The stories form Oromia region we hear are so graphic and objectionable

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Soresa Soresa 

People who have lived for ages in the region specially in Asela and Zway area have been slaughtered and their head hanged up. You might already have seen the videos in you tube. This is not the first time happening in Oromia. We remember a lot more. This may not be the last, hope God helps.

I am so confused and angry of what is happening in Ethiopia. I am worried about the poor, the powerless, the children, mothers and elderly people who are victims of atrocity in the so called Oromia region not even protected by regional security apparatus. We have cried and buried Hachalu; even political authorities the likes of Oromia head of state, perhaps the prime minster and other people cried and buried Hachalu. However, lots of other innocent Ethiopians who did not deserve dying, died because they simply worked, served the people, lived and owned property died in the harshest way imaginable. Their only sin might be they just spoke Amharic.

I am not sure what the Oromo extremists and the misguided youth want now besides behaving like a zoo animal run amok killings destroying everything in their way. They said they were repressed; however they themselves were part of any imaginable repressive government in. They said they faced war atrocity in the period of unification of Ethiopia however they seemed to overlook that they ransacked, destroyed other Ethnics in the country and Oromized all (Mogasa, Gudifecha) grabbing a large swath of the Ethiopian land. They said they were not loved or whatever you have to say. Ethiopian people showed their patience and love even with killing and destruction. They are heads of the military, the bank, the prime minster, attorney general, other minsters, Mayors and what have you. They have all sorts of cultural and linguistic freedom of expression. The Ethiopian public patiently did not complain. Because we assumed they are our brothers, Ethiopians. Nobody cared for them to lead. What was sked for was justice, equity, peace, the right to live, work own property anywhere in the country and don’t repeat the atrocities of previous dictators. Well now let us put blame on TPLF since it is still alive, Egypt both of which could stoke the situation. That is genuine. But my question is what do the Oromo extremists want now? Is there problem the PM? Did not he promise free election for them to try their chance on the ballot? Who is the best Oromo if Dr Abiy is not Oromo enough!? He has responsibility of over 100 million Ethiopians, not Oromo alone. They want him sell everybody for the sake of Oromo interest? What is Oromo interest? He is head of state; he should deal the interest of ethnics in the context of Ethiopia. Misguided Oromo youth with stick, machete or axe on the road hunting the weak and fostering destruction is a very symbol of inhumane culture and lack of civilization. This has to be condemned if occurs in any part of the country or the globe. Civility is the most acceptable way of expression of freedom in 21 first century.

It is my feeling, before the country descends into further chaos, the government has to search its soul. I don’t believe all PP leaders /cadres are clean from the blood. It is interesting not seeing the Minster of Defense, Obo Lemma, in situations like this (apology if I missed him) and PM is taking all responsibility by himself. Obviously, the leftovers of TPLF need to be finished. You can’t keep ex-general who managed a national security apparatus who says I would prefer Egypt to run GERD etc without bringing him to justice and assume nation will remain peaceful. You can’t allow criminals free and expect the nation to be peaceful. However difficult he dealing might be, this has to be addressed. Ethnic extremists from any region of the county and their media outlet need to be dealt legally. Specially Jawar et al. Jawar simply does not have the persona, the maturity to participate in any mature political conversation in Ethiopia. He is an emotionally unstable, manipulator and mob leader advantaged by OMN and internet. He is national and regional security risk. Government must legally address foreign citizenship holding people of Ethiopian descent who stoke ethnic cleansing on the internet and different ways.

Lastly, on 7/4/2020 I was watching Al jazeera a program called “Inside story” which was a talk on current Ethiopian situation. The narrative was completely biased. The participants were Dr Awol Allo who is based in UK who thinks he knows all about Ethiopia but Oromo extremist sympathizer, David Shin and Human right lady (it looked she was interfering in what a country should and should not do). It was a biased conversation, no one from the Ethiopia government side to provide government view; it was played out as if Oromo are victims whereas they are representing just small pie of the nation while over 50% of the population actually are politically less advantaged than the Oromo at this time. Foreign living Ethiopians should do more on this regard. Some party has to stand up against the false narrative Oromo oppressed, Oromo that…The government also has to watch conversations in international media and provide response, file discontent like as mentioned in the case of Al Jazeera. I want to conclude with RIP Hachalu, Let God provide peace to his family. He was young aspiring Ethiopian whatever his mistakes were he fought TPLF risking his life. Ethiopians owe him

Zereginet yiwdem!


  1. Oromia hosts non-natives more than any other State / Region in Ethiopia. Oromos host all sorts of ethnic Ethiopians in numbers compared to any other ethnic regions / State in Ethiopia. Other regions / states in Ethiopia host small numbers of other ethnicities but Oromia region hosts a lot of non Oromos.

    Tigray , Amara , Ogaden , Southern , Gambella , Afar …. regions don’t host numerous other ethnic groups as Oromia region does. Please refrain from bad mouthing Oromos as genociders. Oromos are currently being victimized by the settlers not the other way around.

    Hold the census and let the truth come out about which region is the destination of all Ethiopians and which regions are not. The ones that are killing people in Oromia currently are not Oromos. Almost all of the one hundred sixty six victims are Oromos with most of the killers are being mostly Gurages and some Amaras. They killed Hachalu then killed his uncle in total they killed 166+ mostly Oromo civilians.

  2. Egypt is getting desperate as the final day nears when we will start filling the dam.

    For those Ethiopians who have easily forgotten, I remind you what transpired the summer of 2013 as a wake up call. Back then, 3 June 2013, to be precise, the Egyptian government held a National Security Council meeting to deliberate on the Ethiopian dam. Chaired by President Mohamed Morsi, the meeting involved representatives of all the political and social forces in the country, including representatives of the Coptic Church and other minority religions in the country. The churchmen offered to mediate the dispute through their links with the Ethiopian Church, but the mood in the room was particularly warlike, and a leading Egyptian kingmaker (Ayman Nour) proposed a program of political violence against and destabilization of Ethiopia using economic and political means. Nour’s proposals called for using Ethiopia’s ethnic and religious diversity against it as well as military actions and diplomatic and geopolitical encirclement. His discourse and arguments turned the meeting into something akin to a nineteenth-century imperial war council.
    Does it come as any surprise then that Egypt’s playbook today (sewing ethnic division in Ethiopia, outright military threats , attempts at isolating Ethiopia and bringing pressure on the country internationally) is exactly as Nour has prescribed in 2013?

    It might very well be that the worst is yet to come as Egypt gets more and more hysterical to derail our resolve. Buckle up folks! This is the time. This is the moment when we shall be severely tested. We should not tire. We shall not rest. We shall not waiver ’till the waters of Abay/Blue Nile is finally harnessed to liberate 115 million of our people from poverty.

  3. Soresa I fully agree with your statement and like you I really don’t understand and puzzled what the Oromia protest leaders such as Jawar Mohammed and radical youth want beyond controlling most of the top Federal leaderships including Prime Minister, Defence Minister, Attorney General, Addis Ababa mayor and other top military and Ministerial roles. Instead of appreciating and promoting the new changes and reform in the country the Oromo radical leadership and their young followers harass, intimidate and kill other Ethiopians who live in the Oromia Region and Addis Ababa with cruel methods in stabbing and by using a blunt force such as club and sticks. I don’t know what they want beyond controlling most of the top Ethiopian political and Economic apparatus throughout the Federal system. This is beyond belief to understand or what is going on in the overall Oromo leadership throughout the country. Beyond Jawar and his surrogates such as Bekele Gerba even the Oromia Prosperity Party leadership led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Lemma Megersa, Shimelis Abdisa, Addanech Abebe, etc… most of the times forget their roles in unifying the country and lead by example. Instead of giving strong and unifying leadership almost all of these leaders in one way or another in the last two years act and doublespeak to appease the narrow minded and divisive Oromo individuals such as Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba. If Jawar and Bekele act in the manner they acted in Ethiopia in western countries in propagating and advocating hate crimes against other ethnic groups such as the Amharas, Gurages and other ethnic groups they would face the full force of the law and put in prison for a long time. But, in Ethiopia up to now Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government was unwilling to act on these perpetrators who killed hundreds of people and destroyed hundreds of millions of Birr of properties by using uneducated and manipulated young people with hate propaganda and divisive politics. Hopefully, this time Abiy and his Oromo PP leadership group understood and realized how close Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba became in overthrowing the current Ethiopian government through mob violence and undemocratic means. Appeasing radical Oromo hate propagators such as that of Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba couldn’t bring stability and peace in the country. These violent individuals brought an extreme sorrow and sadness to a lot of people throughout the country especially in Oromia and Addis Ababa . This is a wake- up call for prime minister Abiy Ahmed and other Ethiopian leaders.
    Finally, I want to remind and ask the government to compensate to all individuals who lost their life and properties. Particularly, those who lost their hotels, private schools, houses and businesses in Shashmane Zuria, Arsi Zone and other Oromia Region should be compensated for their loss. The criminal perpetrators who organized and acted in this heinous crime must be hunted and punished for this despicable act. I’m sad to see the Oromo young people of today are burning Schools, Hotels and other essential businesses in their own local communities which are beneficial to their own families. A good example for this is in Shashmane the violent thugs burnt a private school which educates more than four thousand young smart students and according some educators this school is among the best in the Region.

  4. It is unbelievable to see how much civility has deteriorated from the king’s time to the present. It started with the military government calling names the ousted king’s government detained ministers, landowners, elders and business people. Respect for elders was wiped out. Anybody who had built wealth for himself was considered as a reactionary who got it illegally rather than through his sweat. Hence they were demonized. It went on and on like that, slowly eroding sense of community and caring for each other. Citizens who had acquired land by legally buying were dispossessed;. Those who had more than one homes, different lines of businesses were made to keep one and give up the rest to the government. Lawlessness and injustices started there and then.
    The military government used to kill those who didn’t go along with them and played war cry like music over the radio demeaning the deceased and how invincible they were.
    They created classes according to communist dogma and anybody that was well-off was envied and considered as a blood sucker of the poor. AS if that was not enough, the ethnicist TPLF came to power and started to sow propaganda against Amharas to get them wiped out according to their manifesto. They were successful to wipe out 3.5 million Amharas during their rule.
    The Ethiopian society was so much assimilated on their own volition, you could not tell who was who just by their names unless you knew the background of the person. Anybody that spoke Amharic was considered as an a Amhara and it was a fair game to vilify and murder Amharas.
    The unscrupulous individuals continued blaming Amharas even though they weren’t in power for a long time and indoctrinated the Oromo youth (Qeerroos) and produced robots like the ones in the pictures.

  5. “I am not sure what the Oromo extremists and the misguided youth want now”? you ask. Being “extremists” or “misguided” is you point of view. What they want is one and simple: FREEDOM from century old subjugation and repression.


  6. Fake name Soresa Soresa, I am going call you by your nickname ሹክሹክታ ሹክሹክታ

    You’re the one fueling the extremism with your misguided propaganda.

    ሹክሹክታ why don’t you solemnly swear that you’re up to no good.

    Who ever you are you’re the proverbial objectionable fart. There’s nothing more objectionable than the fart of an old man; it doesn’t even have to matter what you’re farting about.” Under the oromo gada system, which based on geerational leadrrshiop, youy would have been retired 25 years ago. But still here farting.
    you’re like a feces. a contemptible or worthless person same as a vomit. Tell me is this your ideas the purpose of life? Is is fun for you?, without a care in the world begin wreaking havoc on everything you pass. Now that’s what I call pure, honest evil.

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