Watch live the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony

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Watch live from Oslo City Hall in Oslo, Norway. The Nobel Peace Prize 2019 was awarded to Abiy Ahmed Ali “for his efforts to achieve peace and international cooperation, and in particular for his decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighbouring Eritrea.”



    Throughout history who did travel around the world creating war?
    Throughout history who went around the world trading slaves?
    Who created the first and the second world wars?
    Who divided and conquered Africans?
    Who divided Ethiopia by war into two , colonizing Eritrea for fifty years and colonizing the rest of Ethiopia for five years?
    Who made Africans so barbaric fighting endless civil war against each other?
    Who created divided countries map in Africa?
    Who stole all natural resources of Africa ?
    Who is the loan shark operating in Africa now lending Africans what initially was theirs, diamonds and other resources Africans got robbed now trying to lend the Africans their own stolen wealth back with interest?
    Who keep forgetting that Black lives matter?

    It is the white man.

    Accepting white man’s peace prize is a disgrace for an Ethiopian, an Ethiopian man knows throughout history white man is no friend of the black Africans.

    Sell out house slave Abiy Ahmed got his wish prosperity $945 thousand dollars bribe as he always did since he served as a Colonel in TPLF Woyane masters mercenaries military bribed to massacre Africans in proxy wars. He is just like those Africans that sold slaves to the white man (a slave kabo).

    Prosperity by borrowing from white investors and white loan sharks who stole the wealth from Africa is a disgrace, this house slave Abiy is adding more salt to the Africans wounds .

  2. Yes, Eritrean president Esayas Afewerqi’s endorsement of support for Prime Minister Dr. Ably having won the Nobel Peace Prize is unequivocally true. As president Esayas said, the peace initiatives spearheaded by Dr. Ably had already started paying off the dividends owed to both nations. Both Eritreans and Ethiopians can now travel across their borders and visit relatives without having to worry about any restrictions imposed upon them previously.

    For those who watched the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony on television, the anticipation of the event was breath- taking. The recogntion given to Ethiopia as being the only country in the continent of Africa that never fell into the hands of the colonial power, and being the cradle of humankind was highly admirable. Such bravery and love of country made us proud of our heroic forefathers for having fought and defeated one of the European power houses, namely Italy. Many thanks go out posthumously to our past visionary leaders for having kept Ethiopia as a nation under one roof.

    The speeches delivered by both the Nobel Peace Prize donors and the recipient Dr. Ably were very impressive. DR. Ably’s performance on the podium was absolutely flawless. He neither had a script in his hands, nor a teleprompter to look at in delivering his speech. It was simply astonishing to watch what was happening in Oslo, Norway yesterday.

    The acknowledgement of the world body about Ethiopia, being the only nation that was never colonized, coupled with Dr. Ably as the Nobel Peace Prize winner from Ethiopia, brought tears of joy to our eyes to all Ethiopians who live in foreign countries. As of today we are not walking on the streets of foreign countries with our heads down any more. We are walking with our heads up and chest out.

    Thank you DR. Ably, God bless Ethiopia, you, and your family.

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