Tigray Republic is a A Mafia Enterprise !!!!!

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Tedla Asfaw
Tedla Asfaw
Tedla Asfaw

Ethiopia Ethnic map of nine Zones/ Kilils which is two decades old is created by TPLF and OLF. It is illegal from day one !!!! TPLF created a Tigray Kilil by incorporating fertile land from Gonder, Wello and Afar. It also makes Tigray to have common border with Sudan.

The armed confict to get back these stolen land from Tigray has not stopped since then. Full fledged war similar to the one in Yemen, Syria and Libya is a big possibility when Tigray declares independent !!!!!
 Similar ethnic land claims and conflicts is going on in other regions including the capital Addis Ababa. Tigray is just one ethnicity among more than eighty.
Dividing Ethiopia into nine Kilils has not benefited anyone but Tigray. Nations and Nationallities is just a slogan used by TPLF to Steal and Dominate  from the center !!!!
After TPLF lost power in the center two years ago is now playing its last card from its basement in Tigray hotel to come back if not breakaway with its loot !!!
No one is going to accept the Tigray Republic that stole huge fertile land in any election organized by anybody.
The illegal Ethnic Map of Ethiopia which is similar to fascist Italy map of Ethiopia 83 years ago will not get new life in our time by preparing any election or referendum.
The TPLF mafia that stole and stashed billions of dollars in foreign banks have no chance of declaring a Mafia Republic to be recognized by African Union or UN.
Ethiopians should tell the true story how Ethiopia and Ethiopians have suffered 27
years under TPLF armed thugs similar to Al Qaeda, Al Shabab and Boku Haram unfotrunatley financed by Western powers following 9/11 in the name of fighting Terrorism.
It is time for TPLF thugs to be booked and charged for the crimes and corruption they were given free pass !!!!

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  1. Dr. Teodros Adanhom Ghebreyesus recruited crumb eaters money launderers mafias operating internationally . Real Ethiopians must organize to hunt down this money launderers especially since remittances to Ethiopia are expected to go down by more than two thirds for the year 2020 , we should let all Tigrai republic officials know that real Ethiopians will never ever have any respect towards their thick headed , ethnic cleanser , low life , criminal against humanity, genocidal , tyrant the evil Legesse Zenawi and his TPLF .

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