UN Security Council to meet Monday on Ethiopia dam

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United Nations (United States) (AFP) – The United Nations Security Council plans to meet Monday to discuss Egypt and Sudan’s objections to Ethiopia’s construction of a mega-dam on the Nile River, diplomatic sources said Thursday.

The public video conference was called by the United States on behalf of Egypt, according to the sources.

Ethiopia wants to start filling the reservoir for the 475-foot (145-meter) Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in July, with or without approval from the two other countries.

Egypt sees the structure as an “existential” threat and Sudan on Thursday warned of “great risk” to millions of human lives if the dam plan moves forward.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Thursday he would meet with the prime minister of Sudan shortly.

“The only way out in a situation like this is through dialogue among the parties and we are entirely at the disposal of the parties,” he said.

The Council already met informally, also at Egypt’s request, behind closed doors Monday to discuss letters sent by the involved countries expressing their concerns.

“We urge Egypt, we urge Ethiopia and Sudan to work together to intensify efforts to peacefully resolve outstanding differences,” UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said then.

Dujarric reminded the parties of “the importance of the 2015 Declaration of Principles on the dam” that stressed the need for cooperation based on good faith, international law and mutual benefit.

Ethiopia says the dam is essential to its development, while Sudan and Egypt fear it could restrict their citizens’ water access.

The Nile — which flows some 3,700 miles (6,000 kilometers) as one of the longest rivers in the world — is an essential source of water and electricity for dozens of countries in East Africa. Egypt fulfills 97 percent of its water needs from the river alone.


  1. Ethiopian government shall object informal meeting of UN council with Egypt alone. This the way that Egypt turn around and divert the attitude of world people.

    Ethiopia government shall do its diplomatic mission aggressively for UN & other countries as they are knocking the door of every nation. Continues press release regarding Ethiopian stand is very essential.

    The time is over for Egyptians, now equity & fairness of Nile water prevail for the benefit of poor Ethiopian people.
    So UN council & US senate investigate the situation seriously in order not be liable on international law. Siding to Egypt interest is unethical & immoral as the truth is different. Sudan also will not retreat from previous stand.

    All Ethiopian shall vow & demonstrate their concern as it is soul of the people of Ethiopia.

    Long live to Ethiopia!!!

  2. The GERD is simply a project that does not reduce water flows to the Sudan or to Egypt. The contentious issue that Egypt refuses to accept is Ethiopian sovereign and absolute rights over the Blue Nile . More than 86 percent of Nile waters comes from Ethiopia. Egypt contributes nothing but benefits the most.

  3. It is too late now. The dam is said to be more than 70% complete. It has to start filling very soon. What? It is not being constructed just to look at it. It reminds what one Egyptian told me many decades. That was when there was news about the late Emperor contemplation of a dam on that river. He told me that there will never be a dam on that river then or forever. Then I asked him if there is a situation where such project would be feasible and acceptable to Egypt. The only way that it will be possible is with the Egyptian design and total control. He even told me he did not think Egypt will be unwilling to finance the project itself. The only way Egypt will come into an agreement with this project is if it is the given total control on the operation. The swinging stance of Sudan does not surprise me at all. Please remember that it was created on the whims Egypt itself. It has very strong presence in the military of Sudan. The military of both countries, the top brass in particular, seems to have deeply entrenched conviction that it has the mandate to keep their countries straight. Look at both now. The top brass is in charge with a slight tweaking in the Sudan. So Sudan’s wavering is what it should do to avoid the wrath of its creator. The old country is gonna start filling the dam in just a week or two. Then what? BTW, the president of Eritrea is traveling to Sudan. The scenario goes like this: Egypt has locked horn with Turkey in Libya. Turkey has allowed one of President Isaias enemies to hold a conference in its country which means Eritrea has bones to pick with Turkey. Ooh-wee!!! Things are getting complimented now!!!

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