What is a Nobel Peace Prize Award for?

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PDF –    Nobel Peace Prize – A License to Kill, A Licence to Steal

To: Berit Reiss-Andersen,The Nobel Peace Prize Committee Chair,
And honorable committee members
Henrik Ibsens gate 51
0255 Oslo

E-mail: postmaster@nobel.no

What is a Nobel Peace Prize Award for?

I am confused, I beg your pardon for asking, is it true that you are going to award Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed Ali? Are you telling us that what Kipling foresaw a centenary ago has come to be true, here and now? In that he said:

“TO ALL to whom this little book may come—

Health for yourselves and those you hold most dear!

Content abroad, and happiness at home,

And—one grand secret in your private ear:—

Nations have passed away and left no traces,

And History gives the naked cause of it—

One single, simple reason in all cases;

They fell because their peoples were not fit.


Rudyard Kipling, Preface to Land and Sea Tales

The World must be Sick, or I must be from a different one. Once again, what is a Peace Prize Award for? I am sorry, I couldn’t find any nobility in the Nobel!

Is it a license to kill, dismantle a country or economic subjugation of its people – is that the intent of The Nobel Peace Prize Award? Is it your way of giving a seed money, so as to open a Zurich or Cayman Islands or else where bank account and the awardee put his hands in the national coffers, facilitating corruption with the excuse that he already is a millionaire from Nobel Peace Prize money?

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” Mathew 5:9, from the holy book, we learn that in peace making, there at least are two parties; like the duos of MOHAMMAD ANWAR AL-SADAT and MENACHEM BEGIN; NELSON MANDELA and FREDERIK WILLEM DE KLERK; and YASSER ARAFAT and SHIMON PERES with YITZHAK RABIN and then came Ethiopia and Eritrea and the peace is made by only by PM ABIY AHMED ALI, what a hypocrite you are!

A peace Maker abroad, A wife beater at homestead, you are except normal to recognize such for a peace prize award! If you indeed considered all the cases around and found him flawless, then you are right in your choice of the worthy awardee for the year! But I feel like…

For some, even if they dedicate their wealth and knowhow to charitable causes of humane welfare, redemption seems impossible. That is exactly what is happening to the “Merchant of Death” Alfred Nobel! This year’s Nobel Peace Prize is going to be awarded to the Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed Ali in recognition to his peace-making efforts of the Ethio-Eritrea 20 years Standoff – which still is there by the way, but above all with a complete disregard (by you the awarding Committee) to his failure in the handling of his home affairs.

Ethiopia today has about 2.5 to 3 million IDPs, displaced mainly by internal conflict and strife. The country is ruled by hooligans whom they call “Qerro” in the “Oromiffa” language (literally translated as the youth) who are from his tribe, intimidating the rest of Ethiopians with machetes and sticks – bluffing to bring a Rwanda like genocide – wedging war on the rest of Ethiopians(who do not belong to their tribe, even the ones who are mixed ethnicity). As a leader of Ethiopia, rather than relying on the institutionalized police and military forces, PM Abiy is more reliant on these hooligans which he publicly admitted when the unarmed group of military personnel went to the national palace to ask for pay rise last year. These reputation of Abiy doesn’t worth a Nobel Peace Prize or, wait a second, maybe he does, if we closely scrutinize the bios of some of the previous awardees!

Of course, Nobel Peace Prize had been awarded to:

  • Mandela and De Klerk – facilitating the negotiation for South Africans to win their freedom from Apartheid rule and simply to replace it with economic subjugation of the non-white South Africans (For many reasons, I don’t blame Mandela, but the people of South Africa do, they feel that he sold them out cheap).


  • Barack Obama – licensing him to bomb wedding gatherings in Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan; cheat on Polio vaccination in Pakistan (WHO and CIA admitted the polio eradication campaign conducted in 2011, in Pakistan was fake – that surely made Roosevelt to roll in his tomb. The cold blooded killing of Qadhafi (I am not arguing Qadhafi was more human than Obama, however, we all deserve a dignified death, no matter what, not like we used to kill a mad dog in the old days, before the age of Veterinary medicine) and thereof, the destruction of Libya, the destabilization of Syria…. (der Spiegel once wrote about Obama as “from I have a dream to I have a Drone” referring to his speech in Berlin and the contradicting actions in office).


  • Aung San Suu Kyi – who is a misery to the Rohingyas of Myanmar, licensing her to ethnic cleansing.


And, despite his five times nomination, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi) did not win The Nobel Peace Prize – who is the strongest symbol of non-violence of the 20th century – if not him, who would then? Had Gandhi been awarded, I would have been extremely angry at PM Abiy’s win, as it would have stained the reputation of such a “worthy” prize, but thank God he wasn’t, it stayed worthless by any measure. My one and only regret is, it had been awarded to one worthy man and freedom fighter who embodied Peace in its entirety and value, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A worthy man who took a worthless prize – that is a bit of a disappointment.

And useless awards were given to Gorbachev, of course for destroying The Soviet Union and the communist bloc – the only ethnically and religiously divers countries in Europe (one can refer to Samuel Huntington’s The Clashes of Civilization– countries dismantled for being diverse – not for the ideology they were following), to Malala a teenage girl for being shot, which is a quiet common experience for the citizens of DRC ( I call up on the Democratic Republic of Congo as an example for its prolonged sufferings of its people, otherwise, we are all the same, to be shot and forgotten right away) since the killings of Dag Hammarskjöldand (one other worthy man of our time, who won your “Prize”, but he was incorruptible – and after all, it was awarded posthumously – which maintained his cleanliness and stainlessness) and Patrice Lumumba, but their suffering is not recognized, not a bit ever since.

To come to the point, PM Abiy Ahmed Ali is, of course, in the league of, the Gorbachev, the Obama, the Aung San Suu Kyi and of Mandela and De Klerk … and all the undeserving ones and in that case he deserves to be recognized in his own class – he is licensed to kill the Ethiopians, steal for himself and his cronies, handover state owned companies for the wealthy, for who belong to his ethnicity, rich westerners or whomever he thinks that will undermine Ethiopia, only for the subjugation of Ethiopians like our fellow South Africans. However, Soon, you will regret your decision as the British Queen did for Knighting the now late Robert Gabriel Mugabe or the way Aung San Suu Kyi and the rest have been sticking as a moral dilemma to you or like that of the missed opportunity of prizing Gandhi (I mean the thought and after thoughts of posthumous).

So, to exit, please congratulate Ambassador Herman Cohn for his win of The Nobel Peace Prize and crushing his feeble eternal enemy, Ethiopia! We Ethiopians shall Sang our melancholy borrowing Aimé Césaire as cited by Franz Fanon – it goes like these:

“When I turn on my radio, when I hear that Negros have been lynched in America, I say that we have been lied to: Hitler is not dead; When I turn on my radio, when I learn that Jews have been insulted, mistreated, persecuted, I say that we have been lied to: Hitler is not dead; when finally, I turn on my radio and hear that in Africa forced labor is inaugurated and legalized, I say that we have been lied to: Hitler is not dead.”

Your guessed it right as to why I liked to be anonymous.

From an Ethiopian! On behalf of my fellow voiceless humans all over the world who are affected by the licensees, especially The Ethiopians!


In your intention to undermine, disgrace and trample Ethiopia, as an institution, you hit a new low! Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God, Psalm 68:31, we believe, Ethiopia shall rise! As for you, May God forgive your disregard for the masses, your arrogance and ignorance.

Copy to:

Ethiopia Abyssinya ethiopiaphoenix@gmail.com



  1. Meseret

    he deserve it personally speaking as it is not an emblem of intergrity, peace maker and all sorts of sainthood. it is a recognition given to people by those who are blessing and rewarding to those who accomplish politically correct taskperiod.

    I have never seen in my entire life the western world giving a single penny for no reason unless they are deadly sure to get something in return.

    I am not jealousy .Dictators and killers were awarded in the past

    Did you know that Adolf Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1939?

    controversial noble prize winners

    1.Nobel Peace Prize winners is Danish Scientists

    2. Nobel Peace Prize in 1918 was one Fritz Haber
    3. Abiy ahmed , killer and fascist leader of our time and he will be remembered killr and traitor of all time.

    resource: google it the most controversial people who win noble prize

    fascist lady from fascist amhara tenkuway

    enlizegna ateregn eko how do we kol tengkuway in english ? I think it doesn’t exist in english as amhara is the typical tenkuway producing tribe and there is no equivalent word in english for it which could plainly and fully express teh act and henious crime by amhara debtera tenkuwayoch. killing , raping and poisoning of innocent people with the socalled metete.

    why are you telling us the same thing now and then ? Are you very much corcerned about the cutting of pe..s ? you are living in a civilized society where your claims as lesbian is accepted and welcomed. Donot be afraid.

    you are forcing kimant people to call and consider themselves as facist amhara tribe memebers and killing them brutally.

  2. There can be no denying that Ethiopia is going through a lot of pain right now; quite an embarrassment to the man the world has decided to honor as a peacemaker, but seen by his own people as the architect of that pain. That, notwithstanding, one would have wished to see Ethiopia stand-up and applaud the son her womb, who has been so honored by the world at large. The mixed reaction, if not the anger, the Nobel Peace Prize news has ignited is perplexing.

    It reminds me of the words of one, acclaimed by many to be a King from outer space, who said: “A Prophet is never without honor except among His own kinsmen.” He, Himself, this King from outer space, was regarded by His own as merely: “the Son of a Carpenter.” They could not bring themselves to the shame of even affording Him a name, choosing instead to call Him just as “Son of a carpenter,” a pronoun instead of a noun. In their minds, this Son of a carpenter was so undeserving of even a name of his own! “Is not this the son of a carpenter?” they scoffed. And Son of a carpenter He possibly was. And yet He may have been more than just that. Please take note what He said: “The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgement with this generation, and shall condemn it: for she came from the uttermost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and, behold, a greater than Solomon’s here.”

    There was a particular kind of ordinariness in this son of a carpenter, that made it difficult for His own to see Him as anything, besides. Could it be that Prime Minister Abiy, may not be as bad as his own kinsmen perceive him to be? Could it be that his true greatness is shrouded in the ordinariness of his heritage?

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