Why Trump is interested in mediating the most disputed issue of Ethiopian Biblical River Gihon (Blue Nile)?! To be Nobel Prize Winner?

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By D.Sertse Desta

I have been one of the real supporters of the Trump administration for my reasons and values I respect most. This does not mean that I am happy with everything Trump is doing. I am neither US citizen nor someone living in US.    Here I would like to tell the American people what their government is doing against 100 million Ethiopians. To Egyptians and to the others too.

What is the intention of the Trump administration? and/or Trump himself or his appointee to mediate the most disputed Ethiopian River issue? Okay, let them try. But why this person Steve Mnuchin wanted to rash up the process? While the US secretary of the state who recently visited Ethiopia was suggesting more time indicating the process of reaching a final agreement was months away?  I don’t think that this is an attempt towards the world Nobel peace prize. Not even meets an ordinary mediation protocol. Here below, I try to discuss more details.

Many Americans and people elsewhere may know the Nile as one of the world’s largest rivers. But only a few of them know about the source of this River. Instead, many people erroneously know the Nile as the River of Egypt, which actually is the confluence of the River.  Yet, Nile has been clearly mentioned in the Christian bible, which nearly all Christians have in their own house, just on the second page of the bible, Genesis 2:13. “And the name of the name of the second river is Gihon (Blue Nile): the same is it that compasseth the whole land of Ethiopia.” Gihon is still the name of the Blue Nile by people living in the present Gojam area specifically around the Ethiopian lake Tana which indeed is the source of the River.

Egypt, the historical beneficiary of this Ethiopian River, has never acknowledged and would never like to acknowledge any right of Ethiopia over its own River.  Interestingly, others also do not seem to accept this. In 1953 without any consent from Ethiopia, the owner of water, the British colonizers, Sudan, and Egypt signed Agreement on how the Nile water could be shared between the Sudan and Egypt. Imagine none of these three have a contribution of the water that comes from over half a dozen nations where Ethiopia contributes ~85% of the flow. This is what unfairness means! This is what injustice means! This is what arrogance means! After many years, today, after Ethiopia has built a dam that only generate power, and to leave the water to flow back in its way,  we have heard an arrogant statement from Mr. Steve Mnuchin a person assigned by the presided of the United States of America to mediate “negotiation” that included Ethiopia (unlike the British colonizer who ignored all of the contributors). Here is his statement “The final testing and filling of the dam should not take place without an agreement”. This is just a statement of the person andéor the US government itself who/which is invited by the Egyptian leader Alsisi to mediate among the parties but explicitly warranting the Alsisi (NOT Egyptian) force Ethiopia to give up the right using its water!

All Egyptians, all American citizens, All fair people of the world should understand that we Ethiopians are not such Arrogant, Ignorant and Unfair inhumanly people to let millions of lives die of thirsty by sinking our Almighty God’s gift the Gihon (Blue Nile) and make its downstream ways dry. We care and share!

I have so far been a supporter of President Trump administration that claims America first, pro-religious values (e.g. Anti-abortion), nationalistic, anti-socialist, anti-Islamic radicals. At one of his speech on world stage, he (President Trump) also advised all leaders to love their country, their people. That was the kind of philosophy I like. Here, is now the Trump administration being weighed by undermining the right of over 100million Ethiopians who love their country and with humble and humanly ideology to share their resources with all others.

The recent brokering of the US on Ethiopian Most Critical Dam with Millenia years old sole users of the Nile River looks apparently gambling at the expense of the absolute right of Ethiopians to use our own resource, Gihon (Blue Nile). We now have become clear about the ill motive of trump administration to use Ethiopian benefit as a bargaining item with Egyptian dictator Abdelfatah Alsisi so that he backs the Trump on phony Israeli-Palestinian “new resolution”. The Trump appointee Steve Mnuchin was not ashamed at all when he arrogantly said “The final testing and filling of the dam should not take place without an agreement.” This statement can never be neither diplomatic or a person mediating to bring solution.

Yet, the question is Agreement with whom? With Egyptian leaders like Alsisi and his cos with ill minds that have evil dreams about Ethiopia? Do they after all want any deal? Is Egypt not claiming as if it were the owner of the resource?  Agreement with those who don’t want to agree? Is this the Trump man telling us? Egyptian and others downstream nations would have instead paid to and supported Ethiopia in the launching of upland water shade management projects and hasten the Ethiopian Power Dam had they really been fair for better mutual benefits. This would have been how it worked!  The Trump administration should have first learned and understood how to deal with such issues before it had entered to mediate this a highly sensitive matter.  What is the experience elsewhere? Just in Africa! One can learn a lot from The South African nations Lesotho and South Africa itself as one example.

Unlike examples of such a fair deal, Egypt preferred to influence Ethiopia in all of its capacity to let Ethiopians give up their absolute right to use their own resource. For years, Egypt has been sponsoring rabble groups to weaken Ethiopia. Recently, Egypt and its Arab allies are working hard to intoxicate Ethiopian Muslims that lived in peace with their Christians relatives since the beginning with radical Islamist ideology that exactly is against their own religious doctrine regarding Abyssinia/Ethiopia (the land of Habesha). All Muslims should go and read what their prophet told them about Abyssinia. Unfortunately, enslaved and intoxicated minds have no chance to think like humans.

Let me remind the American citizens one of their worst experiences to understand this issue. For sure, at least the majority of Americans know where and how the 9/11 attackers were grown and indoctrinated. Was it not the Egyptian, Cairo University graduate intoxicated mind Mohamed Atta who attacked the US iconic tween towers and killed thousands of US citizens? We know several of those minds in Egypt itself, targeting Coptic Orthodox Christians. Egypt knows Ethiopia well as one of the strongholds of Orthodox Christians. Egypt knows the philosophy of orthodoxy and the stand of Ethiopians when it comes to their country. It also knows the religious stability of this country (Ethiopia) despite the longest history of the Christians, Muslims, and even Jews living together in peace, unlike any other country on this planet. There had never been like the currently Arab sponsored enslaved and highly intoxicated Muslim radicals in Ethiopia despite the fact that Islam has been in this country from the beginning.  While we are happy by the action of the Trump administration by its actions against this radical Islamists that are also disgraces of the peaceful Muslim community, we really are disappointed by the deal of the trump Administration with Alsis whose government is sponsoring to cultivate Muslim radicals in Ethiopia hoping to destabilize Ethiopia and the region. The stability of Ethiopia indeed is in the hand of the Almighty God! We are the people next Israel in history and forever. We (the people of Ethiopia) are like a buffer zone. I don’ want to go further on this detail, but the Jew people also understand. Strengthening Ethiopia, Ethiopian ideology (Muslim-Christian relation, attitude towards the Jew people) would have rather been a lasting solution that would have instead been spread to cure the ill minds.

Let me bring you back the Nile and Ethiopian hydro dam. Here is the deal if a true, wholeheartedly genuine agreement is thought.  Our generous River, the Blue Nile (Gihon/Abay), on average discharges 2,349 m3 of water per second. Let’s assume that its discharge only 2,300m3/s that equals 8,280,000m3/hour and 198,720,000m3/day. With this assumption, the annual discharge would approximately be 72.5billion m3 of water. The newly constructed Ethiopian Grand Dam is estimated to hold a total of approximately 43 billion m3 of water. Let’s consider the water that might be wasted due to seepage and evaporation roughly 10billion m3 (too much, but let’s make it) more to make a total of ~53 billion m3 of water. If Ethiopia uses only a third of the total annual volume of Nile that amounts ~24 billion m3/annum; it will take only 2.2 years to fill its dam. Once the dam is filled, the entire volume of Nile will continue to flow to its downstream havens. May be Ethiopia can still be generous and consider probable risk on millions of downstream lives and can extend its filling period to three years using only a quarter of the annual volume of Gihon (~18billion m3).

This is the most generous offer of Ethiopia if Egypt really wants Agreement. Has US considered this? If this can not be agreed, what kind of Agreement is being expected? What is the demand of Egypt or whoever? What do they want? What is the intention of the mediator in here? Interestingly, while the Trump appointee to mediate this issue was urging Ethiopia to sign apparently the most evilly designed document to harm Ethiopians, the secretory of US who physically visited Ethiopia was saying the Agreement is yet months away. What is the interest of (probably) the person who was assigned to mediate the parties? What is the interest of the president himself?

Once again to all Egyptians or downstream nations, US citizens and the world must understand that we are not ignorant and inhumanly to let anyone be harmed, let alone risking millions of lives. Judge by yourself where the problem is. We also know that Alsisi has his own internal problem, which he wants to dilute by diverting the attention of Egyptian to this issue, which most critical for them. I would also like to call US citizens as taxpayers to stop their government that unfairly mediating the issue towards a lasting problem. I also urge Ethiopia to drop out this US mediating deal and go back to their African partners under AU. Exemplary countries like Lesotho and South Africa can be invited as a member of the mediators. Yet, Ethiopia may require considering the other Nile Basin countries. We know Egypt doesn’t like African mediators since their decision might end up so fair. This was why it went to Trump, who little understand and who assigned a person who seems with little background of the issue and/or blind minded only to meet his pre-oriented ambition instead of following the negotiation process.

I thank you!

ቅዱስ እግዚአብሔር ኢትዮጵያን ይጠብቅ! አሜን!


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2 Responses to Why Trump is interested in mediating the most disputed issue of Ethiopian Biblical River Gihon (Blue Nile)?! To be Nobel Prize Winner?

  1. USA got three hundred twenty million plus American citizens that are not aware of Mr. Trump’s current remark in regards to the dam, only half a million (500,000) homeless Americans support Trump’s stand about the GERD dam since he promises to make America great by providing housing and food for each American citizens by ending homelessness in USA.

    March 2, 2020 at 7:47 am

  2. This is true, since Africa had been recalled for Pan African movement, it should be no way to mediate by western countries as it is their internal issue. To America it seems less weight for poor country like Ethiopia but this is one of the worst scenario for its foreign policy and to remind present generation what it means Neo-colonization of developed country.

    Hence all Africa america and Ethiopian diaspora living in America shall kick Trump 2nd term election campaign by putting him off & support opponent as he is joking on Ethiopian people.

    Long live to Ethiopia!!!

    Yetesfa Chilanchele
    March 4, 2020 at 9:56 pm

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