”There is a terrorist command center in USA working to destabilize Ethiopia and the horn of Africa” Ethiopian” Journalist Eskindir Nega

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Breaking News Ethiopia – ”There is a terrorist command center in USA working to destabilize Ethiopia and the horn of Africa” Ethiopian journalist Eskindir Nega disclosed in Washington DC on November 24,2019.ማዕከሉን አሜሪካ ያደረገ የሽብር ቡድን ኢትዮጵያን ለማተራመስ እየሰራ ነው። (ቪድዮ)

  • የሽብር ቡድኑ በኢትዮጵያ ሴሎች፣የዕዝ ሰንሰለት እና ከመካከለኛው ምስራቅ የሚያገኘው የገንዘብ ፈሰስ አለ።
  • The terrorist team has his own cell, command chain and financial assistance from middle east

ጉዳያችን / Gudayachn / November 24/2019 
ህዳር 14/2012 ዓም 
Eskindir Nega is Economics graduate from American University (private research University in Washington DC) . He has completed his high school from Sanford American High school in Addis Ababa. In 1980s he traveled to USA for further study and came back home in 1991, when the dictator Mengistu rule was overthrown.Since 1991 Eskindir is working in Ethiopia with chief editor to his own  News paper. His News papaer is one of the  highest circulating news paper in the country. Eskindir is also a human rights activist as a result he has been jailed seven times by the former regime of Ethiopia before the reformists came to power in 2018.

Eskindir Nega is a winner of a number of international awards including –

  • 2012 PEN/Barbara Goldsmith Freedom to Write Award
  • 2014 World Association of Newspapers’ Golden Pen of Freedom Award
  • 2017 International Press Institute World Press Freedom Hero
  • 2018 Oxfam Novib/PEN Award

The below video is Eskindier Nega’s speech, on the the existence of terrorist command center in USA, for thousands of Ethio-Americans residing in Washington DC and peripherals.



  1. It is surprise to me and the international community how a person falsely branded as terrorist by the TPLF regime turn to call another person falsely as terrorist. I think it is madness or an Abyssinian disease that is contagious and passing from one political elite to the other – from the Tigraian elites to the Amhara elites to call innocent Oromo as a terrorist. I think this disease will continue to dissipate so long as the Abyssinian ego of ruling Ethiopia without participating other people of the country. These group of people like/Abyssinian political elites have no shame to brand individuals falsely so long as they aimed to benefit out of it. The good brad for them is telling to the West that they are their only supporters and incriminate potential politicians they fear to convince by producing convincing idea. That is why they always tell the West that there could be terrorists that can attach the interest of the west in the Horn being supported by the Arab/Muslim. This was the old fashioned they used for centuries. Be it the government or those supporting Ethiopian government or those intending to come to political power always “there are extremists/terrorists coming to attack Horn or the region. This is to get political/arms support from the West to perpetuate their rule over the oppressed nations. They have to understand that this is not the time as usual where they can easily obtain support from their western allies without any evidence. I wonder when do these people learn to openly discuss with fellow countrymen to resolve existing political conflicts? We pray for Waqa to give these bustard common sense.

  2. This person is not a “Human Rights” activist. Rightly he is an “Oromo-hating, Amara superiority” activist. Do not call a hater a rights activist.

  3. Dear Mr. Editor,

    There is no Sanford American High School. Sanford is an English High School. I am a former graduate of the school. When I attended that school it used to be called “English School”.

    In case you are not aware, Sanford was a Colonel in the British Army who escorted His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie along with General Wingate when the Emperor returned from Europe after the defeat of Italy. Later, both Sanford and Wingate opened schools named after them. General Wingate High School was established in the Gulele area and it was only a high school. Sanford, on the other hand, had kindergarten, elementary and high school located in the Kebena area. It was later called “English School” and after many years, during the Derge regime, it was again called “Sanford”. So much so for the historical fact.

    The following Amharic statement should be corrected as follows:

    • የሽብር ቡድኑ በኢትዮጵያ ሴሎች ፣ የዕዝ ሰንሰለት እና ከመካከለኛው ምስራቅ የሚያገኘው የገንዘብ
    ፈሰስ አለ።

    • The terrorist team has its own cells, command chain and financial
    assistance from the middle east.

    Finally, please write good English. The introduction you wrote is not of the highest calibre expected of a journalist!!

  4. I would not be surprised by this accusation. The old country has been the dream trophy of the deep pocketed Wahhabis for quite some time now. Do you expect me to believe that the Wahhabis will let you come to their hood and let you go without having a word or two with you, a well known figure? Tell that someone else!!! For sure that dog don’t hunt!!!!!

  5. I think we should focus more on the human right than english grammar and
    school name. We all have felt bad the country is in such a mess political situation and devided with religions and ethnics.it is not the time to point finger on some one who sacrifices his life for his country when others working against their own country and help enemies with the exchange of money and yet our country men are being g killed by their own brothers and sisters. It is the time we need to think to bring reconciliation and work towards unity, let is learn from European countries before 75 years and now European union

  6. Ethnic politics is so primordial but it here with us in 21 century alive and kicking, no matter the acronym he/ or she is bestowed from the western educational institutions the pull of ethnic politics renders it useless. Even those who have been fighting the weyane ethnic dictatorship, now those accused of Ethnic mistreatment of other change hands and appears to be of their own, just like weyanes vilify those who raise the injustice of Ethnic discrimination. Those who are accused of this ethnic cleansing in coordinated manners are brought to light, and officially the government and the report coming from Ethiopia is clear on that, they don’t condemn the crime against targeted community of Amharas and Orthodox Christians, or Welamos , but they are outraged how dear Eskender is putting this savage tribal murderers in limelight the cause of the so called Oromo nationalist fuse burn.
    Do they dispute keero is secretly organized underground organization – no
    Do they dispute keero could have been able to organize as a political organization with party program, and compete in free election– yes it could have
    , but it is organized to committee political crime when its leader Jawar want them to.
    Do jewar lead keeros commite this crimes.
    Burn properties, factories, cars , block roads? Yes yes yes yes
    Do they burn churches in coordinated manner? yes yes
    Do they infiltrated the Oromia Police, ODP that is the Oromo Democratic Party? Yes Yes Yes
    Oromia Police covers Keero crime, and Participate in killings itself. So Keero and the Oromia police work in the Ethnic cleansing. Those Oromo cheer leaders view is “ keeros are Son of a bitch, but they are our son of a bitch ) Any one who try to expose these savage mobs is considered an enemy – all the cursing post above is a good demonstration that .
    These Jawars foot solders called keeros are the Boko Haram of Ethiopia in offing. No doubt about it. Keeros have done everything what Boko Haram has done in Nigeria, except that ODP and the Oromia Police have a supporting hand for keeros crime.
    The leader uses it OMN media to propagate hate, indicate who the targats are, specifically Amharas and Orthodox Church. When Jawar sneezes Jawars foot solders exactly now where to go to commit their heinous crime. Whom to behead, which church to burn, which road to close, what kind of weapon they use, exactly as Boko Haram . So those who support the keero Terrorist – they can support them but they cannot hide the evidences of these terrorist Organization. They will be hunted down.

  7. If somebody has the smallest trace of common sense what additional evidences are required in order to prove that this man is a terrorist than simply observing the series of evil events going on in this country under his vanguardship.
    1. Burning church clergy people alive and burning to ashes of the churches , because simply they are symbols of Christianity.
    2. Locking up doors and windows of homes.Then seting fire on the house with mother and child inside.
    3. Blocking roads and trying to starve both urban and rural communities.
    4.Preaching hostility against Amharas and other groups who do not advocate his devilish ideas; to the extent of saying in public that there is no Christian Oromo and we should behead them with “mencha”.
    I can add a lot to the list if needed.

  8. Mr Eskinder you play with fire.finfinee is natural and constitutional land of promo people.oromo people don’t ask another people land but they ask their land.mr Eskinder you cross red line.we cannot tolerate more than this ?Who is terrorist you or keep?

  9. Mr Eskinder you play with fire.finfinee is natural and constitutional land of promo people.oromo people don’t ask another people land but they ask their land.mr Eskinder you cross red line.we cannot tolerate more than this ?Who is terrorist you or kero?

  10. I think Eskinder is pushing Ethiopian politics more to the far right, and this is a danger to a nation that is fighting all kinds of extremism. What he did in Mark Center Hilton yesterday is something he couldn’t do here at home because the politics here is moving to the center thanks to the elites gathered by former Ginbot 7 leaders and the recent move of EPRDF into a new party. The kind of people Eskinder was surrounded yesterday are a labiality to Ethiopia and Eskinder himself. You can’t fight extremism using extremists as tools. Esknder says that Ethiopia is heading towards genocide, and he is trying to stop it using a force that is itself extremist. This invites a war between two extremists which is a opening the doors of genocide. Eskinder who calls himself an activist is nothing but an Amhara Advocate who works with NAMA behind the scene. He is working hard to discredit Ezema and give Addis to NAMA on silver platter. In my opinion, the Diaspora that fought the TPLF regime very hard is now very much divided and its use to support democratic changes in Ethiopia is now limited. To me supporting Eskinder is the same as supporting Jawar though the two are very different personalities running different causes. Jawar seems to oppose OLF (since 2010), but now they seem to be running the same political agenda. Eskinder is the same, he seems to be fighting for a national political cause, but he is a NAMA man in Addis. Again, to me there is not difference between Jawar and Eskinder and between NAMA and OLF. Ethiopia needs more moderate forces like Kibour Ghenna, Dr. Semir Yesof, Efrem Madebo, Lencho Bati, Berhanu Nega, Dr Miheret Debebe, Geresu Tufa and so on

  11. Eskinder Nega is mentally disabled and trying to accuse half of the population of Ethiopia, the Oromo, as a terrorist. He is one of the old empire dreamer, Minilik II, who massacred 5 million Oromo people when he expand to the south in 19th century. He still thinks as much Oromo must be killed to achieve the dream of his hitler king idea of massacre of Oromo people. Anyone can get published do, about Minilik, which many in Ethiopia call the black Hitler. Eskinder as an educated in USA mentally unstable poetical activist person asks a help from the west for code word “Terrorism” to fight the half population of Ethiopia, the Oromo, just because he likes the Minilik empire building to continue subjugating Oromo.

  12. I think, the idea of accusing the politically rival person or groups is not new. It is long-standing labeling them so thing them to be excepted from political activities. Especially If the groups are Muslim origin, he or they are vulnerable to be attached to any Terriorist organizations which the west countries Isolate or ban the person or the group with out verification or evidence

  13. Amhara elites are accustomed to using this sort of accusation to convince thier gullible fans

    religion is thier weapon to divide and achive thier gola of coming to power .
    that why they scold us as if we are folowers of 666 , and ashebari etc

  14. Good work Eskender!

    Guys, let us remain human otherwise let us know if you are a different being?

    Jewar has proeved to be so, a terorist. atleast with his 2 very simple yet irrisponsible speaches we observed what happened in different places in Addis Abeba and many other locations all over. More over he is ever a hate preacher which can help noone else but himself b/s he makes in one or the other way money out of it.

  15. Eskinder is a full crazy and insane person. I can guess that he was being injected hatrage by his ancestors. He is fully dominated by very barbaric and backward thinking. He is adding more fuel to burn the country. It is time to say him no. His effort is to put our oromo brothers as enemy. He has been building strong ladders for narrow group raising to the tip of the mountain. By so doing they are able to have helicopter view and watch us so easy.


    Which demands of Oromo is Lemma referring to? All of a sudden team Lemma Megersa is saying OROMO DEMANDS need to be met before the merger , without being specific to the demands he is referring to.

    Maybe Oromos are demanding the JawaristQuerro terrorists actions remain a secret with.np.justice being served.

    Is team Lemma Megersa using this merger as a bargaining chip to get the demands of Oromos met or does team Lemma really think now is the wrong time for the merger?

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