U.S. Vows Aid for Fast-Growing Ethiopia’s Private Sector

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Pompeo wraps up a first visit to Sub-Saharan Africa that touches on security, economics—and China

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia—Secretary of State Mike Pompeo concluded a three-country tour of Africa, where the Trump administration has pledged continued U.S. aid and called for greater private-sector involvement in the economy.

In Addis Ababa on Tuesday and Wednesday, Mr. Pompeo hailed Ethiopia’s democratization advances and economic overhaul under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who won last year’s Nobel Peace Prize.



  1. the TPLF, ruled Ethiopia has been the leading destination of insternational aid and loans in Africa. However, when the effects of the massive aid and loans are evaluated and assessed, the reality coming out will be disappointing and discouraging. The late TPLF leader replaced the Amhara enemies with another poverty and declared to the donors and lenders that the latter is the main enemy of the country. He was able to dupe donors and lenders with this political false rethoric and billions ran in into his government`s coffers. He diverted most of the money to enrich his ethnic/clan members and homeland region or state. The largesse has been stolen and stashed in secret foreign banks. One of the tasks of the present and future governments will be to retrieve the stolen money and bring the TPLF thugs to justice. i

  2. Ethiopia had been the fourth largest USA’s AID recipient after Iraq , Afghanistan and Jordan for several years.

    It seems like now THE number one aid RECIPIENT country , Iraq will NO longer get much aid from USA in the coming years, so Ethiopia might get some of It, over a billion dollars aid From USA in 2020 might be in sTORED for ETHIOPIA depending on the people’s need.
    That is as long as the Ethiopian people donot act up as Iraqi people Recently did towards USA embassy .Abiy is suffocating Addis Ababa residents because aid money depends on how peaceful the embassy au Grand hotel SURROUNDINGS get..

    The Economist :
    Ethiopia opens Africa’s tallest and most controversial dam

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