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West Shewa (Inchini) Crowd Gives Dr. Merera Gudina A Hero’s Welcome

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  1. Dr. Merara Gudina is an Ethiopian hero. He was locked up in jail from SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER. Dr. Gudina represents the power of a committed, dedicated and honest and truthful individual. We all have that power in us if we chose to exercise it. If one individual such as Dr. Gudina is able to attract millions of Ethiopians, we only need another 5-10 Dr. Gudina type to attract over 99% of Ethiopians towards democracy, freedom, honesty, truth, progress, innovation, meritocracy and rule of law and away from the current TPLF/EPRDF dishonesty, immorality, corruption, killing, torturing, murdering, displacing, starving, begging and homelessness.

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