The selective moral indignation of Susan Rise is beyond the fluid behavior of President Trump

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Susan Rice’s selective outrage on Trump’ rhetoric as “language dictators use to incite violence and genocide” didn’t prevented her from embracing dictators of her choice that used languages to incite violence and genocide. Why now and, why Trump?

In the words of Mark Twain, “get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please”

By Teshome Debalke
September 12, 2019

The Former Senior National Security Adviser to President Obama Susan Rice is back in the Media spotlight with selective moral outrage following mass-shootings  with staggering numbers of lost lives and injuries in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio piggybacking on the perplexing way President Trump handled the horror inflected on the people.

Rice, a ‘Distinguished Visiting Research Fellow at School of International Service at the American University  that often frequent in speaking engagement at think-tanks like The Aspin Institute Security Forum  as foreign policy expert outraged by mass-shootings in two America cities she condoned elsewhere around the world is the very definition of selective moral outrage as well as double standard many western political and corporate elites that engage in monetizing the sanctity of human life like commodity with price tag.

In a New York Times’ August 6, 2019 Opinion title When the President is a Bigot, the Poison Spread she wrote; “the President’s appalling goal, quite simply, is to pit Americans against one another for crass political purpose as well as, it seems, to vent his unabashed personal prejudice.”

Similarly, in a CNN appearance trumping Trump’s rhetoric as “language dictators use to incite violence and genocide” she claims to experience in her long public service at the State Department.

Her just released book, ‘Tough Love: My story of Things Worth Fighting For’ further reviles, the bubble the establishment elites’ under illustrated by her peers’ book review.

Among the people that reviewed the book includes, her mentor Former Clinton Administration Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.  But what stood out was Henry Louis Gate, Jr, the famous public intellectual and American literary critic and historian at Harvard University. He summarized;

“At the core of Rice’s story, and brilliant career, is a fearless commitment to the truth and an wavering devotion to the lesson she inherited as the decedent of Jamaican immigrants in Main and enslaved African in South Carolina: to prize education as a path up to American dream and to have confidence to be herself…”.

Contrary to the conventional wisdom of the establishment elites, the reality is Trump is a mirror image of what Rice throughout her political career did in foreign lands. Unless nations’ borders determine selective outrage on the loss of human lives, as much as Trump behavior is repaginate; she is not qualified to judge.

It should remind us what the notoriously corrupt and long-time Former dictator of Haiti President Jean-Claude Duvalier better known as Baby Doc said, “When people talk to me about tyranny, it makes me laugh and give me the impression that people suffer from Amnesia.”

Indeed, even infamous dictators like Baby Doc sometime make sense about people’s selective Amnesia. Susan Rice like Trump has her own favorite dictators around the world to glamorize. After all, every establishment politician and businessman seem to have his or her favorite tyrants at home and abroad. If they didn’t, the world as we know it would have been a safer place where no one need to involuntarily migrate.

Therefore, no one knows why Rice that traveled half-way around the world to praise her long-time favorite xenophobic dictator Melse Zenawi of Ethiopia that wasted tens-of-thousands of lives of innocent Ethiopians under her watch and support is selectively outraged by a 74-year-old President Trump’s respond to the two shooting in Texas and Ohio except it is good politics or business.

“Sometimes, when outrage begat outrage with enough frequency, it threatened the fabric of the universe, and the universe pushed back” wrote Dennis Lehane,  the famous American author of more than dozen novels and crime fictions, including a Drink Before the War, World Gone By and Gone, Baby Gone.

Likewise, sometimes, examining self-righteous moral superiority over others if exercised is the greatest gift one possesses. But in both cases, Rice like her boss Obama and many of her peers miserably failed to see; they are no different than people they despise.

Undeniably, America is on the edge, so the world. Clearly, President Trump is NOT the cause but the symptom of what went wrong in the last decade.  If pointing finger is necessary, the merger of Government, Wall Street, Hollywood and mainstream Media Rice is part-and-partial against mainstreet America makes a compelling case no self-aggrandizing ‘Tough Love’ book or its reviewers’ praise would cure.

No longer there is separation of power in the good-old Constitutional Republic of the USA.  Government became a steppingstone to cash in on Wall Street and Hollywood. Mainstream Media is no longer a check on power but promotional podium for politicians’ popularity contests to corporate revolving door policy.

The ‘Constitutional Scholar’ President Obama and the constitutionally challenged President Trump like their predecessors are no different cashing in on Wall Street and Hollywood as well as from foreign depots and oligarchs of their likings in-one-form-or-another.

President Obama and his former officials as their predecessors before are doing what they know best for themselves. Therefore and as expected, ‘Obama Foundation lands donation from celebrities, corporate foundations, venture fund managers and African Oligarchs’ reported the Chicago Sun Times.  The fact African richest man Akiko Dangote of Nigeria millions of dollars donation by itself says; there is more to the story than what the Foundation PR machine put out and mainstream Media selective ignores.

Since he left the White House Obama’s engagements are better chronicled by Town and Country Magazine in June 2019 article titled Here’s what Barak Obama Is Doing Now that includes, working on Obama Presidential Center, producing sets of films and series documentary under a new film production Higher Ground company and writing his memoir and visiting his favorite political and business leaders of the world.

Unfortunately, Obama’s ‘African Legacy’ remained sketchy since he visited Kenya and Ethiopia in July of 2015  and endorsed the brutal ethnic apartheid ruling party of Ethiopia that declared itself the winner of the May Election by 100% vote as “democratically elected government and a reliable partner of America” — defying everything he stood for at the beginning of his presidential bid.

The Obama Foundation reported African activities incudes, Leaders: African Program in South Africa — “seeking emerging leaders who have demonstrated potential impact, a clear commitment to integrity, and are at early stage of their Journey” and, in Ghana partnering with a Nigerian NGO GIG Logistic Partners “with NGO Aim Higher Africa, which is founded by Obama Foundation Leader and Head of Digital Media  Partnership for Forbes Africa to launch the Back-2-School give-away for 1000 Children in low income community in Accra, according to American Journal of Transportation.

Conspicuously missing from the Foundation’s support for African emerging leaders’ “commitment to integrity” is representative democracy. Unfortunately, the well-crafted PR of the Foundation is nothing short of fund-raising scheme of the liberal establishment order Susan Rice reflected.

By no means, the conservative establishment leaders’ selective amnesia is no better. Their last selective outrage on the Clinton Foundation that reportedly had shady fund-raising scheme from corporate foundations and the world’s notorious depots and oligarchs are nowhere to be found when it comes to their own transgression with the world dictators and oligarchs.

For instance, despite countless corruption allegation Trump and his officials as late as Aug 19, 2019 Open Secret reports, Trumped-tied operatives register as foreign agents of Libya Wealth Fund.  Accordingly, David Schwartz, the former lawyer for Cohen (Trump’s long-time personal lawyer) and his “business partner, political strategist and lobbyist Bradley Gerstman that co-own the law firm Gerstman Schwartz LLP as well ass the consulting group Gotham Government Relation are registered as Foreign Agents ‘to preform legal service related to Libya Investment Authority’s frozen assists and to advice the authority on how to resolve the status of the investment, according to the recent FARA filing”.  It is not clear if it is related to the UN-baked government under attack by Saudi-Emiratis led General Haftar’s offensive forced the government to hire to lobby the Trump Administration.

‘Two wrongs don’t make right’. The political, business and Media establishments leaders’ race to the bottom, one thing is abundantly clear – ultimately everybody losses. Unfortunately, those that has nothing to do with ‘the race to the bottom’ infighting will pay the highest price in blood and treasure.

Embracing tyranny in any form or shape at home or abroad with selective amnesia may temporarily look good for politics or the pocketbooks but, if history is a lesson, ultimately, there wouldn’t be no pocketbook nor liberty.

Susan Rice’s selective outrage on Trump’ rhetoric as “language dictators use to incite violence and genocide” didn’t prevented her from embracing dictators of her choice that used languages to incite violence and genocide. Why now and, why Trump? In the words of Mark Twain, “get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please”

‘Tough Love: My story of Things Worth Fighting for’ may need to be categorized as fiction. After all, unlike the esteemed reviewers of the book, what worth fighting for doesn’t include selective distortion of facts for political or economic ends.

“The injury we do and the one we suffer are not weighed in the same scale” – Aesopian







  1. Dear Professors Alemayehu G. Mariam and amharan super scientist Teshome Debalk

    zerebis zeregnaw amhara niftemu

    your evidences are written and organized by neftegna amhara professors lived in US. You will see if you are fortunate to stay for ages to come . Amharan or oromo leaders wil destroy ethiopia; There will not be agood time for years to come and you will constantly say it was laid and perpetrated by TPLF as there is no one to blame except TPLF before your damn eyes.

    Thank you zeregnaw

  2. Let me guess Melat is a Northern.
    Just follow the facts not your personal feels then you will have your answers.
    Can’t have your cake and eat it too.
    Time is up for Woyane weather like it or not.
    Next is to minimize and uproot Woyane from the ECONOMY.

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