Unrest in Ethiopian universities forces 35,000 students to quit class

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Ethiopia’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education on Friday confirmed that unrest in 22 universities have caused 35,000 students to quit class.

A view of streets and high rise apartment buildings in Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa./Image by United Nations.

The ministry said it has taken various disciplinary measures against hundreds of university staff and students who are suspected of involvement in unrest in tertiary educational institutions across the east African country.

“Ministry of Science and Higher Education has taken disciplinary measures on more than 640 students, 40 teachers, as part of measures to combat unrest in various Ethiopian universities.”

“The ministry has also formed a committee to prevent the recurrence of unrest in Ethiopian universities, as well as facilitate the return of 35,000 university students back to their studies.” said the Ministry .

Ethnic tinged clashes in various Ethiopian universities since last November has killed about a dozen students and left dozens of others injured.

The clashes have prompted Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to warn that his government could close down universities if the unrest continues.

In recent years, Ethiopia’s higher education institutions have become scenes of violence between students over ethnic and religious differences.



  1. I don’t know who in his/her right mind will take delight on this sad story. Except these demonic bigots who get high in pitching one son of a dignified neighbor on another. One day you bigots will answer for all of these standing in front The almighty our creator!!!

  2. In the 1990’s there Were unrest , turmoil , ,transition , unprofessionalism and Eritrean shabiya agents puting policies in all aspects of Ethiopian leadership iNCLUDING policies ABOUT TEACHING at higher learning INSTITUTIONs, with many experienced able PROFESSORS fired from the higher learning institutions being accused of Derg era communityst SUPPORTERS replaced by TPLF supported SHABIYA’s policy makers.

    what we are seeing now is the result of what took place in the 1990s with a generation of students learning in higher learning institutions following policies put in place by SHABIYas .

    One of the major policies shabiya put in place is that no teacher criticize another TEACHER’s work, . Teachers are expected to stick together no matter what, with so many scandals being perpetrated against the unsuspecting STUDENTS teachers are sticking together.

    Q: GUESS who benefits when classrooms are empty ?

    A:TEACHERS who have multiple jobs at the same time.

    Q: Guess who Instigates UNRESts?

    A: Teachers who have multiple jobs at the same time.

    We reached a stage now where SCHOOLS are too politicized knowledge is being given no priority .

    1.. Nobody Teaches the students THE ramifications of the debts Ethiopia keeps INCURRING ,

    2.NOBODY teaches students about the Ramifications of following half ass unfair ethnic federalism for decades .

    3. Nobody teaches students about how Ethiopia’s high cost of living is creating societal problems with People loosing ethics and pride about their teaching jobs,

    4. Nobody tells students that the so called world class leader the late PM Meles Zenawi was in school himself during ALL of the 1990s , while he was pretending to be a leader of the country , WITH Isayas making policies while Meles WAS so busy learning in distance online SCHOOls.

    5. Nobody tells students the International Conflict Group ( ICG) board member the late PM Hailemariam Desalegn faked to be a looser politician while he was the PM , JUST so he can glorify Meles ZENAWI by him doing a worse JOB.
    HAILEMARIAM tried his best to make himself look bad leader SO in comparison Meles looks like a good leader .

    Hailemariam robbed killed and sent Amara and Oromo in exile , JUST so Oromo and AMARA like MELES tplf . Ethiopians knew both meles and Hailemariam are self serving Imbeciles . .

    While all these goes on Ethiopia has managed to continue PRODUCEing leaches who always appear to BE WELL groomed not n the outside with dirty personalities , ANTAGONISTIC FAKE hope providers that create UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONs among the youth. The youth students are overdosing with lies, tell the students the truth!!!

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