We, Oromos should rule Ethiopia until we get tired of it. By: Mulata Gudata

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 By: Mulata Gudata

EthiopiaTo begin with, I advise anyone who have not read my previous paper to do so at the link below before reading this one for this is a sequel to the previous.

In life nothing comes to us unless we go for it. And the best way of going for anything and everything in life especially in political sense is when we are able to calculate our advantage wisely, since sometimes a lot can possibly mean nothing and a little can mean everything depending on the circumstances, though it takes a great deal of wisdom and analytical capability to know the difference.

Our political thinking can be compared to eye sight on one hand and a foot path on the other. Eye sight is just fleeting by nature that can have everything to itself up to the horizon in a split second and that is where the crowd belongs in terms of political thinking with more of sentiment and less of reason.

Whereas foot path is a very realistic approach for it takes us through the valleys, up the hills and down the slope all through the contours of the landscape with its streams and the pristine forest, its wild life, its hot and cold or breezy weather. Oh! How fantastic, how tiresome but above all how realistic! Here is where leaders belong for they should stand taller than the crowd to be able to see through all the political landscape, the pros and cons of any issue they deal with, with less of sentiment but full of reason. As they say, leaders are for their judgement and pragmatism not for their sentiment.


Leaders who have the combination of ‘eye-sight’, and ‘foot-path’ in one are the ones one may consider as the best leaders for they qualify as human beings with emotion who can sense and feel the pain that could be associated with their political decision, realistic with their thought and pragmatic with their approach and reasoning. As human beings we are not just animals, thank God we are reasonable animals who live by reason and for reason. Reason can either be against us or for us, unfortunately or fortunately for us, we cannot choose and pick as we have to be governed by reason either way.


I know that in my previous paper I came out as very harsh against something closer to the heart of many Oromos, which is Oromiya and that can easily make me appear as anti-Oromo in the eyes of many but far from that I want us to be damn realistic in our approach to our politics if we have to move forward and help our self out of the trap we have fallen in. This dodgy tactic of let’s wait until the cows return home, from all sides of the divide, will keep us on the way to our doom. We got to change that approach and do something tangible by working with all stakeholders towards bringing change in our country and improving our lot.


To see how crushingly effective our unity can be, one only needs to look at how Ethiopians are successfully frustrating and humiliating Woyane tugs by disrupting their fundraising attempts across the world as Ethiopians come to all those venues from all communities waving their respective flags. Who does not enjoy those spectacular sights except the Woyanes themselves? This is a simple example of the outstanding victory we are going to score against the Woyanes in order to restore dignity to our people when we overcome our difference and be able to stand together. Folks, we are better together!!!


No one can fault the legitimacy of Oromo issues as it pertains to the significant majority in our country and it is really a big shame that this issue had not only been overlooked by our founding fathers at the very beginning but also took this long unrecognised and unresolved to an acceptable level. And our shame is made more painful when we consider the fact that Melese Zenawi was probably the only non-Affaan Oromo speaker our country had as a leader, making their insensitivity towards the Oromo issues appear to be a big puzzle.


In spite of all this we cannot deny the fact that Oromos have significantly played a key role and still continue to do so be it at local levels or in international arenas by remarkably contributing to our countries well being be it in terms of material resource or man power including our elite athletes that are hoisting our flag at international platforms year after year since 1960 when Abebe Bikila made the whole black race proud by winning the Rome marathon contest bare foot –  such a remarkable feat  for the first time in the history of the entire black race after which the gate of victory was left wide open to us and the rest of black people.


In all that makes us proud such as our athletes’ outstanding achievements, our victory at the battle of Adwa and the victory we had against Somalia’s invasion of our country in 1970s and in all that we regret as a society in our history including the failure to recognise Oromo issues at the very foundation of our nation and for so long thereafter; Oromos have played a very significant role either individually or as a group, virtually in all of it without any exaggeration. Oromos have not only founded as well as built and defended Ethiopia but also sadly stayed with our cultural assets marginalized in Ethiopia, in equal measures. This is a sad fact all Ethiopians have to acknowledge and work towards redressing satisfactorily.


Folks, just in a nutshell, we Oromos are who made our country what it is, for which we deserve a proper recognition not an exit. And this is why I consider it as another round of shame when some of our leaders cannot budge from the option of bolting out of the union surrendering the legacy of our ancestors, only God knows to who, instead of reforming the whole system and fixing the weak side of it as we cherish and take pride in what makes us stand tall in the world as the only black nation that defeated European powers to remain independent in which we played a decisive role as history bears us out on record.

The gallant Oromo fighters who were martyred in those battles would consider this as cowardice and turn in their graves with disbelief and indignation. Oromos should not run, rather anyone who cannot live with the shining Oromo identity that we should work hard to bring in our country should be shown the door.  Ethiopia belongs to us and we are proud Ethiopians, period.


It is in our tradition that our people lived and even today live in houses with satched grass roofing which is prone to leakages regularly when winter sets in after the usually long summer season in which case our strong men often have to mount to the top of the house with a fresh sheaf of grass and fix the leakage without ever thinking of exiting the house for good, which would be absurd and even costly to consider. They simply reason: why surrender to leakages and exit the house you built with all that labour and resource when you can fix it with a few sheaf of grass?



Similarly, why opt for dismantling our country that we built and defended with the sacrifices of all those heroes and heroines only to plunge our people into endless turmoil when we can easily fix the system to take our deserved place as the significant majority who should work towards ruling Ethiopia until we get tired of it instead of pointlessly labouring to dismantle our country with no predictable outcome.


I mean it, literally, we should and will be able to rule Ethiopia. Here is where to begin: start consciously working on promoting our natural image of responsible, decent, peace loving and above all friendly people by staying away from any path that takes us on collision course with other communities. Then call upon the Dr. Haile Fidas and Senaiy Leikes of today to step forward and take charge of our politics with the view of setting our self for the task ahead. And then move forward with our eyes set on ruling Ethiopia, nothing less nothing more. I mean it, take it from me!


Here is how: first we all decide and agree to work to address our issues within the Ethiopian union and avoid any division among our self. Second, we go ahead and join hands with the rest of Ethiopians to reach an understanding through civilised negotiations based on a give-and-take principled compromise and agree to restructure our country in a way similar to the suggestion I put forward in my previous paper. We are within our right to use any politically acceptable tactic and strategy to help us achieve this.


Third, stand together with all Ethiopians including patriotic Tigre brothers and sisters to remove the Woyane regime and clear the way or force them to give into the will of the people. Fourth, put in place the structure and make Ethiopia a real democracy far from the usual dodgy one. It looks highly likely that no part of our society will ever accept a dodgy government anymore after the current one.


I strongly believe that the TPLF/EPRDF government will be the last bloody dictator our country will ever have as all Ethiopians have come to realise the benefit of having a stable democratic government by experiencing the pain associated with lack of it for so long. Unfortunately we had to learn the hard way thanks to the Derg regime that took our country for a bloody ride before it handed us over to the bush men.


With exceptions to the ruling class who had remained reluctant towards reform and stood to benefit out of it, we should also be fair to the Amhara mass by stating their contribution in our long standing effort to democratise our system of government both before and even after our politics took the course of tribalism. They stood up with all Ethiopians to bring down the rule of the monarchy in the 1974 revolution and continued fighting the Derge regime like all other communities. At no time in our recent history did the Amharas as a community on their own stood up in arms against anybody who opposed the government claiming ownership of it.  This is a statement of hard fact.


The government in our country came to have special owners under the TPLF/EPRDF rule and they are taking us not only for a free ride but also they are recklessly ‘riding our country down the slope.’ That is what we have to stop sooner than later by standing up together with all patriotic Ethiopians including the significant majority of the Tigres over whom the TPLF is lording by force like all other Ethiopians. Nobody should have any doubt that the majority of Tigres are victims of TPLF tyranny. There is no so much as a tribe in charge of our country, as it is a gang of greedy, unpatriotic men and women from all communities standing for their bullies against the people and the country.


Fifth, we stick together by avoiding division (this is very important because if we cannot stand together in united Ethiopia we cannot stand together in separated Oromiya – a very big test that can easily make us the laughing stock of our jealous friends) and then form alliance with a good number of non-Oromo Ethiopians who will be more than willing to stand together with Oromos to contest elections.  Sixth, we win election after election with landslide and rule Ethiopia as the responsible and decent people as we are unlike the irresponsibly greedy and myopic bush men.


Seventh, here is power in our hand having come home to stay (are you reading this Game abbaa Gamachu?   Maaf barbaacha danqarraa keessa joora wan manati nuuf dhufu, kan huccun nurraa dhumachuu teessu laffa duwwaa, waan manatti nuuf dhufuu taa’ou barbbaacha.  Yaa Oromo oldhageegnee deemne hafudhanu waan keegna. Waayaaneeni maqaa duwwaa nuufkentee waan hunda nuraa fudhate, o’urifnee, dadafnnee deemnee issee achii habuqifnu. Saba keegna dhiiga dhudee lafarraa dhabamsiissuf deemti haa arriifanu. Waan kunni waan borriif jedhan mitti. Sabba hundaan waldhageegne, tokummaan deemne farroo fannifna, hubadhaa).

The concept of permanent enemy in politics is fools’ business, for they say there is no permanent enemy in politics but permanent interest. Yes, we have suffered marginalisation yesterday which has continued in its worst form under the Apartheid Ethiopia of today. However, if we can work towards making a notable difference with a better deal for our people, we go for it as we also remain open to understanding the concerns of others for we cannot have it all our way in politics.


Ethiopians should not doubt the fact that the future security and stability of our country lies not in having a big government but in empowered citizens. Yet the government that fears its citizens cannot give into empowering them. And the only way the government gets its freedom from the fear of the citizens and joyfully go about empowering them is by addressing the outstanding socio-political issues to acceptable level. This is what our leaders should accept and lead us towards achieving it.


Before the finishing line, I want to mention an example of how our country’s present leaders are irresponsibly deceptive towards the people they lead before I leave here a piece of message for them. It is about what happened in my home region, Nagale Borana after our government forces went into Somalia in 2007.  Soon after arriving there they run into trouble in working with Somalis because of communication problems. Then with the hope of overcoming that they came to Nagale Town where people speak Affaan Oromo, Amaharic and Somali languages, all of them more or less fluently, saying that due to a shortage of nurses in our country the government wanted to give scholarship to students who can qualify from grade 10 and above.


In response to that youngsters fell over each other to get registered including myself as I nearly jumped into it before I held myself back because of age. Then about 50 – 100 students, though some take the number to over 200, were handpicked and taken away to unidentified ‘college,’ only to end up in Mogadishu about a few weeks later. Some of those guys are not heard from to date.


Finally, the message from Ethiopians to the people in charge of our country should always be this:  since you are fellow citizens we do not hate you rather we always wish to love you if only you show the will and courage to work towards making yourself attractive and loveable by acting responsibly. All Ethiopians including the whole world like to believe that you are human beings with heart and mind. Please try to listen to what people are asking for from all over the country though it may not be what you like.


It is well known to the world that you are all filthy rich just richer than rich itself, please offer to retire and enjoy your wealth in retirement no matter how ill-gotten it is. All of us are sure of going out of this world the way we came into it – without taking anything with us. What a better example than your late boss who managed to amass such a staggering amount of wealth in such a short period of time but had to leave this world without a coin of it.


Anybody would like to believe that if he were to be given a second chance in life as a human being he would choose to do things differently. As decent human beings we only need enough to live on with clean conscience and sense of pride. In life obsession for more and more wealth free of toil and sweat is unhealthy in itself as ay wealth of questionable origin should be seen for making us less human since there is no moral about it.


Although nobody ever thought that there would be anything positive to learn from the Derge regime, there seems to be a lot for you to learn when seen in comparison.  Very much unlike you, Derge never ever tried to set communities against each other to remain in power at any cost for they knew full well that the people would remain together even long after the Derge regime. Derge openly said no to anything and everything they would never tolerate unlike you who appear to be synonymous with equivocation for you are often seen saying yes and no at the same time which is not only abnormal and unnatural but also immoral.

The irony surrounding you is that you are seen building military forces on the scale never seen before in our history, even under the highly militarised Dergee regime, at the same time you are busy selling out all the best the country has to offer. What is left to defend except you and your loot? Though you were partly the reason for Derge’s inability to act meaningfully, whatever attempt it made Derge did with remarkable patriotism unlike you who stand accused from all sides for lack of sense of patriotism. These are the simple lessons you should draw from those people you over threw and claim to be better than them. Albeit with or without these key factors of human decency whoever should come out as better or worse will only be left to history for  judgement.


Never forget that kings rise and fall, empires come and go but the people and the truth will remain there until eternity. So long as there is a government there will always be opposition. In this time and age opposing or supporting the government is a basic right of citizens not a privilege afforded to them by their leaders as you want us to believe. The only way of avoiding opposition is by not being in government. The government that tries to manage or control the course of being opposed is not a healthy one for the opposition should reserve the entire right of opposing in the fashion they deem fit so long as it excludes violence.


Such lame excuses as today is too rainy or tomorrow is too windy for people to go out to hold such simple thing as peaceful demonstration does not only show you in bad light but also leads to accumulated anger from citizens whose result can simply be unpredictably dangerous. Always remember that the entire deception tactic is not sustainable as it will come to an end one day when the people rise and say we cannot take it anymore.







  1. Your ideas are right. But how could oromos come to power? I say through democracy and good intentions of oromo politicians. In a democracy you get to get 50+ votes to be elected. Oromos are not 50+. So here is where good intentions come. People of oromo have good intentions. Here is where it goes wrong: from oromo politicians. They get to get the trust of the rest of Ethiopians and for that they got to work a lot hard. The OLF has destroyed that trust. New oromo politicians ought to start from scratch and oromos will come to power.

  2. Mulata,

    If, we, Oromos are convinced that we are Ethiopians, why should we get tired of ruling our own country? Or what does the irony this piece’s heading hints about? I have tried comprhend your contextual argument. It does sound ironical, nor satirical or has no cumulative content. It is just amorphous. It has no shape or form. What are you trying to convey?

    Another point: A “Mulata Gudata” does not harbor this sort of political psyche. We all know each other. The war of being an Oromo, Tigre, Amhara or others is primarily deeprooted in our social psyche that we all have nurtured through time within the Wholesale Identity of being “The Ethiopian.” In this setting, we all have developed our own way of expressing ourselves towards the controversial common home called Ethiopia. And the above piece, by no means, reflects a Mulata Gudata.


  3. Man it, s so sweet to read when thoughts full person writes unarticle’s sir you are great man I cant get enough reading what you wrote thankyou so much for being thoughtful person

  4. The statue of BLACK HITLER (Menilike)in addis is an insult to our peace lovinf oromos history and oromos culture. As we all knows the Amhara Menilike had direct and indirect against Oromos than any oromos enemies, To begin with Menilike had stolen our oromos land and rewarded our oromos land to his own Amhara tribe. Thus the removal of Menilike statue from oromos land (Addis Abebe) is key move.second we must also rename all our Oromo territory to Oromo names by voiding the present Amhara name. Third, we must not allow Anharic to be the official language in Ethiopia since we OROMO constitute majority not AMHARIC or Amharas.


    I support you your idea, why should we Oromos join the Amhara dominated oppositions while ignoring our Oromo majority status and demographic. ????
    We Oromos were systematically oppressed and degraded to second class citizenry since the Amhara king Menilike era, this time we Oromos got to wake up and defend what is ours, included promoting oromos history,oromos culture and oromos language as emblem of the nation.

  6. Would you please detail to your readers historical places, towns, civic centers that need to be renamed?
    A piece of advice for you : Don’t be consumed with hatred towards others. You should have learned from the fate of your evil boss devil Meles.Zenawi who significantly shortened his life span. He hated none other than Amharas. This deep rooted hatred has triggered his terminal disease.

    Read the following in Amharic

    “Betinishum Bihon Gerram Hun!” : Gerram is transilated to a tamed animal that does not attack

  7. Not bad at all.this is one responsible and lialistic Oromo brother who understood the grave danger our country and people is facing.I salut you.

  8. It is not the name” mulata godeta” that should make you sound like Oromo but the content of your writing. You could be muleta or gudeta but your article is not different from those die-hard defendants of geographical unity of thise evil empire. Come up with more solution orient idea. Good luck!!

  9. ” our founding father ” this phrase is enough to know whom you are. those who commit genocide are not our fathers but our killers. After all nobody care about this evil empire. The only chance this empire has is disintegration as its expansion is concluded. It is the natural phenomenon of every empire that exist in history such as Roman, Turkish and Persian and others. Just wait to empress the eventual fate of your empire.

  10. I think no Oromo who grew up learning the gada democratic culture accept the geographical unity while the people are unhappy. Yes few Oromo who converted to Chrisitan or muslim might think that as they did during 16th century in Gonder but the majority of Oromo believe not in unity coming from subjugation but with willingness of adoption and Mogasa. Otherwise, Oromo would have not lost the 16th century rule in Gonder. Most Oromo think all people are equal and dictator ship is bad. They lost all the three Ethiopian revolution to Habasha because they belive in equality and doesn’t understand back stabbing. Most are tired of that when equal partnership is missing.That is the problem.

  11. @Nekmte,

    I think you have very logical and rational demand, however the Amhara’s will surrender to the majority demand, thus the civil war between these two entites is inevitable fact sooner or latter, the one advantage the people of Oromos have is their majority status.

  12. hahahaha
    look at this educated fool. He wants to “rule” others. It is so sad to see how his education did not libreated him from the true form of knoledge, which is wisdom.

    You sir failed miserably!!!! BIG TIME


    How come you allow comments that are targeting people and advocating genocide. Remember you will also be gel accountable not only what you advocate in your website but also post on to it. Freedome of speech does NOT extend to advocating mass murder.

    NOW TO THE MORON who calls himself A.K

    Not only that you have no shame in preaching violence & genocide but also advising the government to psrticipate in the killing of innocent people. Remember one is judge not just by what he or she does but also what he or she should have done. If the government fails to protect its citizens it will be considered an accomplice and will pay the price for it.

    But all this is beyond the point- what your posting shows is how terribly you are scared of the coming together of communities to make your tribal regime a history in our blessed land.

    All what people want (as Dr King said) is to be judged by the content of their character not by the colour of their eyes (or by the language of his or get ancestor). Trust me like it or not we will get there …,

  14. Lettamo
    I wish you were one of those poor Ethiopians who were abused in Saudi Arabia,because they can not live in peace in their own country.you are spitting your venom on all over our faces from the comfort zone of your secured home.as far as your hate for Minilik and Amara people is concerned,it is a recipe you were given from your European Masters.you and your likes are suffering from identity crisis,you have bird brain in your big head.the more you open your mouth the more you expose your empty head.

  15. I never understand oromos politician at all.They are really confused even they have Identity crised and then they don not even care to other ethnic groups I do not think that will work brothers I think you have to think to other human beings too unless you have to end up worthless.

  16. Abegaz, Guda Kussa, Leetamo, Nekemtee, Mula’ata, Summii Diina are all woysnes who want to keep us apart and sit on top forever. We should know them as they are sheep in wolf skin. Get lost worried woyane. We Ethiopians are coming together.
    To hit you down on the head.

  17. The Oromos do not need to get 50%, they can rule with qualtion with the Amharas or others according to the democratic principles under the rule of law. They do in Europe why not in Ethiopia.

  18. oromos should not deny their part and the role in the building of ethiopia, in the past and also in the future. So many years, so much effort has been lost in the last 50 years trying to dismantle ethiopia. there have been genocide, evictions , tortures and suffering of innocent human beings. It is time to say ENOUGH to all these.

    HATRED AND ANIMOSITY HAVE BEEN PREACHED IN ABUNDANCE, FOR POLITICAL GAINS BY THE ETHNO-FASCIST tigre people liberation front and their surrogates. As a result , we have been going down hill into the abyss as a country.

    it is time to take our place in rebuilding our country to make it free, fair and democratic , where no human being is discriminated because of his ethnicity, race, political views and religion.

    Fight against corruption, nepotism, ethno fascism, discrimination

    Free all political prisoners,
    God bless ethiopia

  19. Lettammo, nekemte

    Cadres of Tigre people liberation front are hot on this web site. lettammo is the same tplf cadre who is also called nekemte, and sometimes he calls himself wollegga. the job assigned to accuse the amhara as if this propaganda would dsguise what the genocidal and satanic Tigre liberation force is doing.

    Get out of your low mentality, you are suffering from incurable form of inferiority complex. YOU SEE YOURSELF SO low that even while you are still massacring , evicting, degrading amharas, you still feel inferior. your inferiority makes you speak languages of hate and has given you a feeling of being a victim.

  20. Hey Lettamo,mind ur own business, Sheger belongs to Shoan Oromos so ,we will decide whose statue to be erected or not as we pleased.

  21. Maneh Kejela please change that map it was experied in 1983 we did such a nice job to change it and please accepte it if not we will continue doing our job!

  22. @Matty,

    As an Amara individual,What are you afraid of the most “is it the Oromos” or “is it The Democracy” ? ?

    Do no not be foolish and try to sway away the legitimate democratic demand of the oromos question by simply saying this is WOYANE or that is not Woyane idea bla bla, such tactics is classic as Judaism it self.
    I want you to answer the logical question Mr.Nekemte raised without playing the blame game.

  23. Recognize Eritrea as an independent state before you crap your garbage article …. Dont cry fool , Oromiyaa will be free! I am sorry that I wasted my time reading this shit. I dont know why the die-hard Amhara cockroaches are killing their time writing something w/c doesnt hold water ….

  24. It is obvious to everyone that Oromos have no fear from democracy because democracy is their culture. The Gadaa democratic system of governance is the first primordial democratic order known to mankind predating even the Greek democracy. In addition to democratic system of government, Oromos and Oromia have made numerous contributions to humanity and human civilizations. Among others, Oromos ushered the world with the first human kind Caaltuu (Lucy), coffee and coffee drinking, domestication of donkey and mule, the world’s largest and most diverse ecosystem (biodiversity), adoption (Guddifachaa), naturalization (bestowing citizenship to aliens) known as Moggaasaa and the world’s finest and fastest long distance runners just to mention a few. We, Oromos, are proud of these original concepts and materials we have introduced to humanity and to the world. Oromos are not interested to rule anyone except themselves. Oromos do not want to rule others nor do they want to be ruled by the others. Oromos want to live as a free people. Whether the Oromo people choose to live as a federal or con-federal unit in federated or an con-federated Ethiopia OR opt to form an Independent Gadaa Republic of Oromia (GRO), all they want is live free and die free. There are some who misrepresent the Oromo struggle knowingly or unknowingly. What distinguishes the Oromo struggle from that of the Amhara or Tigrean is the Oromo struggle from the get go is not about ruling others. The Oromo struggle is about ruling oneself. It is about deciding ones own destiny. It is about freedom, democracy and justice. It is about human dignity and human rights. It is about defending human dignity. The struggle of the Oromo people is all about living free and with dignity on their own ancestral land, Oromia. It is about ending a life of misery and abject poverty for tens of millions of people. It is about ending the untold colorless apartheid system. Conservative estimates put the Oromo people at about 50 million strong. For instance, Djibouti, with a population of less than one million has its own state. It has tens of radio and TV stations that help it develop their culture and identity. The total Kenyan population is about 40 million. They have hundreds of radio and TV stations. Oromos with 50 million do not have their own state. They just launched the first and the only radio and TV station (TV Oromiyaa) of their own about five years ago and even that is tightly controlled by the long hands of the Ethiopian government. Can anyone argue in his/her right mind that the Oromos have benefited from being part of Ethiopia or if they stay as part of Ethiopia in the future? Give me one example, just one, to illustrate your point. Oromos have not gained anything from being part of Ethiopia. In fact, Oromos have lost everything from being part of Ethiopia. They even lost their identity and pride. Oromos demand no less or more than the full restitution of their rights as it had been before the invasion of their free country, Oromia, by the invading terrorist militia led by fascist monster called sadist minilik. Minilik is a beast disguising as human and with help from European powers, he invaded and occupied the Oromo land about a century ago. Barbaric minilik committed genocide and crimes against humanity against the Oromo people. Monster minilik massacred, mutilated, tortured and displaced millions of Oromos. Sadist minilik paraded hundreds of thousands of innocent Oromos, young and old, women and men, and cut off the breasts of the women and the genital organs of the men. Barbaric and savage minilik was personally presiding over the mutilation events enjoying the flooding of blood from innocent Oromo men and women. Better late than never and thanks to the struggle of the Oromo people, a monument is being erected for these victims of the atrocities, genocide and crimes against humanity. If a true reconciliation has to come in Ethiopia, the first order of business is the restitution of the full rights of the Oromo people as before the invasion by sadist minilik and the denunciation and condemnation in the strongest and no uncertain terms possible of the genocide, crimes against humanity and atrocities committed against the Oromo people by fascist minilik. If not, there is no guarantee that those who still admire and adore fascist minilik would not commit again what sadist minilik committed against the Oromo people a century ago. If you admire and adore somebody, you have the propensity to do whatever the person you admire did or does. Therefore, the Oromo people have a well founded fear that if those who admire minilik come to power and have the means, there is a high likelihood that they would redo all what minilik did to the Oromo people all over again. It would be deja vu again. Therefore until those who admire fascist minilik (those who say emiye minilik) break with the past in clear and no uncertain terms, it would be hard to imagine how a true reconciliation would occur in Ethiopia. As mentioned above, the Oromo people accept nothing less or more than the full restoration of their inalienable God given rights as before the invasion and occupation by fascist barbaric dumb minilik. Why should Oromos continue to suffer under alien rule simply because this savage and backward beast minilik once invaded and occupied their free country? I think this unfortunate historical glitch needs to be rectified sooner than later and the Oromos must again be in charge of their own destiny.

  25. .who rules our people in the futue is the vote of all the people .nobody rules any body by being Oromo or Amhara majority . ethinic based movement back ward than even king Teowders time .king teowdros advocate and fought all groups even the churches ,you ethnic people are very back word mind than 400 years .you can’t bring freedom because you are not free your selves you are living in state of slavery mind . I am proud ethiopian.

  26. I read this extended article twice and found many of the author’s comments plausible. From what I have read about the modern history of Ethiopia (at least since the 17th century) Oromo persons and personalities have played recognizable leadership roles. You will find Oromo heritage when you scratch the genealogy of the last 3 emperors. Emperor Menelik was from Ankober and his leading generals were Oromos. Those generals were respected and looked at with awe throughout their lives. Everyone knows his father. Emperor Haile Selassie was a great-grandson of a red-blooded Oromo, Guddisa. That was not a Viking name. Gobena, Balcha, Habte Giorgis and many others were the king makers of their days. Oromos such as Abebe Aregay have fought bitterly against the Fascist Italy in the 1930’s. Jagama Kello is a living piece of history. All these individuals were not Puerto Ricans. A lot of Oromo individuals with freelance leadership roles have played good and bad parts. I can tell one who I know myself from the local Oromo clan who used to be feared and hated more than any other government officials in the district for his corrupted way of governance until he was sacked by the Haile Selassie government and transferred to another area. That is my memory from the 1950’s and early 60’s. And when Somalia became independent he went there and declared himself as someone who stood for the rights of my proud Oromo people. The Shermarke government did not take comfort in him after finding out he was a former district official. He then returned to Ethiopia and was pardoned by the HSI government. But I remember how my entire clan was very apprehensive about him when he was in power and showed up in our village. Now going back to this article,

    I read through the article without any major disagreement until I got to this. “Very much unlike you, Derg never ever tried to set communities against each other to remain in power at any cost for they knew full well that the people would remain together even long after the Derge regime.” Really? Or are you serious? Mengistu had used every trick in his game book to stay in power. He shattered the fabric of the society, the foundation of every community by pitching one family against the next door family even one family member against another member of the same family. He let millions starve to death. He sent tens (possibly hundreds) of thousands of the cream of the crop to their gallows usually employing the most horrible methods of punishments without an iota of due course in courts. He killed until the last hour before he let loose and run to safety. He left a demoralized people behind stricken with debilitating psychological wound. His rampage and killings helped open a vacuum for a small ragtag and bigoted TPLF’s and EPLF’s to march into the capital unopposed. Mengistu used every racist in his arsenal to plant the seeds of hatred in the country. I am not kidding you. Just ask some of these so-called ‘nationalist’ leaders wondering aimlessly in the streets of Asmara, St. Paul, Toronto, DC, Perth, Frankfurt and Johannesburg. They will not be shy to tell you that they are the makes of the Senay Likes, Baaro Tumsas, Jaras, and unheard of heroes they are nowadays busy reverse engineering. But be careful when you ask them questions about their Derg past. They get animated and bloodshot eyes in an instant. I have pulled such investigative questions on one or two of them before. I tell you it was not a conversation we concluded with a business note. As I had said before what these narrow idealist bigots are wishing(dreaming) for is an opportunity after that country once again is descended into an abyss so they can come or go in, if you may, to carve out a territory they will call their own. They walk around with a deep seated hatred toward others. That is why they are still beating the same dead horse, the national question which to me has been amicably answered during the last two decades thanks to the immense sacrifices paid by every nationality(ethnic group) imaginable in that country. When I demonstrated in the streets of the Middle East in the 1960’s calling for the rights of my very proud Oromo people, I am a living witness to tell you that there were Amharas, Tigrayans, Eritreans, Hararis and others with me shouting slogans from the top of their lungs. Many of them confronted the ruthless Mengistu regime for those rights and were sent to their deaths still shouting for rights of the people including my Oromo people. I will never walk on their sacred blood to denounce their entire nationality for what happened before their time. That is not my Oromo value. What I know now is that my Oromo people are conducting their own business in their language. Their children are taught in schools in their mother tongue. They do not need an interpreter when they need to go to courts. You don’t find a district governor in the Oromia region where my kin and kit live with a name Abebe Shenkute. They are all Oromos. But you better not say anything critical, no matter how mild it is about them. You will be toast in an instant. That raises questions of human and democratic rights devoid of any national characteristics. That is where I agree with you with your call to all groups in the opposition to come together in a viable united front to struggle peacefully for better governance. Lets all hope that day will come soon. Insha Allah!!!

  27. I am totally against the premises of the author who wrote this missive. There nothing wrong with if Oromo and other Ethiopian ethnic groups got a fair shot to rule Ethiopia. As an Ethio-somali ethnic background , I have no o problem with that. I think we have some experience to gain from them. They have every right to be on the driving seat. Haven`t we seen enough of Amhara and Tigrian rulers over hundred years? But one thing is guaranteed and that is as long as poverty, ignorance and tribalism are around we will never get it right.

  28. what history and culture do you have? we know most of it and if we do not, just tell us. We are happy to know and learn…but do not tell hate and false story of yours.

  29. First I would like to appreciate the writers effort to come up with some sort of stratagy that could take us forward.

    My problem is with die hard weyane cadres who are not equiped with the required intellect to challenge the idea. What they are doing here to start the usual Oromo~Amhara bla bla and divert the attention from making an open and respectful disscussions among Ethiopians specially when it comes to Oromo issue and Ethiopian unity.

    All of commentors who mentioned Minilik, Amhara….are trully weyane cadres. Because from an Oromo nationalist perspective there is no much difference between the Amharas and Tigres when it comes to Oromos right. And another typical character of their comments is they try as much as they can to divert attention from the present faciest weyane to some past history. They don’t want to mention how comes Oromifa becomes official languge of prisons in 2013. And how comes more than half of our sisters being abused in Arab states are Oromos. We want to solve these problems but they wanted us to stuck in the past.

    Whatever our past is one thing is for sure, the Oromo and Amhara people which make up more than 65% of the population are shouldering the unspeakable terror as of now. It is up to us to come together challenge weyane and rescue our people or argue about past history (Minilik was good/bad, oromo names of places shall be restored, minilik statue shall be demolished…..) and prolong the misiry of the people.

    Look what the weyane cadres (I Think it is the same person or 2 in the same room) commented. All have the words Minik, Amhara…and demands that are irrelevant to the article and insignificant compared to the problems we have at hand. These are the weyane cadre(s): lettamo, nekemtee, DR, Awassa. Compare tbeir coments with the Oromo ones: summii DInane and others.

  30. Dear Mulata, You have so wonderfully expressed the aspirations and dreams of the overwhelming majority of the Ethiopian people – Oromos must realize they can’t abandon Ethiopia at the time of its needs. Whatever came to pass in our history, the good and the bad, it’s theirs too. Thank you compatriot!!

  31. The person behind A.K comment should be refered to jenocide watch to be traced. It is a highly loaded message calling for the killing of innocents. I have seen it yesterday before it was removed.

  32. @Guyyaassa
    I wish you are not the Woyane tugs which I believe you are, anyway you are right in stating that Oromos do not fear democracy and that is the best starting point to wards freedom for us and freedom for all. The writer of this article tries to say the same thing. Lets get what is ours and no more no less. which is ruling ethiopia our country is our right.

    About Minilik I ndont want to dowel on it at length like you do, we simply need to stop living in the past and focus on the future. We can not undo history or hide from it. The best we can do is stay away from controvertial issues like that and try to make the best of what we have on our hand. And move forward, as simple as that. Just look at South africa, I challenge you to step forward to be the Mandela of our politics as the writer of this article calls for.
    I read this article about three times and each time I came out with different positive ideas formed in my mind. Namakeenya issa waahubachu danda’u hadhageefanu.

  33. One country, Ethiopia; one person one vote! is the way forward in the digital age of the 21st century at the end of which our global village will have shrunk and most languages will have become obsolete. As we go forward let us give priority to tackling abject poverty, promoting freedom of the press, and elevating civilized dialogue underpinned by indisputable facts based on objective historical and scientific evidence.

  34. Is it Democratic to say Oromo should rule in Ethiopia forever?? not At all
    First of all all the narrow minded Oromo Liberation Front leaders should confess that Ethiopia is a country not an empire or prison to them as mentiond in many websites. please advocate first Oromo were among the first poeple start living in Ethiopia WITH OTHERS!!
    After pushed many Oromo guys to be killed by Weyane : A founder of OLF Obbo Lencho Letaa shifted to Oromo Democratic Front,ODF to work with other Ethiopian Forces.
    Others are also beliving in Unity of Ethiopians. You couldnot separate intermarried Ethiopians.

    It is a must to be more Democratic, to return back to my Question I understand the Oromo contribute the biggest,30 something % in the Ethiopian population. Still it is not a must to be ruled by an Oromo who is not elected Democratically, There is no Quata in Democratic world. If a President from the least populated tribe is best I still elect this person.

  35. Mr. Mulata, ruling Ethiopia is a big project, and it costs us a lot. It is none of our business to rule others. As Oromo, our project is to create Biyya Oromoo, a separate homeland for the Oromo. Period. Don’t waste your time and crave in vain you will not be able to rule Ethioia. Our Oromo elders say “laalan argan, nyaatan baran.” Many Oromo brothers like Haile Fida and Teferi Banti tried it without any achievement. In today’s Ethiopia let alone the Oromo rule Ethiopia, even calling oneself is a ” crime.” You are either a son or daughter of neftenya or an innocen Oromo. Forget about building and ruling Ethiopia.

    I am sure if you are an Oromo with that kind of ambition they will eat you up soon or later. As the the Oromo proverb goes ” harreen gowomtee waraabessa geggeesite.”

    No More or Less than Biyya Oromoo!

  36. Mr. Mulata, ruling Ethiopia is a big project, and it costs us a lot. It is none of our business to rule others. As Oromo, our project is to create Biyya Oromoo, a separate homeland for the Oromo. Period. Don’t waste your time and crave in vain you will not be able to rule Ethioia. Our Oromo elders say “laalan argan, nyaatan baran.” Many Oromo brothers like Haile Fida and Teferi Banti tried it without any achievement. In today’s Ethiopia let alone the Oromo rule Ethiopia, even calling oneself is a ” crime.” You are either a son or daughter of neftenya or an innocen Oromo. Forget about building and ruling Ethiopia.

    I am sure if you are an Oromo with that kind of ambition, they will eat you up soon or later. As the the Oromo proverb goes ” harreen gowomtee waraabessa geggeesite.”

    No More or Less than Biyya Oromoo!

  37. you are not a leader, because you know that, you already surrender. I say late others do and discuss what they can and come to the possible solution. People like you, do not have solution but prolonging the suffering of the Innocent one’s. This should not concern you, thanks to God that he does not let you rule even your self…

  38. Jamal,

    Everybody is entitled to his/her opinion but not to his/her facts. You are entitled to believe what you believe or what you may want to believe. However, facts are facts and they have nothing to do with what you believe or want to believe. It is what it is. Your labeling of me as a ‘woyane cadre’ has no relevance here for the point at hand. These kinds of cheap shots are taken as the last resort when you have no point of your own to make or when you are unable to refute the points others make. Be that as it may, the point here that the Oromo struggle has nothing to do with ruling others but it has everything to do with ruling oneself and be the owner of ones own destiny. The days of the 50 million Oromo people being ruled by alien, whether it is Amhara or Tigrean ruling elites, have to come to an abrupt end ASAP and it is even way overdue for the Oromo people to be in charge of their own destiny. Is that too much to ask for when Kosovans with 700,000 population size in the former Yugoslavia became independent very recently? Scotland, with about 15 million population, in the U.K. will be holding a referendum next year to decide whether to continue to be a part of the U.K. or become an independent country. East Timor, population size about half a million and formerly a part of Indonesia, became independent a little over a decade ago. Just next door, South Sudan with a population of 3 million , became independent in July 2011. Why should the over 50, 000, 000 Oromos continue to suffer under one of the most brutal and savage alien rule known to human kind? Can anyone convince the Oromo people that continuing to be part of Ethiopia is in their best interest? Can anybody give us an iota of example for what the Oromos gained by being part of Ethiopia other than being massacred in millions, maimed, mutilated, tortured, herded to concentration camps and incarcerated rotting in official and unofficial dungeons, being displaced, dispossessed, dehumanized and humiliated? Can anyone look in the eyes of the Oromo fathers, mothers, children, sisters, brothers, widows and widowers and tell them that massacring and torturing their sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, husbands and wives is the right kind of benefit you deserve from being a part of Ethiopia and you should support the continuation of arrangement? This is not about the past, it is about the present and the future. It is not good to be obsessed with the past but it absolutely good and necessary to look back to the past, thoroughly examine the past and chart the future course. If you do not where you came from, you do not know where you are going to and it could be a cliff. It is with this light we look back to what fascist minilik did to the Oromo people and take a stock of what his heir-apparent who admire and adore him today have in store for the Oromo people. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. You do not learn history for its won sake. You learn history and talk about history with the understanding that it has a bearing on our future. Some of us have the audacity of preaching us to look only forward, just like the cart pulling horse, and not look sideways nor backwards. Thanks to the ingenuity the Almighty God has bestowed to human kinds, we know what is happening to that cart pulling cart. I do not know about Jamal but I do not want to be that horse. Moreover, I wish it was that simple as Jamal tried to portray to shrug off the past and have the agility and nimbleness to move forward. This is not only a self serving proposition as far as the Oromo people are concerned but it is also naivety at its worst. Simply put, we have so much baggage so much so that we cannot just shrug off the past and move forward easily. It requires a lot of work, efforts and trust building measures to come even close to talking terms. How can you talk to each other when the person you want to talk to admires and adores the killer/butcher of your fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, husbands and wives?

  39. Hello Ethiopia people; please get out of the small tribal box. The leader of Ethiopians can be anyone loved by merit and community services. No man must be put on power based on ethnic lines. This is a sickness to be honest. Please people get out of your tribal small box and think bigger and broader. There is no need for a tribal leader. What we need is a minister, a minister means a servant of the people. He can be an Oromo, amhara, gurage, Gambelan, Somalians, afar, adere, … you name it; it does not matter as long he or she has what it takes to be a leader. I am completely opposed this tribal politics in Ethiopia. You need to get of the tribal box and see yourself as Ethiopians who stand for all Ethiopians only. No need for tribalism. All the tribes need peace, love , bread, water , electricity, equal right. Nothing special for any tribe. You serve people and people elected your based on your merit, not based on your tribe. I am disgusted by the tribal title to be honest. Please grow up people . All people are equal in the eyes of the creator.

  40. Dear fake person called Muleta Gudeta. I am 100 % sure you are not oromo. You are die hard neftegna trying to save the dieing empire called Ethiopia. Dont forget that the fate of any Empire in the world is distregration. You can not save your injustic empire with blood of oromos. Enough is enough!!

  41. Oromos really very confused the last twenty two years by giving wrong information to other ethnic groups even some Oromos they denied to be call Ethiopian even some said I am from Oromia I am not From Ethiopia.There is no a country name Oromia in Africa it never been before too.Even some said we came from Rewanda,Madgascar and Kenya.I think such wrong information divided the people of Oromos.Please all of us one people and one love to all black people.

  42. Do you want to know how to get out of the bandage of Woyane. Simple,the Oromos and the Amaras have to come together and work things out. Forget what happened in the past, no nation has a history of perfection. People mistreated people through out history. Therefore, our history is no different either. We spend so much time thinking about what happened 100 yrs ago, but so little time how we can move on and build a harmony among our people in general.
    Wake up and smell the coffee. Woyanes are laughing at us.

  43. I would like to adimire mr. Mulatu for his outstandig article. If we fail to put aside difference and stand united to advance,struggle for freedom the other choice we have
    will be to prelong waynia regime. If we have a person like AK who is stupid and moron as well as useless then Waynia will be around for a while.

  44. You worship race but it does not matter who rules Ethiopia but what we need is democracy and justice. What are you going to say if the prime minister is Oromo and oppressed the people? please change your attitude.


  46. @Guyyaasaa
    hi, sorry for taking so long to reply, i did not mean to ignore just life issues kept me of this page.

    To the main point:I am happy that you are a really concerned Oromo, but don’t blame me for suspecting you as a Woyane because you can see how the woyanes are running riot in this page by pretending to be one of us by using names of our known regions and towns etc. And they are doing all that with the sole purpose of driving a wage between our communities so that they sit there forever as we keep finger pointing and lamenting about history gone a century ago in which we directly share responsibility.

    Before I go into the point I want to alert you to your style of writing in here, look at how it stands up like a wall and puts of your readers at the first glance. Can you see around and try to emulate others for the benefit of your message getting read by being attractive, if you put in some breaks into one or two paragraphs at least.

    In the same breath I want to refer you to a comment written by a great Oromo elder here in this page under the name Ittu Abaa Farda. If this is the fact as stated by some body who provides evidences of life experience to whom we should listen and get good lessons of our historical facts to whom can we listen.

    If we are sure that at least one Oromo person has actively taken part in the history you stand to deplore how can we justify white washing our self of it. When the right thing should be we accept it as a collective guilt and devise a way of addressing it in a civilised way of conflict resolution, which I have tried to hint at in my first comment to you here.

    About your concern of the same historic atrocities being repeated in the future, I say there is no justification as all facts indicate to the opposite for our people are more than aware of not going that path again as the writer of thjs article has also clearly stated when he says that the future security and stability of our country lies in empowered citizen not in having a big government. If we all work towards this concept with the informed people we have today, where does your worries have base and how do you justify that?

    Once we settle our difference and accept to work towards living together as people of one nation, what justifies the fear of the unknown you are trying to project here. Please lets try to base our argument on logical facts instead of trying to push issues our way. I want to leave you by once again refering you to the Comment of Ittu Abaa Farda.

  47. @Caalaa;

    I agree with you. This so called, “Mulata Gudata”, is NOT an Oromo at all. He/She is “UNDERCOVER DIEHARD NEFTEGNA”. How come an educated Oromo like him/her doesn’t know how to write Qubee? Forget about the 7th point where he/she tried to write in Afaan Oromoo, he/she couldn’t even spell AFAAN (spelled wron several times as AFFAAN).

    My message to Mr./Mrs. Mulata (Mul’ataa Guddataa) is that you CANNOT fool us anymore. We Oromos are thousands of miles ahead of you. This cannot divert us from our destiny.

    La luta continua Vitoria e certa!

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    of it. By: Mulata Gudata | Zehabesha – Latest Ethiopian News Provider
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