UNHCR, partners appeal for US$658 million to assist over 735,000 refugees and hosts in Ethiopia

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Ethiopia is currently hosting more than 735,000 from 26 nationalities

Addis Abeba, January 24/2020 – UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and partners are appealing for robust international support for refugee operations in Ethiopia with the launch of a funding appeal for US$658 million to assist over 735,000 refugees and more than half a million Ethiopian hosts in 2020, the refugee agency said.

“International support and solidarity is vital to ensure the implementation of the wide range of rights granted to refugees by Ethiopia during the last three years, UNHCR said. Ethiopia’s revised laws grant refugees the right to work and access social services, facilitating their inclusion among the communities where they live in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopia Refugee Response Plan, launched in Addis Abeba this morning, covers humanitarian activities by UNHCR and 57 other humanitarian partners. It seeks to address huge gaps in health and nutrition, education, and shelter while also investing in sectors including sanitation, energy and livelihoods.

In January last year Ethiopia adopted progressive laws, which allow refugees to obtain work permits, access primary education and obtain drivers’ licenses. Additionally, they enable refugees to register essential events such as births and gain access to national financial services, such as banking. However, refugees continue to struggle to improve their lives.

“Resources are needed to expand existing social services infrastructure in health, education, water and sanitation, environmental protection, social protection and employment as part of the broad refugee response,” UNHCR said.

Ethiopia has a long history of hosting refugees and asylum seekers. It is currently hosting more than 735,000 from 26 nationalities, the majority from South Sudan (329,123), Somalia (191,575), Eritreans (139,281) and Sudan (42,285). The number of refugees is expected to grow substantially during the course of the year as the country continues to receive refugees with nearly 100,000 new arrivals last year.

But Ethiopia is also dealing with its own internal displacement and food insecurity challenges that leave 8.4 million people in need of humanitarian assistance in 2020.

UNHCR is part of inter-agency humanitarian efforts to assist over 1.5 million Ethiopians displaced due to conflicts and climate shocks. “Following the government’s large-scale IDP return operation last year, UNHCR has been supporting reintegration and recovery effort for displacement-affected Ethiopians, including returnees and vulnerable host communities.” AS

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  1. YOu guys of the Zehabesha

    please donot brainwash the innocent people out there in ethiopia. UNHCR , IOM , or what ever entitiy which has to do with refugees or the modern scapegoated men and women, victims of the modern manipulation.Donot tell to people who hae zero experience about life in the overseas. It doesn’t solve your problem i the past . I see many brutal people fro every tribe including eritreans, deceiving new comers and providing false info to people living at home. These aforementioned organizations are not good at all. They deal with , endanger peoples’ lives , profit from thier torture , locking them behind bars for yours for no sufficient reason except unofficail or illegal presence in a foreign country. The info you obtain in the media is not necessarily right but falsely present the reality to the tax payers and you guys at home;

    I believe you read between lines I want everyone understand this fact . it is important to save everybodies life regardless of his or her t=ethinicity, color, age , gender etc
    Many people donot know for themselves and lead people to the wrong track intentionally. These people might behave nice to you on the ground of your ties with them but they destroy the lives of many people. I do know oromos who engage in this act . we have no respect at all to our fellows rather for this whites !!
    thank you.

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