political Development in the Horn of Africa with experts starting Rashid Abdi of International Crises Group from Nairobi setting the tone followed by Martin Plaut  and Mary Harper representing undisclosed interest groups to reinforce  Rashid Abdi’s half-baked analysis of the crises.

  In reality, the Forum was set up for Martin Plaut to undermine PM Abiy Ahmed’s effort to unite Ethiopians and for ending the no-war-no-peace stalemate between Ethiopia and Eretria via the long-time President-for-life Isaias Afwerki labeled as chief terrorist sponsor in the Horn of Africa with all the sanctions that came with it for not complying with the status qua led by the sponsors of the ruling EPDRF ethnic apartheid member party of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF).

Unfortunately, what the two speakers didn’t want the hidden audience of the Forum to know is Martin Plaut is a South African expat turn a British Labor Party’ Secretory of Middle East and Africa (1979)  and a BBC African Editor (1984) presented as a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Common Wealth Studies at London University.

How a South African national under apartheid ended up as British Labor Party Secretory responsible for Middle East and Africa followed as BBC Africa Editor specializing in Horn of Africa and South Africa and the  author of several books including, Unfinished Business: Ethiopia and Eritrea at War (2005),  Understanding Eritrea (2012) and  Who Rules South Africa (2012) is the million-dollar question no one is asking the present fellow Senior Fellow at the Institute of Common Wealth Studies at Forum organized by the London based International Institute for Strategic Studies; not to mention, what and whose strategy he has been advancing as British Labor Party Secretory for African Affairs, as BBC African Editor and a Research Fellow.  

At the meantime, Mary Harper public profile shows she is a journalist and African Editor for BBC since 2009 and author of Getting Somalia Wrong? Faith, War and Hope in a Shattered State (2012) and a Co-author of Is God Pink? Dying to Heal (2006) and Management of Maritime Community for Threatened and Endangered Species (1998).

With that kind of qualification and background that resembles more a lost British tourist than a professional journalist for a major western Media, no one knows how BBC made her its African Editor. Nor, how IISS presented her as expert of anything about Africa at its forum.

Interestingly, what ties the two panelists that ended up on Forum about Horn of Africa crises is BBC as Former and present Africa Editors says more about BBC than the two willfully ignorant journalists and editors.

The fact BBC established three Ethiopian languages programs in 2015 under the present African Editor Harper watch designed specifically for Ethiopia in line with TPLF apartheid divide says more what their mission may be than what they wanted the world to believe. Who initiated it and why raises more questions than answers whether the two expert panelists at the IISS Forum are independent experts and journalists or part of the British government PR stunt to sustain TPLF’s ethnic apartheid divide in Ethiopia against PM Abiy Ahmed reform effort to end it as well as the peace initiative he started with the defiant President for life Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea that didn’t seat well with TPLF’s sponsors plan.

In that regard, Martin Plaut in a cover of Horn of Africa crises made it abundantly clear, united Ethiopia and peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea are unacceptable just like the discarded TPLF led regime operatives continue to do for over two years.

Here it worth to note, the willfully ignorant Rashid Abdi representing the International Crises Group out of Nairobi was the icing on the cake of the South African expat  Martin Plaut turn a British Labor Party Secretory for Middle East and Africa and BBC Africa Editor turn researcher ranting to sustain TPLF instigated ethnic apartheid status qua.

When IISS puts the old apartheid South Africa expat turned a British Labor Party politician, BBC African Editor and Senior Fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies in charge of Horn of Africa and South Africa, it got what it paid for. The question is, what did Africans got but division, conflict, war, exploitation, poverty, migration…?

As far as Ethiopians are concerned Woyane is dead. But its sponsors led by the British believe it can be revived to continue its mission. Once again, Isaias Afwerki is used and, according to Martin Plaut’ insinuation he is an ethnic Tigrayan that belongs in Greater Tigray Region not the President of Eritrea just like Italian Fascist regime’s East Africa territory led by Mussolini between 1936-41.

Is history repeating itself? Watching European colonialist of Africa behave like a drunken-sailors at the league of nation to throw Fascist Italy occupied Ethiopia under the bus should remind us history is repeating itself.

Therefore, manufacturing conflicts or fairytales and showing up as peacemakers and experts at staged forums was and will continue to be the name-of-the-game.   Unfortunately, willfully ignorant indigenous elites led by TPLF operatives are selling their soul for pennies to comply against the people of Ethiopia.

In the 124-years anniversary of the Adowa Victory over European colonization,  Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia should expect and pay close attention to the no-peace-no-war ethnic apartheid stalemate in Ethiopia led by PR personnel masquerading as researchers, journalists and authors showing up on forums and Medias in the same old colonial British way to continue.

But we can blame the old European colonialists led by the British all we want. Ultimately, the willfully ignorant indigenous conduit led by TPLF warlords and operatives are responsible for the crises in Ethiopia and for reform effort led PM Abiy Ahmed to correct it.

The sooner they are identified and pay the ultimate price for subversion, the sooner the people of Ethiopia and Ethiopia will be free.

The article is dedicated for the fallen Ethiopian patriots Woyane erased from the memory of the youth of Ethiopia


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4 Responses to The retuned ‘precious crown’ stolen symbolizes TPLF’s Conspiracy to Erase Ethiopia

  1. kudos to you Teshome, indeed first article to read Ethiopians being critical of the western boys and girls aptly named EXPERTS OF AFRICA are here to saw mistrust and destruction on Africa. Good Read.

    March 6, 2020 at 4:48 pm

  2. I could not say it any better!

    March 7, 2020 at 8:28 am

  3. Wow., ethiopian’s criticizing white people? Thats new. Usually you say yes sir! thank you sir. We will see how long your defiance lasts. As soon as they cut off the AID you will start to speak nice words again. I’m hoping im wrong but ethiopia’s history shows that it follows its belly not its heart.

    March 8, 2020 at 7:28 pm

  4. Teshome Debalke, you speak truth to power. You have the courage and foresight of a great Ethiopian patriot. Your article is highly educational and informative to a much confused population interested in the current crises perpetuated by Trump and El-Sisi. The GERD is going to be completed on time by 2023 and generate income for Ethiopia. No power on Earth is going to stop Ethiopians from completing it and use its hydropower. Egyptians better accept the current reality of the rising star called Ethiopia. America is already showing signs of realizing its mistake falling for your scheme, and soon the Arab League will realize its mistakes in attacking righteous Ethiopia. God has already spoken in the deluge and Corona virus sparing Ethiopia. You Arabs do not ever forget the admonishment of the Prophet not to attack Ethiopia. Thanks Teshome for an excellent article. Tecola

    Tecola W. Hagos
    March 23, 2020 at 8:19 am

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