US-Brokered Nile Dam Deal Still Deadlocked

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One Response to US-Brokered Nile Dam Deal Still Deadlocked

  1. I hope and pray that level heads will prevail in this negotiation. The situation during the drought seasons should be considered. This is a lesson for all future endeavors by the old country in harnessing its natural resources for development hence for the good of its people. It is obvious that the old country has the intellectual horsepower it needs to take industrialization to the next level but it lacks the energy(electricity) to drive it home. The challenge the Blue Nile poses to the old country goes beyond the boundaries of sovereignty. As we speak it is the lifeline of millions who live outside its boundaries. There are other rivers that originate in its southern regions that millions in Somalia depend on for their survival. You see, that is what one of many other reasons I call the old country the gem of the colored. It shows The Almighty Our Creator Has Cast His Grace On Her!!! That was the main reason that drove early regimes of Somalia into madness. In a sense sometimes such resources can turn into a curse by outsiders. I am still not giving up. They should continue negotiating because if it fails and followed by open conflict tens of millions in Egypt and possibly in Sudan can be in serious trouble. I mean deadly trouble and that will not be a pretty sight for the whole region. So every one of them needs to grow up. Wise up!!!!

    I am still optimistic about the on-going negotiation regarding the dam. The way the parties handling this particular phase of the negotiation is not something to be discarded. This time they are all in agreement that the negotiation should go on and none of them have demanded the construction to be stopped. This time it is different in that they have target dates to come up with a final treaty even though the date has moved more than once. The way I see the date being a moving target is like another teaching/learning moment for all. If the date for final agreement changes, so what? None of the three countries declared one to be a drop-dead date!!! I see it as a wish list. The most important thing is none of them want to scuttle the effort and quit. I am sure Egypt knows that it will lose more than the other two if the negotiation breaks down but instead heads into an open hostility and destructive military conflict. I don’t think Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is remiss of him about the consequences of such reckless behavior. The loss will be more than losing just a tributary but the entire life sustaining water main. The old country will also lose the chance of a lifetime of the ability to generate electricity it direly needs to spread industrialization nationwide which is the only way it can pull its people out of nagging abject poverty. Failure may even lead to diplomatic isolation that must be avoided at all times. It shows me that all of the negotiators are hard nose negotiators. They have proven themselves to be tough cookies. Tempering of raw emotion is hardly needed here. Level heads should prevail letting one have what it lacks now without abruptly denying others what they have(need) for sustenance. I don’t think either USA or The World Bank seek benefits by illogically and unfairly favoring one over the other. This dam is a life changing undertaking for all three stakeholders. The dam will change them and the way they at the river from here to the end of time like no other time in the past. I see this ‘crisis’ both as a learning and TEACHING’ opportunity for our old country. I hope and pray that it will all lead to amicable conclusion(agreement). I wish our patriotic countrymen H.E.’s Obbo Gedu, Obbo Sileshi and their crew success in this pressure cooker and grinding endeavor. I am proud of them!!! The Almighty Our Creator Willing!!!!!

    Ittu Aba Farda
    February 1, 2020 at 7:30 pm

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